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Billy Joel Project

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S: Bj

FC: "We didnt start the fire" Billy Joel Project Nomonde Gila

1: " Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, Space Monkey, Mafia,Hula Hoops, Castro, Esdel is a no-go" | In mixbook I took this line for the " We didnt Start the Fire" and analyzed four statement's.

2: Buddy Holly and the Crickets!

3: In the song We Didn't Start the Fire a very important name was mentioned, Charles Hardin Holley aka Buddy Holly. SInce 1986, if you were to walk down the hall of fame Bobby the Great would be exhibited largely. Buddy Holly was one of the most famous, and record making rock and roll kings. Throughout the United States and Nations Buddy was know what he did best. Composing, playing guitar, and rocking out. Being so good at combining heavy and up beat rock with country music was a huge talent, in which he carried. Bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Erica Clapton, and Bob Dylan dedicated the group names out the one and only Buddy Holly. Around the beginning of 1987 is when Buddy started to become famous, and made 2 top hit singles called " That'll be the Day" and "Peggy Sue". With those to tracks, Buddy was at the top of the Billboard list and wanted everywhere. Later on that year after experiencing the one man group, Buddy decided to form a group called the Crickets. The crickets become a huge band which instantly made two new records the same year " Oh Boy" and " Everyday". The very next year the Crickets continued their success and made three new songs called "Maybe Baby" , "Rave On" and " Think it Over". After sending that much time with the band Holly decided to quit, but the over achieving band still managed to fit in two more hit tracks before breaking up. Later in 1958, Buddy took a flight to Europe and unfortunately there was a tragic plane crash which killed everybody in the plane.

4: Fidel Castro

5: Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born in August 13, 1926, and he was the former President of Cuba. Even though Castro was born out of an illiterate family he still managed to continue with his education and, move on to study things such as nationalism, anti-imperialism, socialism, and other political climates of Cuba. Even though during Castro's high school years he was more intrigued by sports, he followed through with academics.Later on after discovering the political world in 1947 Castro went off to Dominican Republic to join an expedition, that was purposely formed to over throw the government. Unfortunately their plan of taking out dictator Rafael Trujillo was destroyed right before the move in. After zoo realizing that he was able to gain so much power Castro carried on his search in politics. General Fulgencio Batista took control of the communist country. Which seemed to have upset Castro to the point where he decided to attack the Moncada. And immediately after that attack , since he called the attention of many people he wrote and said the speech History Will Absolve Me. Besides becoming famous for reciting and publishing the speech Castro was trailed and imprisoned for 15 years. After his release in 1955 Castro was invited to Mexico by his younger brother Raul. Raul had formed a strategy oh how they could kickoff the batiste crew. After many years and hard tries their plan finally worked. Then in 1976 Fidel became the President of the Counsels of State, which then gave him the opportunity to hold the title of Commander in Chief of the Cuban Arms Force. Later on in July 31, 2006 Fidel was very sick and was diagnosed with diverticulosis so he then he had to get surgery. Yet before going through without the surgery Castro gave over both his positions to his brother Raul. February 19, 2008 Fidel announced that he would not be taking back any of his positions from his brother, nor any one else. So then 5 days later Raul was elected President of Cuba by the National Assembly of Cuba.

6: Space Monkey

7: During 1947 many scientists had just started imagining the intriguing idea of humans in space. Before even known how to get them up there, some cruel yet ingenious scientist first thought of sending chimpanzees and dogs to space. By doing this in 9151 other scientists soon realized that mankind could sustain the outer orbits atmosphere, with all the right care. But before this became clear to them, many tragic incidents accrued throughout out the trained animal nature. Laiki the dog was a test sample that was put up in space by Russian scientist, in the Soviet Union. Getting there on the sputnik wasn't a easy task for her, but she made it will all the instruments provided. Laiki could transmitted data to support the animals breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. Until before the last minute the breathing machine failed, and the Laiki died. THis happened to many other animals in the countries of Soviet Union, and it all ended in on November 3, 1957.

8: Hula Hoops

9: Hula Hoops were a extraordinarily delicious set of round cylinder, hollow potato crisps. Created in the 1973 by Danisco Flexible, in the heart of Great Britain. As the delightful chips started getting famous they kept spreading all over Europe, but made a large amount of money in Ireland and Britain. As time went on, many more flavors were created such as bbq, cheese and onion, and salt and vinegar which all had different colored packaging. Trying to honor the original recipe factors,kept the classical potato, sunflower oil, rice flour and salt recipe. As flavors and quality started to increase, the chips became more famous. In early 2008 a young man with the name of James McKelvie , won a contest where he got to create his own hula hoop flavor. He eventually choose olive and caper, which soon became well know. Just as the time in the around the 80's. s

10: Mafia

11: Back in 1959 criminal groups were starting to take over Italy, which then formed the Sicilian Mafia. As the idea spread all the way to the United States, the American mafia was formed. At first neither clans had names, until the Mafioso’s came up with “our thing”. Later on that year the American clans started spreading all over the U.S.A, even though many groups from Italy had already started. Eventually the groups started to grow stronger, and tensions started to grow. As time passed on the groups some how found a way to come together. They then managed to form Camorra, Ndrangheta, and Sacra Corona Unit together. Even now in the 20th Century these groups still exists somewhere off in the North of the United States.

13: Question #1: What communist leader did Fidel Castro try to over throw? Question #2: In 1947 what country did Fidel Castro moved to join a political expedition? Question#3: What two living organisms were used to be sent to space in 1947? Question#4: In what Russian space ship was Laiki the dog sent in? Question#5: What three things did Buddy Holly do in his music band?

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