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Billy Joel's "We didn't start the Fire"

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BC: Lost Rat

FC: We didn't start the Fire Alex Trivella

1: "We didn't start the Fire" is a song written by the famous Billy Joel. The song consists of events in history that have impacted the world. The events in the song are listed in a chronological manner from latest to most recent; the following paragraphs analize the events from around the 1950's.

2: Joseph McCarthy Joe McCarthy became a senator in the mid 1950’s as a republican; he followed the path paved by Richard Nixon which consisted of bad mouthing and placing false charges against the democratic competition. McCarthy grew out of hand and began not only to attack the democratic party but later turned to attacking the republican party by calling the president at the time, Eisenhower, a traitor to the country. This enraged Eisenhower and the Republican Party due to the bad publicity McCarthy had produced. So Eisenhower asked his Vice-President, Richard Nixon, to create a speech that would separate McCarthy from the rest of the Republican Party. This speech was a success which later led to McCarthy’s censoring as a senator. After becoming censored McCarthy slowly faded from the public eye.

4: Television Television also known as the “T.V.” is a technology that has evolved and advanced over time; giving us the flat screen, high definition T.V.’s we have today. The father of the technology that led to the T.V. was named Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, Nipkow was a German scientist in the late1800’s who successfully invented invent the first ever mechanical television system. After Nipkow had long since died, others continued to work on his design; many tried to replicate it in an improved manner. However, it wasn’t until 1907 that two scientists, A.A. Campbell- Swinton and Rosing, create a new television system using Nipkow’s previous design. However, even though the T.V. had significantly evolved, not many people could afford one until the time of Charles Jenkins. Charles Jenkins improved A.A. Campbell-Swinton and Rosing’s design with cheaper system named the mechanical television system. This cheaper system enabled the population of Great Brittan to gain the technology, which later spread to other first world countries such as the United States and France. The television system changed the 20th century; people could hear the latest news, watch presidential speeches, as well as the queen’s coronation etc. This presented a huge leap forward to the people of the 20th century for they could see things without leaving their houses at all, the T.V. also inspired others to study the technologies that led to our lifestyle today. By 1923 others began to add to Jenkins’s design slowly evolving the old T.V. in to what it is today.

6: Richard Nixon In the 1950’s Richard Nixon was the Vice-president in the U.S. during the run of President Eisenhower. However, Nixon and Eisenhower did not get along so well and as Nixon’s popularity decreased Eisenhower asked him in private to step down from the job. Nixon had a past history of giving people a false reputation, so when Eisenhower gave his request Nixon responded in a negative way; telling the press the president was ill and other lies. He even wrote in his books that he didn’t like the job of Vice-president anymore; however, Nixon did know that by staying on ticket it would increase his chance of presidency. Despite the president’s feelings towards Richard Nixon, Nixon's convinced others of his greatness. So in the 1956 election Eisenhower was forced to run with Nixon as Vice-president due to public opinion; and won.

8: North Korea, South Korea After WWII Korea became liberated from the Japanese and began the establishment of a government. The two super powers at the time; the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. each had different ideas for helping the country’s type of government. The U.S.S.R. wanted the spread of communism and the U.S. wanted Korea to be democratic; so the Soviet Union promoted communism in the north, while the United States promoted democracy in the south. The cold war at the time, which featured democracy against communism later spread from the conflict between these two superpowers to the country of Korea, separating the country in two; the north and south. This later develops in to the Korean War in 1950 which lasts three years before the two sides (North and South) called an armistice. The Korean peninsula decides on creating the Korean Demilitarized Zone which is the no man’s land between the north and south in order to divide the peninsula to halt the war. However, now-a-days North and South Korea remain in a cold war of words and threats.

10: Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe; born June 1, 1926 was an idolized actress throughout the United States. She started her life as a model which later led to her first film contract in 1946; which began her career as an actress. However, her performance in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve in 1950 were her first steps into being recognized throughout the U.S. In 1953 she got her first lead role of a dumb blond in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. The final years of her life were pressured by illness and a false reputation; she died August 5, 1962 in Brentwood, Los Angeles. However, she still lives on as an American icon for pop and charisma.

12: Quiz Time! 1. Who invented the technology that began the evolution of the television? a) Paul Gottlieb Nipkow b) Charles Jenkins c) A.A. Campbell-Swinton d) Tom Riddle 2.True or False. The Korean Peninsula is separated into two countries. 3.What was the relation between Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy?

13: 4.Nixon was Vice-President next to which U.S. president? a) Kennedy b) Eisenhower c) Jesus Jalapeno d) Howard Taft 5.Which two performances started Marilyn Monroe’s career? a) The Asphalt Jungle and All about Eve. b) The Jungle Book and Christmas Eve. c) The Magical Jungle and Hollow’s Eve. d) The Pixel Forest and Buddha Unleashed.

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