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Behind the Scenes at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High

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FC: Southeast Raleigh Magnet High | Behind the Scenes Spring 2012

1: We researched all sorts of different formats and publishing options and are please to present you with this new on line format, a "news-ine" combining the best of newspaper reporting and magazine style. For our first issue, we learned the basics of the website and journalism skills by conducting interviews with several staff members, selected by each student journalist, and interviewed and photographed during Teacher Appreciation Week. We hope you will enjoy reading some of these "inside" stories and we look forward to offering you more editions. | Welcome to the revival of the school newspaper, the Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School Unleashed. This spring your student journalism class finished up the 2012 yearbook and while we were waiting for the publisher to print the books, we decided to undertake a newspaper/ magazine revival project. | Tell a New Story! | While the 2012 yearbook was dedicated to Ms. Miller, the staff was hard at working interviewing many of the other impressive staff members.


3: Mr. Mills is a math teacher, father and husband. He has been teaching for 23 years. He has made a difference in the life of many students. Southeast is lucky to have him as a teacher. When Calvin Mills was growing up, school was nothing like it is today. There were limited resources, no technology, and they used more books than our generation ever will. Disrespect to a teacher was unheard of. "If I disrespected a teacher I could get a whipping 4 times in that one day. A whooping from my teacher, my principal, my mother and then my father," said Mr. Mills. "I received free lunch because my family was poor. During the spring, summer, and fall I farmed helping pick tobacco. A typical weekend was playing football on Friday night, Then baseball on Saturday, and Church on Sunday morning. I did not decide to go to college till my senior year in high school." Mr. Mills attended St. Augustine's College. "If I could be a kid again I would take advantage of all the technology that you kids have today." When Mr.Mills was in high school he played football, baseball, and he ran track. When ever it got dark he had to be inside. "I love being a teacher, when I get to help those who really want to learn." -Mr.Mills By Renita D. Brooks.

4: ALL CAMERAS ON CUSH | Top Left: During class, Mrs. Cush explains to a student how to edit a video. Top Right: Mrs. Cush passionately tells why she loves her job. Bottom Right: While sitting the class down for a lecture, Mrs. Cush reviewed the next project for her students.

5: During my interview with Mrs. Cush, I asked her a few questions about her background and a day in the life. She enjoys being a teacher but wishes she got pad more so she could stay a teacher. When she was younger, she wanted to be a child psychiatrist. Even though she had a different dream growing up, she ended up receiving her Master's Degree in Fine Arts: Film and TV Production. To have her job, of course it would require an educational background and most of all, experience in the field. She chose to be a broadcasting teacher because it was in her field. She started out as a language arts teacher but broadcasting was a more flexible and allowed a lot more creativity. Mrs. Cush believes the best part about being a broadcasting teacher is teaching students basic concepts and then watching them create a broadcast quality product. She wakes up by 5:20 but physically gets up around 6:20 every morning. Mrs. Cush stated that thankfully her job does not require her to be at a lot of after school work and her personal life isn't affected by her job. Mrs. Cush's favorite part of the day is seeing all of her students and touching base with them. She enjoys strengthening her relationship with them, which is a key component as a teacher, she stated. As our interview wrapped up, she concluded that on a scale from 1-10, she believes she is an 8 teacher/and that she is always looking for improvement. | Left: Mrs. Cush dramatically shows a student how to use the camera. Right: After the interview, Mrs. Cush shares a smile for the camera

6: Mr. Geraghty takes a break from teaching his 3rd period class to take a picture.

