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BJ by Antonio

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S: We Didn't Start the Fire

BC: Than You for Reading

FC: We Didn't Start the Fire | Antonio Riccio

1: This book is dedicated to my class. the book is about billy Joels song we didn`t start the fire. i picked 5 names of the song and wrote about them.

3: Rosenbergs | The Rosenberg’s were two soviet spies that were born in U.S.A. Julius Rosenberg was born on May 12, 1918, in New York and Ethel Greenglass was born on September 28, 1915, also in New York. Julius was graduated from electrical engineering, and Ethel was an actress and singer. In 1942 they both became full members of an American communist party. On 1950 Julius was arrested for spying. After that Ethel’s younger brother confessed on passing information to the USSR then David Greenglass. He became a key witness helping uncover the truth of the Rosenberg’s. He stated that Ethel had written notes to the USSR telling U.S. nuclear secretes helping Russia develop the A-bomb. They were also trialed for the deaths of Korean lives because some of the information that they had sent had helped Russia build the A-bomb. On March 29, 1951 The Rosenberg’s were convicted and sentenced to death by the electric chair. The Rosenberg’s died on June 19th of 1953.

5: H- Bomb | There are three names for these nuclear bomb, H-bomb, thermonuclear bomb, and hydrogen bomb. The Hydrogen Bomb is a nuclear bomb that was developed in the 1950s. Its first creator was Edward teller and other American scientists; they were from the United States. The first bomb was tested in Eniwetok, USA on November 1st 1952. The second bomb was tested by the Russians or the USSR in 1953. After that Great Britain, France, and China have also exploded thermonuclear bombs, and these five nations comprise the so-called nuclear club. The hydrogen bomb functions by fusion or the joining together of light elements to heavier elements. When the H-bomb explodes it creates an extremely hot zone by the center of it. So by this zone all the matter vaporizes leaving gases of very high pressure. It is called a thermonuclear bomb because the change in extreme air pressure creates an over pressure leaving a wave of energy that is responsible for major part of the attack.

7: Sugar Ray Robinson | Sugar Ray Robinson was one of the best boxers of all time next to Muhammad Ali and Joe Luis. He was born on May 3 1921 in Ailey, Georgia, but moved to New York City. Sugar ray was his nickname his real name was Walker Smith Jr. Sugar ray made pro when he was 19, he won 5 battles against former, champions and finalists. Sugar ray has never been knocked out but it was said once (technically). His record is 175 battles won out of 200 he has done, he has 175-19-6 with 109 knockouts done. He has won the welterweight champion and the middleweight champion. In 1965 Sugar Ray announced his retirement. At this year he stated that he went broke for all his spending in and out of his career. After he retired he also acted on some TV shows. Also two years after his retirement he was given a trophy for the greatest boxer of all time. Sugar ray died at the age of 67, and was diseased with Alzheimer disease; he died at Culver City California.

9: The Panmunjom also known as the peace museum was where north and south Korea signed there piece agreement to end the war. It is located between these two countries, In the Gyeonggi Province about 60 kilometers of Seoul the capital of South Korea and ten kilometers of Kaesong a small village in North Korea. The agreement was signed on July 27th 1953; this meeting took place in tents, at this very same spot. They built a building to remind themselves. The building is one of the very few reminders that are left of the Cold War, not just the Korean War. The Panmunjom is four hundred by eight hundred meters area (400m x 800m) and has a joint security meaning both sides are guarding, democratic and communist, north and South Korea. The Panmunjom was built as a memorial to remember that they had a truce between the two countries. No resident from Korean are allowed because it is a border line between the two countries, only foreign tourist are allowed. | Panmjumon

10: Quiz | 1.Where is the Panmunjom? 2.Who were the Rosenberg’s? Where were they from? 3.Where the H-bomb was first tested? 4.Where was Sugar Ray Robinson born? 5.What is a great film done by Marlon Brando that is about mafia?

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