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FC: It's the little things that make life beautiful | Billy Joel "We Didn't Start The Fire" 1950

1: After World War II, Korea was split into two; South Korea and North Korea. Korea split into two, because after World War 2 the Soviet Union governed one half of Korea and the United States the other half. They tried to reunite Korea into one country but it was not successful. So South Korea ended up being communist. North Korea was and still is communist. North Korea launched a surprise attack on South Korea in 1950. When the Korean War began the United Nations got involved, something that was a failier which didn’t really help win the war. China also joined, but China joined South Korea the communist part on October 7 1950. When the war ended, neither end won. 3,000,000 people were killed. The Korean War ended in 1953. To now a day Korea is still divided in two. How incredible that a problem like this is still occurring now a days, and haven’t been able to make an agreement and rejoin themselves as one country.

2: Marilyn Monroe was a very well known actress. She was known for her sexiness. Marilyn Monroe proved to the American Society that she was a very good actress in the 1950. Marilyn Monroe was also known for her quotes. Her quotes related daily life issues with hey sexy attitude. She is not remembered for this year because of her acting in 5 movies, but she was really known for her 2 small roles that year. Those two small roles were in the movies, Asphalt Jungle and All about Eve. In the beginning she was not really taken seriously, but after her performances in these five movies in one year she became a star. I think Billy Joel included Marilyn Monroe in his lyrics because she was a person who most people thought that she wasn't going to get very far, but she proved people wrong, and shocked the American people with her astonishing acting in her 5 movie roles during the 1950’s.

3: Marilyn Monroe

4: StudeBaker

5: In 1868 Clement Studebaker created a industry called the Studebaker Manufacturing Company with the help of his brother Henry. During the 1800’s the Studebaker brothers focused on manufacturing to give to the Unites States Army during the Civil War. Studebaker introduced the first electrical car in 1902 and in 1904 their first gasoline car. The style of a bullet-nose end was put into different models of cars during the 1950, and made the Studebaker Company very famous, and only one year after the first model with a V8 engine came out, and made the Americans crazy for the cars. The Studebaker private company closed its doors in 1966 and donated all its collection to the city of South Bend. I think that Billy Joel put Studebaker on the lyrics of the song because cars were a very important thing during these times. Studebaker was a famous car and very important during these times.

6: Television

7: You Make My Sun Shine | People all around America started to know and own televisions by the early 1950's. Billy Joel included television in his lyrics. In 1950 the televisions FCC approved the first colored television. By the 1955 most of the regular American family household owned a television. Television was so important during that period of time because it was not only a entertainment for adults and children, but a way to communicate information, and share to the American society what really is going on around the world, things they are not able to see. 1950 was also an important year for the television because it was the first time Saturday morning kids’ shows were played on the television. Another reason that the television was so famous that year is that many American families bought televisions because many programs and shows started appearing on the television.

9: Richard Nixon was part of the House of Representatives of The American Activity in California. Nixon was in charge of investigating who was leaking information to the Russians in the mid-40. In those times the leaking of valuable information to the Russians was a risck. The United States and Russia competed in everything during and after the Cold War, so Nixon had a very important job. He was involved in the Alger Hiss case. Hiss was accused of selling information to the Russians, and being communist. Evidence wasn’t strong enough to convict Alger Hiss, but Nixon decided to take the case very seriously. After long research and spying going around, Nixon presented to the court strong information that backed up Hiss’s communist affiliation, Alger Hiss was found guilty in the beginning of 1950. Later on Richard Nixon ran for senate, and was elected 1950. Nixon won the elections by accusing his opponent of being a strong communist worker of the Russians.

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12: Quiz | Television: Apart from being entertainment, what other reason did Americans feel the need to buy TV’S during this time period? Marilyn Monroe From the 5 important roles Monroe got during the 1950, which to movies made her a real star? Studebaker When did Studebaker introduce the first electrical car?

13: Richard Nixon For what reason do you think Richard Nixon won the election? Explain. Korean War Did Korea re-join after fighting after WWII?

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