7: Mr. Geraghty Back in the day... | As the engineering teacher of 16 years here at Southeast, Mr. Geraghty hadn't always known he was going to one day be a teacher and that high schools would be so much more developed. Starting out at Sanderson High School as a part of the class of 1979, he found his biggest interests to be woodworking, drafting, and photography classes. "I wish we could have had computers back then, but besides the advancements in technology, high schools had the same social groups as they do now: jocks, preps, nerds, etc.," says Geraghty. Upon starting college at ECU, Geraghty decided to major in Industrial Technology, which later split into two paths: Industrial Technology and Industrial Technology Education. "I was really confused about with major to go into, but a really wise professor of mine pushed min the right direction, towards education," Geraghty explained. He truly fell in love with the art of teaching after his first student teaching experience in college. College brought amazing opportunities for Geraghty, but also brought on one of his few life or death moments. While driving through Texas to go boating during a college break, he and his friends got shot at after a little altercation between their vehicles and the one they were behind. After finally passing this left-lane riding, black Cadillac, the old man driving got up beside their vehicle, pulled out a gun, and started shooting at their tires. Geraghty explained, "It was pretty freaky. Thankfully, none of the bullets made hit the car or the tire!" Overall, Mr. Geraghty had a crazy, great school experience that was very similar is some ways to schools now, and very different in other ways. I guess we all have untold stories! Madeline Newton

8: Starting as a young child, Mari Ciampini enjoyed reading very much. Her mother used to sign her up for reading in local libraries, "My mom made reading fun," she said. The first book she ever read was Harriet the spy by Louise Fizthugh. Her favorite book at the moment is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. As a child, Mrs. Ciampini didn't really want to be a English teacher. She wanted to be either a gymnastics coach or dance teacher. After junior year of high school she knew for a fact her heart was in teaching English . Mrs. Ciampini's favorite thing to teach her students is symbolism and how to pick out deep things and put it into their own words. Yes the job gets hard at times but it's all a part of being a good English teacher. | The Heart of Being a English Teacher Mrs. Ciampini | By: Nicole Leonard | E | N | G | L | I | S | H

10: The Wilder Side | A Day in the Life

11: Ms. Wilder is the dance teacher here at Southeast. Most people don't know a lot about Ms. Wilder and now she has had the time to talk about a day in the life of a dance teacher. Ms. Wilder starts her day off waking up around five forty-five and eats a breakfast that consist of hot or cold cereal. She usually gets to school around 7:15am. The best part of her day is sometimes fourth period, which is her planning period; this is a time where she can be at work and get a lot of work done. During the end of the semester her dance one class accomplishes getting her piece done which she choreographs. Ms.Wilder's worst part of the day | is trying to get up and get jump started and set up for her first period class. During lunch she is still usually working until she gets a task complete. Wilder leaves school around seven o'clock, but it really depends on the day. When she gets home she watches the news and eats a quick snack. A home cooked meal is what Ms. Wilder makes for her dinner and that is usually a stir fry chicken dinner. After dinner she chills and around 10:30 pm she gets ready for bed and watches the 11 o'clock news. To prepare for the next day she puts out her clothes. She doesn't spend much time at home during school work. By Elainah Kinlaw

12: Ms.McMunn

13: A Day In the Life | Ms.McMunn has been a teacher here at Southeast for a few years now, and everyday she finds a way to brighten her students' day. Like many of us she also has a very busy life outside of school. Motivated each day by her own kids, she wakes up each morning. After completing her routine each morning she wakes up her husband who helps her get their kids ready for daycare. Once they are up and ready to go she takes them to daycare and drives herself to school, " I don't like coffee," she says, so withhout coffee or any type of energy boosting method she is ready to conquer the day. The kids in her second period might give her a hard time but she gets through it because she really enjoys teaching. During her planning period she sometimes feels relaxed but often feels stressed depending if it's a busy or easy-going day. After a long day here at home she loves going home to relax with her family. To pass her afternoon time she likes watching soap operas and the TLC show CupCake wars, and who doesn't like cupcakes? " Cupcake wars is my favorite show."She tells us that she does not like cooking and she orders a lot of her family's food. She goes to bed around 10 p.m. because her daughter has a very difficult time gong to bed.:"I like my job and what I do."What can we say Ms.McMunn is a very busy teacher, woman, and mom. ByDaniel Marquez

14: Mr Bland teaches both Biology and Anatomy and Physiology at SRMHS. It is very clear how his views on school and life itself have changed during his transition from a knowledge-seeking student to a wise and well-educated teacher.

