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Black Plauge

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BC: USA: $4.99 Canada: $6.99 NOT SOLD IN STORES! | About the Author | The author of This book is Josh Velazquez. Josh is a boy who loves bowling a baseball. He enjoyed writing this book. Josh was born on August 29. He has 7 pets. 1 dog, 3 cats, one frog, one turtle, and one bearded Dragon.

FC: The Mystery Disease "We all got to die someday" | By Josh Velazquez

1: BEFORE YOU READ!!!! | This Is a Story about A 24 Year old Man named Vieco Loaris. Who is afraid but he soon finds about about the Black Plague. Now he must find out how life s with trying to avoid the Plague. Will he become infected?, will he survive? All will be reveled in this book!

2: Hello my name is Vieco Louris. I am a 24 year old male. I have found this journal and decided to write my life. Today i have heard rumorers about some disease. I didn't catch the name. I Wonder what it is. Maybe ill look more into it, hmm....

3: Before I go on maybe I should tell you a little about my self. First I have a wife and 3 children. They all have grown up and are Knights. I used to be one but i suffered a life threating tragedy. Someone had stroke me with a sword. The blow broke my hand and i couldn't go on. I also love to cook for my family. I love archery! Ive loved it since I was 3 years old! so thats some information about me. Now back to this story.

4: I heard some more rumors and asked the town librarian. The disease everyone was talking about is called the Bubonic Plague. just hearing that gives me chills. The librarian didn't know much about but people gave it this name for a couple reasons. One reason is because it can make you feel vivaciously sick. Also it is also called the Black Plague because when someone dies from it apparently their skin turns a dark color. Hopefully I don't catch this Disease. | Where it all began

5: The Bubonic Plague apparently in central Asia and spread through Europe very quickly. Then it went to the rest of the continent it hit major parts like India and China. Also the Plaque started in 1331. Its now 1339, so it started 8 years ago. Then it spread to Europe and anywhere over these two continents.

6: The main way the Plague spread was people complained to knights that they felt sick. The then the knights complained to others and it started a chain reaction. the way it started is the other way. more rats would die meaning more fleas went in search of more humans. Then they infected more and more humans. | Info Page!

7: So here is some more of what i read The main way the plaque spread was rodents like hamsters and rats. all most all rodents had fleas which had brought the rodent diseases from when they died. The bacteria then fleas in the fleas stomach which blocks it. Then they get hungry and the fleas found the nearest victims which was normally the closest humans. after that humans complained to the king and pope about how they felt and spread it to them which started a chain reaction. Also people who had trade routes that caught the Bubonic Plague brought it with them. Now I know I'm not buying anything from merchants and traders. | How it spread

8: Did They Notice? | Most people did not notice if a flea was on them and tapping into their blood stream which is the reason more people wondered why they felt sick, When they reported to other the fleas went to other people which dint notice which is why they didn't know they had.

9: How Did They Find Out? | Now I've read that people found out that they had something wrong with them was they would get inflamed lymph nodes on their arms, ALso they would have them on their groin and all their necks. ALso they Wound tend to have major itches along with black spots allover their body. I'm guessing thats how it got the name Black Plague.

10: Were Merchants Trustworthy? | Of course I know that Merchants spread the Disease so now I'm finding out were they trustworthy? No, they were not because if they had it anyone who was sold goods from a merchant would be given the fleas of the merchants who had the plague since it was contagious.Also not only were they contagious sometimes the goods were ripoffs and not good.

11: Info About the Black Plague | Now I'm going to talk about the plague over all and the effects of it. First of all it started in Asia and traveled across the continent. It started in the Mongol Empire. How it normally travels is rates died, the fleas went to the nearest humans. The humans then went to other family, friends, and anyone they found and trust. Then those people become infected and it starts a chain reaction since the Black Death is contagious. Also merchants carried the disease on there trade routes which then gave it to people who bought goods.People who soon found out about this disease tried to escape by traveling on the rivers just brought it with them since it has a delayed reaction which meant they didn't know they had it. they gave it to people that they meat which is probably why it spread across the continent.

12: Once people receive the disease they wont have effects for maybe a couple days, Then they would start vomiting, be very itchy, have a white coating on their tongue, and black spots all over their body. this made people worry and rush for help. since many people did not know about the plague, anyone who rushed for medical helped just passed the Black Death on to the medical staff. and since they had no cure everyone eventually died who was given the plague so there was no escape. This Has lasted for 8 years and i hope it ends soon. I've been feeling itchy lately and I'm starting to be worried. Anyways The plague was very deadly and unpredictable. Most people suffered for a great deal of time. Eventually the Jews were blamed for The BLack Plague and were persecuted for it. The reason they were blamed was because they were outcasts and nearly half the population died. some of these death were the Jews but the impact of the sickness was enormous.

13: The Black Plague was so infectious and contagious that some people would go to bed healthy and catch the illness in their bed and die while sleeping. ughhh thats creepy. Anyways about 20 million people in Europe have already died and the plague is still ravaging towns and cites. The plague soon hits London and wipes out over half the population. at now they"re are more people dead then alive right now. Well thats all I got, I'm done with this book because I feel sick right now and itchy. I think i have the plague, ughhhhhhhhhh.....

14: Symptoms | Here are some symptoms you can develop from the plague. Itching, swelling up, Coughing harshly, vomiting, vomiting blood, itchey and swollen black spots, and buboes (huge swollen skin spots) abdominal pain, and diarrhea, can progress rapidly to septicemic plague. Approximately 10 to 20 percent of people with bubonic plague symptoms will also develop symptoms in the lungs. This is called pneumonic plague, and is often fatal.

15: Also sometimes people had inflammation of their lymph nodes. | The organs within the lymphatic system are the tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus. | There was also no cures. my stomach hurts so thats the end of this book I feel like im going to throw up so bye.

16: This book is dedicated to Miss. Torpey for being the best social studies teacher in the history of Social Studies teachers. YOU ROCK MISS. TORPEY!!!

17: Knox, Skip. "The Plague approaches Europe ." The Middle Ages The black Death. none, n.d. Web. 20 Nov. 2011. . 0 New The Black Death, 1348." EyeWitness To History.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. . "The Black Death: Bubonic Plague ." The Middle Ages.Net. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. . Snell, Melissa. "The Black Death." About.com. The New York Times Company., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. .

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