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Billy Joel Project - Tammy

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FC: We Didn't Start the Fire | Tammy Yoon (P3) 06/03/11

1: "We Didn't Start the Fire" "We Didn't Start the Fire", a song made by Billy Joel is a song that mentions headline events that happened from March 1949 to 1989. The song was the number-one-hit song since it was released in 1989. The people and events mentioned in this book are the people or events that were important or were a big issue during the 1940s and 1950s. In this book, it explains why and how those people and events were important during that time and introduces who or what they were. | by Billy Joel

2: Dwight D. | Eisenhower

3: Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th president of the United States of America (1953-61). He was involved in both world wars. In WWI, he worked at a tank training centre, then was promoted to captain. During 1922-24, he was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone, and was under Commander Conner. Thanks to Conner, he was selected to attend the army’s Command and General Staff School and the Army War College. In 1935, he accompanied MacArthur to the Philippines. Eisenhower won awards and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. When he went back to the United States, WWII was about to begin due to the invasion of Poland from Germany. He finally became a full colonel on March, 1941. The biggest achievements he did in WWII was in 1944. On June 6th, 1944, Eisenhower led the Allies from the Western Front to northern France, Normany. The day they attacked Normandy is called the D-day, which was history’s largest invasion by sea. Not only was he related to the war going on in Europe, he made the war in Korea into peace. After the war, he also became president of Columbia University, and then became the chief commander of NATO. Eisenhower is now remembered as a great leader, president, and a military strategist.

4: During the 1900s, Europe and the United States were having difficulties with people infected by dangerously ill diseases. The most common diseases the people were being infected were smallpox, polio, yellow fever, diphtheria, and measles. WWII was the main cause of these diseases. Because of the war, water and food weren’t abundant and were contaminated from destroyed farms and polluted rivers and land. Lack of nutrition and bad health conditions made their immune system weak and their bodies easier to get infected by bacteria. Scientists and Doctors believed there has to be a solution for the people since too many people were getting infected and were dying because of those diseases. However, vaccines weren’t highly developed and licensed for human use at that time. | VACCINE | Diphtheria

5: The vaccine for the Yellow fever was advised to be used by Dr. Martin Furmanski although it wasn’t licensed for civilian use. The U.S. military allowed the use of the vaccine, but later it led 330,000 people getting infected after vaccination since the vaccine could have caused jaundice. So the vaccine for the Yellow fever turned out to become a failure. However, the invention of Polio vaccine was very successful. In 1954, Jonas Salk invented a vaccine, and in 1961, Albert Sabine invented a vaccine for Polio. This is why the vaccine is called Salk and Sabine these days. Later on, vaccine for other 9 major diseases were invented, which were also very successful, and were widely vaccinated for people. Smallpox was eradicated, Poliomyelitis was eliminated, and measles were reduced to low numbers of patients. Morbidity associated with Smallpox and Polio declined 100%. The success of vaccines made them highly recommended for children and helped decrease the number of children dying from infectious diseases. | POLIO ... | Small Pox

6: Queen Elizabeth II was born in April 21st, 1926 in London, England as the daughter of Duke of York and Queen Elizabeth. Her father was the second son of King George V, and her mother was the daughter of a Scottish earl. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is Queen Elizabeth's full name before she became the queen. She spent most of her childhood in Windsor Castle, the main residence of the British Royal family outside London other than the Buckingham Palace, with her younger sister Margaret. Elizabeth and Margaret were educated at home by governesses. Queen Elizabeth was able to become heir to the throne because her uncle, King Edward VIII, who was king after her grandfather’s death, gave up the throne to marry a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson. Then her father, who was next in line became King George VI, and since King George VI had no sons but only two daughters, Elizabeth became heir to the throne. | Queen Elizabeth II

7: In November 20th, 1947, Queen Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten, who later becomes Prince Philip or Duke of Edinburgh. He was a member of the Greek Royal Family and was one of Queen Elizabeth’s cousins. Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh had four children, Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward. | In 1952, while she and her husband were having a trip in Kenya, she receives word that her father died from his illness and became the Queen of the United Kingdom. She is still alive and is 85 years old this year.

8: ROCKY MARCIANO | Rocky Marciano was born in September 1st, 1923 in Rocco Marchegiano in Brockton, Massachusetts. He was the son of Pierino, his father who worked in a shoe factory, and Pasqualena, his mother. When he was a child, he was just a normal American boy who enjoyed playing baseball and football, and who dreamt of becoming a professional in one of those sports. In 1943, at the age of 20, he started boxing because he was drafted into the army, which he wanted to avoid since he had to work as a cook assistant. In 1946, Marciano started fighting as an amateur and in the next year, 1947, he became a professional boxer. In October 26th, 1951, Rocky Marciano knocked out Joe Louis, the former heavy weight world champion, in the 8th round and became the new world champion. In 1956, at the age of 33, he retired from playing boxing after winning all of his 49 professional fights. Marciano died in October 31st, 1969, in the crash of a private airplane at the age of 46. Rocky Marciano is now considered as one of the hardest punchers in boxing history.


11: Wladziu Valentino Liberace, more known only by his last name Liberace, was a famous American entertainer and pianist. He was the highest-paid entertainer in the world during the 1950s to 1970s. He was born in May 16th, 1919 in West Allis, Wisconsin. His father was Salvatore Liberace who was an immigrant from Formia, Italy. He was a musician who played the French horn in bands and theaters. But when he didn’t play, he was only a factory worker and laborer. His mother was Frances Zuchowska who was a Polish descent. At the age of 4, he started playing the piano and at the age of 7, he was able to read difficult pieces. He played in theaters, local radios, dancing classes, clubs, and even weddings and performed his piano skills with the name of Walter Busterkeys. At the age of 17, he was offered to work in Works Progress Administration(WPA) and also won a scholarship to the Wisconsin College of Music. After releasing the “Three Little Fishes”, he became popular. In 1952, he began doing “The Liberace Show”, which was also successful and won 2 Emmy Awards. His popularity increased constantly till 1959, when his career was at its low point. In February 1st, 1987, Liberace died in Palm Springs, Calif because of cytomegalovirus pneumonia from AIDS.

12: QUIZ... | 1. Which World War was Dwight D. Eisenhower involved in? 2. What was the main cause of the diseases during the 1900s in Europe?

13: 3. [ True/False] Queen Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten, who was one of her cousins. 4. How did Rocky Marciano die? 5. Who was Liberace?

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