15: Questions 1. Going from student to teacher, how have your views of school changed? 2. What was your favorite memory as a student? 3. What is your favorite memory as a teacher? 4. What kinds of tips would you give your current students to make getting through school easier? 5. What made you decide that you wanted to become a teacher? 6. Is the work for a teacher more time consuming than the work for a student? 7. What do you know as a teacher now that you didn't know as a student then? | Answers 1. "I have realized how I should have studied more. Everything my teacher said about the benefits of school is true." 2. "My Junior year of homecoming. I completely ditched my date. I went to a party with my friends and she went to a party with hers. It was a fun party, lots of fun dancing, it was just fun." 3. "The first time I saw my students graduate. It was 2006." 4. "Learn how to study and try not to get distracted by peers." 5. "It was definitely a series of circumstances, I can't really put them in order. I can only say that various circumstances led me here." 6. "No it's more for a teacher, well it should be anyway, because doing an assignment takes less time than creating an assignment." 7. "Plenty(chuckles). When I was a student, I didn't know that there were people that really didn't care about their grades. I guess I just assumed that everyone wanted to get good grades." | By Archelle Mitchell

16: Ms. Bullock, one of SRMHS's best teachers.

17: Ms. Bullock is a healthful living, personal fitness teacher, and a coach here at Southeast. "This is my first high school to teach at." She teaches students how to stay active and in shape, how to stay positive, and how to work your way through life. "I enjoy seeing my students because they keep me laughing and the class is exciting." Ms. Bullock is also the softball coach here at Southeast who also leads our Lady Bulldog softball players in success. Ms. Bullock is truly a woman who loves what she does, loves her students, and loves her job teaching here at Southeast. "I like Southeast and enjoy what I do." by Tiffany Ruffin

18: Mr Keith Boddie is a teacher at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High school. Mr .Boddie attended Wake Forest University on a football scholarship and then later became a school teacher. He teaches African American history, Conversations in Diversity, and Law & Justice. He also serves as an assistant coach for the football team here at Southeast Raleigh High. Coach Boddie is not just here to get a paycheck, he is here to make a difference in his student's lives.

19: Questions 1. Did you think you would be teaching when you were in high school? 2. What is your favorite part of the day ? 3. Do you think that you make a difference in your student's lives? 4. Do you have a high pass or fail rate in your class ? 5. If you could do anything else other than teaching what would it be ? | Answers 1. No, I actually never wanted to be a teacher. 2. When students actively take part in the lesson. 3. I try to, but a lot of students are stubborn. 4. I have a high passing rate 5. I would be a sports commentator ESPN | MR. KEITH BODDIE By Imani Blaize

20: Interview | By Kryshaun Harris | Mrs. Beddow is a loving mother, wife and Spanish teacher. For many years, she has been making sure that her students gets a good understanding and learning experience of Spanish. She has a good sense of humor but she knows exactly when to act serious when the right situation occurs.

21: 1. Do you like teaching ? 2. Do you like waking up in the morning ? 3. What do you look forward to in the school day ? 4. What do your mission for your students ? 5. How do you plan class activities ? 6. How do you balance your school life and personal life ? 7. How do you control your attitude with students ? 8. If you were younger, what would you change about your field of teaching ? 9. How do you improve yourself as a teacher? 10. What do you dislike about teaching ? | Yes, I love teaching . Yes, I get up at 4 o'Clock every morning. I look forward to the feedback from the students because it always different and who they are as a person. To help students realize the importance of communication using their language and a foreign language and I think the language help students appreciate their own culture. I have to look at the curriculum standards then look at the pacing guide and after I meet with the department to schedule the material we are going to cover. I think if you are in education your personal life always has a second place. I don't but I think the diversity in our classrooms helps me modify my behavior to make sure everything is within standards. I would have studied Spanish instead of English as a second language. I think the county takes care of that and administration is always supportive that we have the professional preparation to meet the needs of the 21 century learner. The lack of self-respect the students exhibit when their family life suffers from limitations. | ME : MRS. BEDDOW :

