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Battle for Stalingrad

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S: Battle for Stalingad

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2: Diary entry 1 June, 30th 1942 Dear Mother and Father i hope this letter reaches you soon. i hope life is a little more comfortable for you. asleep in your warm beds. i long to see you all. for their is no comfort in the ruins of Kursk. the Germans are mightier then we were told. they seem to roll right over our defenses and laugh at our attempts to hold them back. if i am to die when you get this letter i want you all to know i live you all more then i have ever shown you your loving son

3: the Battle of Kursk the German attacked Kursk on June 28th 1942. Kursk was just one of many cities to fall in south Russia. the Germans 6th Panzer army advances rapidly in a massive blitskreag of tanks and air power. | Hitler had to Goals for the war in Russia. capture the oil fields that lay just south of Kursk. and flatten any industrial areas in captured cities . But before the plan could be carried out the Russian winter halted the Germans advance on the city of Moscow the Russians used this window of oppratunity to their advantage . they were able to hold the Germans back at Kursk but not for long. the Germans took back the sections of Kursk that were held by Russian forces. and Hitler changed plans. instead of taking Moscow he wanted his army to split into to groups one to take the oil fields that lay south of kursk the other to take Stalingrad..

4: the battle for Stalingrad the Russians were now at their last bastone. Stalingrad.. and Stalin wanted to make sure his great city did not fall. so he issued (order 277)1 which stated that not an inch of Russian soil was to be given to the Germans and that if a man was seen retreating that they will be shot on sight. Now that Stalin new that his men would not give up he ordered General Zuchkolv to be the commanding General of the Russian 6th army Zuchkolv arrive in Stalingrad shortly after the German attack on the southern boarders of Russia on June 28th 1942.

5: The Russian 6th army was running low on ammo and fast, he was losing men faster then he could through a rock at the Germans. The Russian 62nd and 64th army division failed to stop the advancing Germans before the Capital City. on August 28th 1942 the Germans advanced to the Volga river which lay just outside the city of Stalingrad. they captured a 8 mile embankment on the river. day by day German A.A guns and plains bombed the interior of the city.

6: Dear Diary, Aug, 30th 1942 i fear we may not be able to keep our promise to our mother Russia, the Germans are, after the A.A bombardment, are in our beloved capital city and they are brutally killing any one who is'nt a German. my good friend Yuri Belic was gun down by the Germans at the city Square. i pray to god that Zuchkolv thinks of something.

7: the Encirclement at the last possible moment the Russian winter hit without warning and the rapidly advancing Germans were halted and the goal to reach the oil fields before the brutal | Russian winter had failed. However Zuchkolv saw this as an advantage. the heavy snow storm prevented the German Luftwaffe from delivering supplies. now the Germans were weakening. it was the vary thing Zuchkolv was waiting for. Zuchkolvs plan was to narrow the gap between the Russian line and the German line. he wanted to narrow the Russians defensive line so much that the Stuka dive bombers could not drop their bombs without killing their own men.then after that he would then split

8: the Russian 62nd ans 64th armies into two equal sized groups and attack the German line 100 miles east and 100 miles south of the city of Stalingrad. this is were the German line was the weakest. over a million Russian troops.over 14.000 artillery guns.1000 t-34 tanks and 1340 aircraft attacked the German line at its weakest point. the attack was launched on November 19th 1942. but it was'nt till the end of October that the Germans finally noticed the massive amounts of Russian soldiers.

9: it was far to late. the German commander of the 6th army. pleaded with Hitler to allow them to withdraw before it was to late. but Hitler was not moved by the cry for help. instead he simply said take Stalingrad or fight to the last man for its capture. they did exactly wat the Furthur commanded them to do. Germans used everything to repel the Russians but before long the Germans found themselves tn the very city they tried so hard to capture. Germans fought with no intension of giving up. but on January 5th 1943 they finally called it quits.

10: Dear Diary, Jan,5th, 1943 the Germans finally surrender. it was sad really the we escorted the German commander to General Zuchkolv it looked like they were happy to surrender.the German commander looked tired he said as we walked that he was glad the war was over for him and he was willing to accept any surrender terms that Zuchkolv presented to him. but you have to admire there loyalty to their Further. but i guess every body has a breaking point.

12: German Weapons tiger tank: the tiger tanks had a 40 mm gun which could penetrate most battle tank armor. Stuka Dive bombers: the stuka dive bomber was a German designed plane and it served the biggest role in Stalingrad by bombing the industrial factories in and around Stalingrad

13: Russian weapons PPHS-41: Russian sub machine gun that was considered the father of the AK-47 it was rugged and most Russian in the battle carried it with a drum Magazine that held 100 45 cal. rounds T-34 tank: Russian tank that was modeled after the German tiger tank although it did not have as big as a gun it was fast and could get around to the tigers weak spot which was the back of the tank.

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