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Biology - Page Text Content

FC: Desert Colonization

1: Once upon a time there was a Texas horned toad Joe. the horn toad was looking everywhere for something to eat. he soon spotted his food, Harvester Ants! it was about ready to eat them when he suddenly heard something behind him

2: when Joe turned around he saw Jake, the Coyote! "I'm gonna eat you!" said Jake. "No your not!" replied Joe as he shot a red liquid out of his eyes and the coyote ran away

3: After he was done with his breakfast Joe crawled towards were his best friend Juan lived. Juan lived by the Mesquite Trees.

4: He liked to live there because he loved seeing the Kangaroo Rats jump around trying to get the seeds. he liked the rats because they helped the tree's seeds get spread out so more trees could grow.

5: "Hi!' Squeaked Juan when he saw that Joe had come to see him. then he was startled by rustles in the bushes. When Joe got to him he told an "don't worry, its only one pronghorn antelope"

6: After a nice chat Joe wandered off in search of an adventure. he passed by more ants and decided to have his lunch. as he went he worried about something. why was there only one? there usually are many antelope by there. He decided to find out what happed to the antelope

7: he kelped up his adventure and then went to a rocky out cropping. when he looked over the rocks he saw thousands of desert shrubs

8: As he continued his journey he passed by some mushrooms. Joe liked mushrooms because they helped break down dead animals and plants.

9: He squinted his eyes, looking for the Pronghorn Antelope that eat the shrubs but he could not see them anywhere!

10: He was determined to find out were the antelope had gone so he went farther and father into their territory. than he approached a sign in human Spanish. "rats!" he yelled. "If only I had Juan with me, he knows how to read human Spanish!"

11: He continued on. and just a little farther he came across something that scared him. he found a antelope skull! he was shocked! he hurried along and soon came across a gray pathway with yellow lines in the muddle. "whats this?" he asked himself

12: He followed along the pass and than came to a place were there was lots of cottage things. Joe saw Humans wandering around and it was than that he understood what had happened.

13: It was the humans! the humans were the ones who had caused the Antelope to die! they had pushed the antelope out of their homes! Joe felt sick to his stomach. He quickly ran off into the desert. he would never again be the same...

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