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FC: Romeo and Julliet

1: Act 1 scene 4 1.The boys were going to crash the Party. 2.He had a dream that something was going to kill him ant the party. 3.That he is in love with Romeo and he’s gay.

2: Act 1 scene 5 1.It provides comic relief and give the actors time to change. 2.It’s ironic that when he walks into the room and sees Juliet and then Rosaline slips his mind. 3.Tybalt tells one of the servant to go and get his sword so he could fight Romeo because he thinks Romeo is going to crash the party but he got stopped by Lord Capulet because he didn’t want the party to be ruined and because Romeo had done nothing wrong. 4.Romeo plays mind tricks with Juliet so he could get her to like him. He grabs her hands, and says they're holy, then kisses. Then she says he has given her lips a sin, so he kisses her again to take it back. 5.We get foreshadowing because Juliet says "my grave is like to be my wedding bed" which means she'll marry and then die.

3: Act 2 scene 2 1. They thought he was hideing in the bushes with Rosialn. 2. Romeo was actually was talking to Juiet. 3. Romeo compares her to the sun, and he compares her eyes the stars Act 2 scene 2 4. Mercutio thinks that love is all physical and Romeo thinks that it is more emotional than physical and all that they talk about on the balcony is emotional love. 5. It means that if you called a rose a tulliip it would still be a rose becasue you can smell it and it would always smell like a rose. 6. He swears his love by the moon and Juliet dosen't want him to swear by the moon she wants him to swear by somthing that never changes she wants him to stay Romeo and never change. 7. Juliet proposes to Romeo but she made it sound like Romeo did .

4: Act 2 Scene 4 1. hat has happened as a result of the party-crashing? Tybalt was bitter because he couldn't fight Romeo at the party so he wants to fight him later. 2.What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? Mercutio calls Tybalt "more then the Prince of Cats" whichmeans he is better then the best swordsman ever. 3. Why is Mercutio so crude when describing Romeo's night? Mercutio was crude when describing Romeo's night because he thought that Romeo was in the bushes with Rosaline doing dirty things. He is jealous because he likes Romeo. 4. How does Mercutio treat the Nurse? -He is very rude and does not like women in general and he thinks the nurse is a very dirty old woman. 5. What is interesting about the way the Nurse and Peter speak to one another? -They speak to eachother in full sentences and don't use iambic pentameter which means they are not fully educated. 6. What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marraiage? -In about an hour they will meet at the abbey and get married and then they will give Romeo a rope so he can climb up to Juliet's room and they can spend the night together. 7. What is the mood of the scene? The mood in the scene is a pretty happy mood and is actually joking around with Mercutio.

5: Act 2 scene 5 1. well julet is complaning because the nurse won't tell her what romeo said about the wedding. 2. the nurse is tochering julet because she made her go and find romeo. Act 2 scene 6 1. In this scene Friar and Romeo are talking and then Friar marreys Romeo and Juleit. 2.NO IT IS NOT. n

6: Act 3 scene 1 1.Mercutio and Tybalt start to fight and then Tybalt kills Mercutio. 2.Romeo gets mad at Tybalt because Tybalt killed his cousin. Romeo then kills Tybalt. 3. Romeo’s choices led to his downfall because he marries his enemy, he kills a Capulet, and he breaks the law. . 4.A tragic hero is created because he or she has a fatal flaw, which they keep doing over and over, until they die or lose everything. 5.Romeo’s fatal flaw is that he keep doing thing over and over again witch make him soon loose everything or he dies.

7: Act 3 Scene 2 1. The confusion is that the nurse is saying that tybalt is died but Julleit think that the nurse is saying romeo is died but he not. 2. 3. she dosen't feel sad or mad for the fact that tybalt is died 4. Juliet doesn't think it is right when the Nurse scolds Romeo because she thinks that she can only scold him because there married. 5. she go's and trys to find romeo so julleit isn't sad any more.

8: Act 3 Scene 3 1. I think it is pretty good for the fact the he married Romeo and Julliet. The Friar is like a father-figure and advisor for Romeo. 2. He thretents to kill him self because of what he did although he just escaped it. 3. He suggestions that he should go and see Julliet tonight so he could go and make thing right. 4. Romeo decids to go and so Julliet so he could stay with her.

9: Act 3 Scene 4 1. Juliet's fate is that she is going to get married to Paris on Thursday. 2. Capulet's only concern about setting the wedding date is that everyone will still be mourning Tybalt. This tells us that Capulet is neglectful of Juliet's feelings. Act 3 scene 5 1. its when Romeo says he hears the larks singing, which means that it is morning. Juliet says, "No it is the nightengale" which means it is still night. She says this because she wants him to stay longer. But if Romeo stays, he'll get killed, so Juliet then agrees it is a lark and he goes. 2. its saying that

10: Act 3 scene 5 1. its when Romeo says he hears the larks singing, which means that it is morning. Juliet says, "No it is the nightengale" which means it is still night. She says this because she wants him to stay longer. But if Romeo stays, he'll get killed, so Juliet then agrees it is a lark and he goes. 2. The foreshadowing is that Juliet says she feels the next time she sees him, he'll be at the bottom of a tomb (coffin) dead. He says, "Me too!" 3. She is shock and devastated and she tells her mom "I would rather be with Romeo then marrie Paris".

11: 4. Capulet is very angry with julleit and tells her that she marries paris or gets out of his house. 5. these lines prove that he is not a very good father,"I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out, you green sickness, carrion! Out, you baggage!You tallow face"! 6. i believe that julleit ask the nurse what to do because the nurse i like her mother and the nurse adoures her.

12: Act 4 scene 1 1. frier tells him to slow down and to think of julliet . 2. she say's tell paris that she's married but not right to his face. 3.juleit was getting up set about 4. jullet would rather die then spend her life with him. 5. Step one - fiar lorence gave her the posen Step two- then he told her what will happen when she takes it. Step three- and then she will live a happy ever after.

13: Act 4 Scene 2 1. The servant man is talking about cooks who lick their own fingers because it is his job to find a good cook, and if a cook doesn't lick his fingers, it means even he doesn't like his own food! 2. An unexpected result of Juliet telling her dad she'll marry Paris is that he moves the wedding to tomorrow, leaving Juliet with no time. Act 4 Scene 3 1. Juliet is unsure about taking the poison because she thinks that maybe a) she'll wake up in the tomb and go crazy being locked in with dead bodies and b) she think the Friar might trying to kill her to prevent himself from getting into trouble and c) she might suffocate in the tomb and die. 2. She imagines herself saving Romeo from Tybalt's ghost.

14: Act 4 Scene 4 1. This scene is about Julliet takeing the possin and sort of dieing. Act 4 snece 5 1. They make it seem like the bride has already married death. 2. They are sad because there daghter died tragicly 3. He said that Julliet was not want ed to marry Paris so they should just move on and that Julliet is in a better 4. It is because then the other actors have time to get ready for the next scene.

15: Act 5 Scene 1/2

16: Act 5 Scene 3 1. i wasn't there for the play so i don't

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