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Before We Were Free

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Before We Were Free - Page Text Content

S: Before We Were Free By- Julia Alvarez

BC: Made By Dominique Earland

1: The Scrap Book of Anita

3: Anita always wears her crucifix necklace. She places it in her mouth whenever she needs strength or courage. Although she went through very difficult times this could always be available to help her get through anything.

5: Sam Washburn was Anita's first crush. It was her first time feeling these feelings towards a boy. He never knew her feeling towards him, but he seemed to open her up to the world of boys.

6: You Are Cordially Invited to Susie's Quinceanera Please come and enjoy this special time in Susie's Life

7: At this event Anita first noticed how much she had grown up. She had went from a small girl to a pretty young lady. But this pro had a large con. Their dictator, El Jefe loves pretty young women and has the means to get what he wants with them.

8: Report Card English A Science B History A Math A Grammar and Spelling B Teacher Comments Anita is a great student and is very smart. Her social skills are lacking, but I think this is due to her shyness. Overall she is a wonderful addition to our class.

9: Anita is a very quiet person. In school she was very reserved and talked very little although she had such important thoughts on her mind. Rather than talking more when she got information about her family's circumstances she talked less.

11: Anita and her family always listened to the transmitter radio for updates in the country. It was something they always did together and they all knew was a special time to finally not think about their own personal issues.

12: Anita de la Torre Dominican Republic 12 years old Admission granted to destination The United States of America

13: It took a very long time for her family to get the Visas needed to exit her country. Once one was obtained they went to New York to live with the rest of her family that evacuated before. Although this was a happy time they left with less family than they actually had.

14: Although I know I will never be able to send this letter, I need to release these feelings. Our last night together seems to replay in my mind all of the time. I never knew how much I loved having you around. I can't believe I am a women now. I am scared that El Jefe will take me. I don't know how to get through this time in my life without someone to look up to. I need someone to talk to because for now everything I learn and hear I must keep inside and it is slowly killing me. I need you.

15: Anita always had to bottle up everything and could never truly release the emotions she was feeling. She listened to all the things her relatives told her about her what was happening. She never told her feelings. The only release she had was to paper and after she wrote it she had to dispose of it just in case the SIM came to search her room.

17: This picture was in Anita's house and school. It was always hung to keep in mind who has the power. Anita was deathly afraid of this meticulous man. He ruled with a fist ready to fight and this made Anita always feel on the edge. He was plain, simple, and ready to kill.

18: Horoscope This month will get better. Although your past love is gone you will start an unexpected relationship out of a preexisting friendship. Don't be surprised if no one notices. Life doesn't change, everything is just as hectic. This will hopefully add more to your dwindling life.

19: Anita's cousin Oscar adds to age as she experiences her first kiss with him. He acts as a new support system for Anita as she struggles with her secretive and stressful life.

20: Advice For Young Women Being a woman isn't easy, you are faced with personal decisions that must be answered. The best way to answer these questions is to ask other women. This advice isn't coming from me,but generations before me. Life is known to repeat itself, so mostly likely these problems have been faced before. So remember the more you ask and tell the easier the transition will be.

21: Anita really needed this advice. She didn't know whether to tell others or not. She needed someone to talk to and she had plenty of other women who could have helped her with her issues. She was too cautious and needed to trust in her family.

22: Loving Memory of Papi de la Torre A man of bravery, courage, and a strong idea of freedom. We believed in you then and we are proud of your accomplishment in the fight to free the Dominican Republic of the dictatorship.

23: It took Anita a long time to find a light in her father's death. He was a man who would put anything on the line for the freedom of his country. Anita owed herself to the legacy of her courageous father.

24: The Recipe to Being a Good Secret Keeper Ingredients 3 cups of listening skills 5 handfuls of trust 1 quart of brains 1 cup of bravery a dash of perseverance Directions Mix the listening skills thoroughly until smooth. Fold in the brains and gently sprinkle in trust. Blend in bravery. As the mixture solidifies add the perseverance. Once complete refrigerate until finally solid.

25: Anita had all of these qualities. She was able to preserve the information she was told by following the secret keeper's recipe. She sometimes seemed to over use this recipe as she became overly cautious in all of her ways.

26: CodeDictionary Butterflies- The name for the Mirabel sisters (Maria, Teresa, and Minerva) who were murdered with their husbands in a fake car accident after a failed attempt to assassinate El Jefe Picnic- The plan to assassinate El Jefe SIM - The Military Intelligence Service - The secret police which not only gathered information but engaged in torture and murder at Trujillo's request

27: Anita learns all of this terrible information. This changes her whole view of the world and especially her country. This causes her to question her family, friends, and other people around her. Not only has her view of herself evolved, her view has also changed drastically.

28: Bravery You must be scared to be brave It doesn't come naturally It isn't taught to you It doesn't come without thought It isn't always needed It is difficult to master It may not be noticed But most of all You must be scared to brave

29: Anita was always told by her father that fear is needed to obtain bravery. It was a very true statement, but just as the poem states it may not always be seen. Anita never saw herself as brave even though she clearly was.

30: Dear Journal, I grew up so fast. I feel as if I went from age 12 to 19 in a matter of months. My situation has caused me to lose part of my childhood. I first wanted to grow up and be like my sister. Now I want back the times when I didn't have to worry about anything. I want my lost time back.

31: Anita was forced by her family's situation to grow up into a girl who must help keep her families' secret of planning to kill the dictator a secret. She had to learn about death, murder, and blood shed at such a young age it caused her to no longer have an open mind like other children her age.

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