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Battle Of Midway

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Battle Of Midway - Page Text Content

BC: Work Cited Willbanks, James H. "Campaign and Battle of Midway: World War II." United States at War: Understanding Conflict and Society. ABC-CLIO, 2010. Web. 3 May 2010. . Spielvogel, Jackson J. Introduction. Glencoe World History: Modern times. New York: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2005. 604+. Print. "Battle of Midway." Naval History and Heritage Command. Web. 04 May 2010. . "Battle of Midway: 4-7 June 1942." Naval History and Heritage Command. Web. 04 May 2010. http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq81-1.htm "AP :: Images :: Home :: Editorial." AP :: Images :: Home. Web. 07 May 2010. .

FC: Battle Of Midway By: Matt Belics

2: June 3 (Day)- American naval reconnaissance planes sighted, at a distance of 600 miles June 3 (Night)- Battle began when a Boeing B-17 bomber hit the Japanese landing force June 4(Morning) Japanese send 107 planes to attack and bomb Midway | June 4 (9:30 - 10:24 A.M) three successive waves of U.S. torpedo-bombers were virtually wiped out during their attacks on the carriers June 4 (10:30 A.M) - Japanese think they won the battle and pulled out all of their planes from Midway | Damaged Yorktown | Torpedo bomber

3: June 4 (10:30 A.M)- ~37 dive bombers from the USS Enterprise spot the Japanese Carriers and destroy 3 of them at their most vulnerable time. June 4 (10:35 A.M) - The 3 Japanese Aircraft Carriers are in flames and sinking | June 4 (Afternoon) - U.S only targets one last aircraft carrier the Hiryu and damage it badly June 5 - Japanese abandon the Hiryu June 6 (Night) - Japanese fall out on their plans to capture the Midway island | Battleship | Putting fires out on Yorktown

4: June 7 Dear Father, We have left the hope of capturing Midway and invading America. The Americans have destroyed another one of our carriers making this a huge blow to the Japanese Empire | June 3 - Dear Father, We are heading towards a small island called Midway to fight the Americans, we are bring much of our navy. We should be able to have an easy victory and start the invasion of the United States of America. Love, Goro June 4 (10:30 P.M) - Dear Father, The Americans are strong and willing to fight. They destroyed 3 aircraft carriers in a matter of minutes, we were all startled by this attack the Americans have made and we only have 1 carrier left | Japanese Soldier

5: June 8 Dear Father, I miss home and I'm sick of this war of greed. The Japanese Empire is to proud of themselves to back out and they will not back out till the Americans land on Japanese land. The Americans are very strong and have the mindset to win the war and not only win it, to take revenge for Pearl Harbor. Nothing will stop the Americans they are determined and thats all that it will take for them to win this war. I just hope I can stay alive against the Americans because they will be brutal and they will never quit. Love, Goro, your son

6: Americans crippled the Japanese fleet during the Battle of Midway

7: The dive bomber was the main way the Japanese or Americans were hoping to make accurate targets on the enemy. By diving at an angle and dropping the bomb at the last possible second is very difficult to do but makes bomb drops much more accurate. | Dive Bomber

8: Battle of Midway is being attacked and bombed. | Japanese are leaving Midway for the Americans first victory in the Pacific

9: Aircraft Carriers were huge in the Battle of Midway. They were able to hold many planes and be close to the action and 4/11 Japanese carriers were destroyed which crippled the Japanese navy a lot for the rest of the War in the Pacific. | Aircraft Carrier

11: Navy Cross Medal - Second highest honor given to United States men for valor. You must be a pilot to get this medal. Some American pilots were given this award at the Battle of Midway. | Navy Cross Medal

13: 5 Questions 1. What is a dive bomber? 2. Why were aircraft carriers so important? 3. Who won the Battle of Midway? 4. Why did the "Dive Bomber" dive? 5. What is the Navy Cross Medal?

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