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S: To KIll a Mockingbird

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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird

1: In To Kill a Mockingbird, we learn and live throughout a time in Scout's childhood. This memory played a huge part in what she became and what she learned. Throughout the book we learn specific and important ideas especially about racism and prejudice.

3: In to | in | In To Kill a Mockingbird, the setting is in Maycomb, Alabama. A small southern town. In this town there are a variety of people, including the Finches. The time period is right after the Great Depression and is during World War Two. Racial intolerance is common here because of the location and the beliefs of this time period.

4: In To Kill a Mockingbird, the story is told by a young girl named Scout. Scout is very tomboyish and enjoys playing with her brother, Jem. As the story progresses, Scout and Jem are exposed to more and more hatred from the upcoming trial by the town and Scout's school mates.

5: In this time period, African Americans were 'viewed and placed' at the lower end of the caste system. Therefore, 'Whites' and 'Blacks' were separated. Atticus had raised Scout and Jem to view people not by their skin color, but who they really were.

6: Mr.Bob Ewell is very violent and abusive to his daughter, Mayella. In order to cover up his own abuse and to get rid of Mayella's guilt, they blame Tom Robsion of raping Mayella.

7: Its hard to believe that there were a lot of people that shared similar beliefs that Bob Ewell did. Before the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans were treated very badly. The Jim Crow Laws stated separate but equal, but the African Americans barely got what the 'Whites' did.

9: In To Kill a Mockingbird, an African American is accused of raping a white women. Atticus Finch, Scout's father, is appointed to defend Tom Robsion. After understanding the Ewell's defense and Tom's counter-defense, the evidence clearly shows that Tom is innocent. The Jury,completely white, votes that Tom is guilty. The court's jury is so stubborn and prejudice, that they declare that an innocent man is guilty.

10: In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee often used symbolism in characters. She often portrays innocence through the symbol of a Mockingbird. Characters portrayed as a Mockingbird are Tom Robsion and Arthur "Boo" Radley.

11: Tom Robsion is a symbolized as a Mockingbird, because he was falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Through the trial you learn that Tom didn't rape Mayella because of the evidence provided. The Ewells lie and say that Tom beat and choked Mayella. This could have not occurred because Tom's left hand was disabled in a cotton gin accident. Tom is actually a very nice guy, and actually felt sorry for Mayella. The audience at the trial becomes outraged when Tom Said 'He felt sorry for her.' The audience doesn't believe that a 'Black man' should feel sorry for a white person.

12: Arthur "Boo" Radley is a Mockingbird because he didn't mean any harm to the children. Boo only stabbed Bob Ewell because he attacked Scout and Jem.

13: I think Boo Radley symbolizes A Mockingbird because Boo isn't racially prejudice and stayed inside because he didn't want to be changed. Boo, portrayed as a monster towards the start of the book, is actually a really good guy that loves and cares for the children. Boo symbolizes innocence and is much like a child. Boo, tried to communicate with the children with gifts, acted much like a child. Even in the end, he asks Scout to walk him home. Boo Radley is a Mockingbird

14: Harper Lee was extremely influenced by the civil rights movement and some of the events that took place. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robision was accused of raping a white woman. In a similar case, 9 African Americans were accused of raping 2 white women. In both of these cases, fictional and nonfictional, the white women used the African Americans as a scapegoat, to draw less attention to what they actually did. Both groups of white women were of the lower class.

16: The Scottsboro trials happened on March 25, 1931, 9 boys were arrested under the understanding of gang raping two white women- Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. The two white women were going over state lines to do unmoral purposes- This is ILLEGAL under the Mann laws. They blamed the 9 African Americans of gang raping them, to avoid consequences.

17: In To Kill a Mockingbird, we experience the true hatred of racism and prejudice. We learn and experience the loss of innocence as children grow older. To Kill a Mockingbird has amazing thematic ideas and morals.

18: In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee expresses the importance of education. Scout's father began teaching Scout to read at an early age. Atticus wanted Scout to receive the best education. Scout disliked her teacher and did not want to continue her education at school. Atticus insisted that Scout continue to go. Atticus believed that education was important, and that everyone needed to have a education. Atticus is able to see both sides of a case, not just the color of someone's skin. Atticus wants his children not to be prejudice because someone is different.

19: The Ewells, however, do not value education and intelligence at all. The Ewell children only attend school once a year, and have to repeat the First Grade. The Ewell are prejudice and racists towards the African Americans in Maycomb. Bob Ewell often expressed throughout the trial that African Americans 'could not be trusted.'. This time period often expressed this idea due to the opinion that an 'African American was more prone to raping a white women". The Ewells believed this statement and believed that since Tom was 'Black' he could be used as a Scapegoat.

20: Another Thematic Idea that was expressed was Justice and the Injustice of the court system. The trial containing Tom Robinson was unfair because of the jury's decision. Tom Robinson was falsely accused of raping Mayella. The evidence clearly showed that the Ewells were lying. The Jury voted that Tom was guilty. While this side of the court system showed Injustice. Judge Taylor had assigned Atticus, a well known lawyer that was unprejudiced, to do Tom's case. Judge Taylor was a fair judge, as well. Atticus provided an excellent court case. Thus showing that Atticus followed the court system's practices, no matter what race the Defendant was.

21: In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee portrays innocence throughout various characters. On e example of a book that also uses innocence through-out the book is The Outsiders. S.E.Hinton, the author of the Outsiders, wrote about a boy named Ponyboy. In his hometown, the students are divided into two groups of people-the Socs and the Greasers. One night, after having an argument a group of Socs attack Johnny and Ponyboy. As the leader of the Socs holds Ponyboy under water,trying to drown him, Johnny stabs him, thus killing him. Johnny lives with his abusive dad and quiet, obedient mother. | Text to Text Connections

22: Johnny was pushed into a rough life the day he was born. Johnny and Ponyboy, now acclaimed as murders, go into hiding in a shack in the country. As Ponyboy and Johnny live out there, they witness a sunset. Ponyboy then remembers the poem that Robert Frost wrote, Nothing gold can stay. Through out the book the reader then realize how the poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, relates back to Ponyboy and Johnny. The Gold in the poem symbolizes innocence and how as children grow older, they lose innocence. As Ponyboy and Johnny grow older, and experience more, they can then become braver(aka. Johnny saving the children from the schoolhouse fire). The Greasers and the Socs never get along, it only got worse as one of the Socs died. The Socs and the Greasers were very prejudice and bias about each other, even though they were people!

23: The poem symbolizes how innocence is lost as you grow older. The Outsiders relates to To Kill a Mockingbird, because the main character lose innocence as they grow older | When Johnny was dying, his last words to Ponyboy was "Stay gold,Ponyboy. Stay Gold." *Johnny was asking Ponyboy to stay good. To stay innocent and good.

24: Throughout time people have been prejudiced against people, whether its their race, their gender, or even their religion. People can be so biased and bully people, before actually thinking about what those kids go through. Its easier to be prejudice and hateful then to actually give someone a chance. Several books have expressed how racism, prejudice, and hate can affect people.

25: One of the most famous examples of the effect racism and prejudice can have is the Diary Of Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a normal teenage girl who lived in Germany during World War Two. Anne Frank and her family went into hiding when Germany began sending Jews to Ghettos and Concentration camps. The Germans believed that the Jews were enemies and were the 'filth of Germany.' In order to actually get people against the Jewish, They blamed the Jewish for all of Germany's problems. The Jewish were prejudiced and murdered because they were 'different'. Germany was so prejudice and hateful that they killed over 50 million people.

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