22: Interview Questions: Why did you become a school teacher? - Even though I went to college for education I didn't want to become a teacher at first. After starting my own advertising company that lasted 35 years and putting my kids in college, I realized that I wanted to teach high school What do you enjoy most about teaching? - What I enjoy most about teaching is the kids-- I'm here to cater you all What does CTE mean to you? - The real part of education; it stands for Career Technical Education If you could change anything about the school system what would it be? -I would make high school education more realistic to prepare students for the real world How was high school when you attended? -I hated high school and i went in the 70s so you can can catch my drift What College did you attend? - Greensboro College What did you major in-in college? - Education What is your dream job? - Teaching Southeast Raleigh students in the CTE program How did the Wake County STEM fair that you put together with others go? - It was great made a lot of connections with the community; 26 different NC State student groups who showed all high school students about engineering and technology | Mr.Ludington Career & Technical Education Teacher

23: Mr Ludington is a teacher at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. Mr Ludington attended Greensboro college on a football scholarship and then later became a school teacher. He teaches small business and entrepreneurship, and marketing class for the CTE program here at Southeast. He also serves as engineering club director which is all over the Wake County area. Mr Ludington is not just here to make money, he is here to change the lives and outlooks on students at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High school. - Montez Lindsay

24: Ms. Snellgroves | Ms Snellgroves is a math teacher at Southeast Raleigh High School. She is a fun,enthusiastic, and a loving teacher. Ms Snellgroves treats every student as if they are one of her children and helps them succeed and reach their full potential By Deonte Wayns

25: Questions 1 How was your high school experience? 2 What were the things you loved in high school? 3 What were the things? you disliked about high school? 4 Did you play a sport? 5 What activities were you involved in? 6 How has HS changed since you were in school? | Answers 1. She loved high school-- it was fun, enjoyable & she had great friends. 2 The friendships she made, pep rallies before school, few of her teachers. 3 The pointless drama. 4 She was a cheerleader. 5 She was in the Keywanettes, speech and debate, yearbook, teachers assistant, student government. 6 Besides technology most students don't have the same restriction as she had growing up. Students at SE have more opportunities. At her school they were not allowed to retake tests, turn in work late, and most teachers did not stay after for tutoring.

26: Mr.Watkins

27: Mr. Watkins is the drafting and game art design teacher. He attended Hillside High school in 1990. I interviewed him on how was High school when he was there. Some of the trends were still the same back then. People wore Flat tops, and the same shoe brands, and some sun dresses. He said he uses what he knows back then that review is key, and also it allows him to connect to the youth. Many kids today hang out at parties and take trips, but in the 1990 kids went to the roller rinks, arcades, and hung out at the mall. Mr.Watkins didn't always know he wanted to be a teacher but he knew he wanted to help kids when he got older. I asked him if he could change anything in the school system and he said he would balance the population amongst races and economic status. After my interview I learned the styles and the way people do things aren't much different. Actually some of the trends from back then are coming back. | By Chelsea Demery

28: Ms.Leach is our "Attendance Lady. "She is always there to make sure students are on time or are getting checked in. Although students get into a long discussion with her they still appreciate everything she does for them, and if anything were to ever go wrong Ms.Leach is always there. She was worked at Southeast before many of use have even got here. We appreciate her hard work and effort to keep the school running smoothly. "These children don't get the respect they deserve for there hard work" Thank you Ms.Leach for all your hard work and dedication to our Southeast Raleigh High School family. | &

29: Ms.Leach | Questions: 1. What do you do out of school? 2. What activities interest you? 3. How do you feel when you are out of school? 4. Do you hang out with fellow staff members? 5. What's the best part about being out of school? 6. What is the worst part about not being at school? 7. If you didn't work here where would you want to be? 8. Compared to all other schools how do you feel about SE? 9. What made you pick your job? 10. If you could change one thing about working at SE what would it be? | Answers: 1. I love planting flowers, especially knock-out roses. 2. Camping, interior decorating, planting flowers, and I love watching bull riding. 3. That's my time to relax, that's me time and time with my family. 4. No, I prefer to keep it professional. 5. I get to travel with close friends and family and time to decorate. 6. I miss the children so much. 7. I would like to teach under- graduates at a college. 8. I speak so proudly of our students; our students are talented! The public always looks at the negative they don't give us credit for out talent. 9. My job picked me but it doesn't define me. 10. One thing I would change would be the student staff spirit I miss I the closeness! -Shanikwa Bond

