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Black Plague

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BC: Hello,my name is Mason Ginder and I am just here to tell you that I made the whole thing up,(the town,the family,the year even though the Black Plague took place between the years of 1347-1351,I made it all up). I do not know if there really was a family that consisted of George,Samantha,Marty and their dog named Rascal. I really hoped you enjoyed my story and I do wish to become a writer in my later years,hope you read more. ________________________________________ Works Cited Eye Wittiness to History.com The Middle Ages.Net History.com

FC: The Black Plague | A story by Mason Ginder

1: One day warriors that left to go fight in London came back after winning their victory. After they arrived at their little town, Cashaburger, France, people started to notice something very odd. At the time they did not know that during the war they had caught a disease called the Black Plague and they were just making it worse for the towns people because soon it would spread all over the town,then the country,then the world.But you all know that it didn't spread all over the world because if it spread all over the world,we would all be dead.

2: A quiet little family that is settled in Cashaburger consisted of George the father, Marty and Samantha which were both 12 year old twins, and their pet dog Rascal. You are probably wondering why there is no mom. Her name was Tory and she was the mother of the two twins, Marty and Samantha. During The Great War of 1341, Tory was brave enough to warn the towns people of the enemies arrival by going on the top of the church and ringing the bell when she slipped and fell six stories to her death. Marty and Samantha were only two years old at the time but they are still getting over their mother's death.

3: They were all sitting down at the table one night having dinner when all of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. George answered the door. Georges friend Tom that lived all of three blocks away. "What is it? George said. "Its not good George, there is a wide spread disease that is spreading through out the village." "What!!!!" "Yea, its bad. Rumor has it that when the soldiers came back from there victory, they had the plague from enemies that got it from the Black Rat. A type of parasite carried on fleas,which then were attracted to the black rats or even worse...... Your house pets which go in and out of your house and your children are playing with your pet and then they get it." "All right Tom, I really appreciate the warning ." "No problem , hey ,keep your kids inside and if anyone starts coughing on a regular basses.... you know its not good." " Alright, hey that goes for you too."

4: One day Marty asked his dad "why do we have to stay inside all of the time. George had no other option. He had to tell his kids about the plague,so he did. He said "listen up here guy's,there is a bad disease going around town that was believed to be brought into town by the knights who fought in London and where intoxicated and didn't even know it at the time but the towns people soon started to get sick more and more. Also more and more people started to get sick really fast." "So that means that we will all die because of this disease?" Marty said. "No,just be careful and don't go outside and make and physical contact with people such as hand shakes or hugs. It could put you at risk of getting the plague."

5: Later that week Marty started to cough a lot. George was concerned. Soon the whole family was coughing because when their dog rascal was let outside to do his business, some how the flea caught on to Rascal and when Marty was petting him,the flea caught on to him. Then when Marty was around his dad and his sister,they then got it. Yes indeed,the plague spread and spread and didn't stop spreading. Soon,sadly to say but Marty passed away because of how bad of a condition he was in. His dad and his sister were devastated by the shocking result and buried his body out back. They both wondered what was next for the both of them,were they going to die or were they going to live. Who knew? That was exactly it.No one Knew.

6: While George and his daughter were sitting at home with what they thought to be the plague,they heard a knock on the door. Samantha said to not answer it to her dad but he did anyway.A man who started to say that people started to loose the plague and recover and the plague and that the disease swept over the town and on its way to the wester part of Europe. George thanked the man for the update and wished him good luck for anything in the future.

7: Soon to be that their old dog Rascal passes away and the bury him in the back yard with Marty because they were best friends. George and Samantha lived and they never ever forgot the bad disease that seperated their family more than it did in

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