30: Off the Field... Behind the Scenes | Coach Finn

31: Daniel Finn is truly a behind the scenes face here at Southeast Raleigh. Arriving six years ago, Coach Finn started coaching our football program and led them to the state playoffs every season during his tenure. Recently Coach Finn was appointed the athletic director job and stepped down as head football coach. Here's what he had to say about the transition. "It all started when I went to college and got my grad degree in athletic administration and AD was something that always interested me. I was a football coach first at heart, been at Southeast Raleigh for six years now and right around August the country passed a new rule saying all AD's had to be in the classroom for two years and Coach Powers had enough years to retire and I was given the opportunity by Mr. Wall and Mr. Harden to become the new Athletic Director." What about our Bulldogs? What step does the team take now that a successful coach of six years has stepped down? " I had to choose between being a football coach and athletic director over solely being an AD and it's kind of hard to do both. I had to keep my family happy and have time to see my kids grow up. It's tough to be a good football coach as well as building a good overall athletic dept. and be a good husband/dad its hard to do all three and do them well." Coach Finn has definitely left a legacy on the football field. The last question now is ... What will you miss most about those Friday Night Lights? "Without a doubt I'm going to miss the camaraderie with the kids, the off season workouts and the blood, sweat, and tears overall the commitment. It's a special thing that a lot of people don't understand unless they are involved in football. Other sports have it to some degree but not too the degree of those guys." Overall Coach Finn made his mark on the football field and plans on leaving an even bigger mark in our athletic department! Dolphus Pearson III

32: Ms.Hall is a guidance counselor at Southeast. She came to Southeast in 1998. She mainly came because she liked the design of the school and its magnet focus. What made her become a counselor was after an internship with a health department where she worked with pregnant teens. Ms.Hall's school counselor inspired her to become a school counselor. Her counselor took an interest in her because she was a first generation college-bound student. | A Behind-the-Scenes look into... Ms.Hall

33: There is no typical day in the life of a school counselor. Even though you try to prepare an agenda for the day it usually won't work. The student services is like the "hub of the school" because many people need various things. Ms.Hall's favorite parts of the job are getting to know students and academic planning. She likes to helping students find their career focus and matching that with a plan. In order to be a school counselor you MUST have a masters' degree and you have to pass an educational exam called the "PRAXIS". One of the most challenging parts of the job is handling abuse cases because they're hard to prove. Another challenging part is proving to others that the job isn't as easy as it seems. "People see that we have an office and telephone at our leisure, and we're always on the screen" she said. Prior to getting this job, Ms.Hall would recommend a person to truly get to know themselves, be well grounded, and nonjudgmental. Ms.Hall's future goal for her career is to be an academic adviser at a university or community college. | By Charles Wright

34: David: What do your weekends consist of? Baker: Driver's Ed., church, and running my son around. | David: Do you feel like you are respected? Why? Baker: Yes, by both student and teachers, I have been here for 14 years since the first brick. | David: What is your favorite part of being a teacher and coach? Baker: The relationships I gain with the student athletes. | David: What time do you get to school everyday for work? Baker: 7 o'clock every morning for 14 years.

35: John Baker, head basketball coach and well respected teacher here at Southeast Raleigh doesn't have much free time, but when he does he spends it working out or relaxing and watching television. "On the weekends if I am not doing Driver's Ed or at church then I am most likely busy doing things for my son such as taking him to the basketball courts to work on his skill." Being a coach does not affect his family life at home, because "my wife is the principal at Knightdale High School and she is barely home either." He says "14 years since they put down the first brick i have been here, that is why I am respected." By David Washington | A LOOK INTO THE EYES OF COACH BAKER

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