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Book Project. (little women)

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Book Project. (little women) - Page Text Content

BC: Little Women Project 3/23/ 11 6th Period

1: Author : Louisa May Alcott Publisher : Scholastic Inc . Copyright Date : 2000 Number of Pages : 562 Synopsis: Little Women is about a story of four sisters who learn the trails and lessons of life. But through all appericate and help guide and each other along the as they find thierselves, happiness, and love..

2: Vocabulary | Incantation (pg. 9) - words chanted in a magic spell. "The magician made a incantation over the bright yellow box ." Crotchety (pg. 71) -stubborn . "The little boy's crotchety attitude started to aggravate the teacher." Amiable (pg. 134) - good natured ; friendly. " She was very amiable towards the new member . " Despondent (pg. 191) - loss of hope . " After doing poorly on the practice test he got despondent on the real one."

3: Indolent (pg. 158) - lazy ; idle " The workers at me Pizza Shack are always indolent early in the morning." Audibly (pg. 289) - loud enough to hear. " The mother yelled audibly through the store aisles looking to her son." Consternation (pg. 318) -great fear or shock. " The earthquake in Haiti cause consternation throughout the United States." Aggrieved (pg. 319) - to cause grief or injury to. " The old woman was aggrieved over the lost of her dead cat Muffins.."

4: Impromptu (pg. 292) - without preparation . "The performance was horrible because of the impromptu dancers ." Indignation (pg. 319) - righteous anger. " Lea's indignation towards her little brother was unbreakable . " Faltered ( pg. 238) - to move unsteadily, ; to stumble or stammer. " The drunk boy faltered towards his bed.." Repose (pg. 215) - to place in control of someone ; to rest. " After practice she reposed around 7 p.m. ." Pastoral ( pg. 102) - relating to a pastor ; peaceful and simple . " The couple announced that they wanted a pastoral wedding."

5: Prospect (pg. 130) - broad view ; outlook. "The hotel has a great prospect of the ocean . " Repining (pg. 98) - to feel or express unhappiness ." Her father's repining face made her feel bad when he came and saw the dent on her car."

6: Journal Posts | Beginning Posts: What is the setting of the novel ? Is the setting important or could the novel be happening anywhere and why? answer : At the beginning of the novel the story is set in New England during the Civil War times. The setting is important because it helps the reader's understanding of why they are so poor and explains where the girls' father is.

7: If you had to choose one of the characters to be your friend who would choose and why? | answer : In the beginning of the novel all of the sisters are physically and emotionally described to the reader. But in my opinion if i was to choose one of the characters to be my friend i would choose, Jo. Because Jo is describes as the sister who is not the most lady like in the family. Which makes her look as if she is an outcast or just being independent . But also she is a thoughtful and caring girl .

8: Middle Posts : | Explain how a character in the book changed or is starting to change in the section you are responding to. | answer : During the Middle of the novel the character that is starting to change in my opinion is Beth . At the beginning of the book Beth is seen as being very shy and meek towards others . But as the book goes on she shows more of herself and talents which helps her open up and become more outgoing through her music.

9: Describe a feeling or emotion that you experienced as you were reading this section and what caused this feeling? | answer : During the middle of the novel Meg starts looking for love . A man named Mr. Brooks tries to win Meg over and make her fall in love with him. This worries me to think that she might fall for Brooks when in my opinion i want her to be with Laurie . Also you can see Meg's distancing from the family because of her increasing interest in Mr. Brooks .

10: End Posts : | Write down a quote or passage that appeals to you and describe why? | answer : "I 'm afraid it is partly your own fault dear. When Aunt spoke to me the other day, she regretted your blunt manners and too independent spirit." This quote is from chapter 30 where Jo learns that her behavior cost her the wonderful trip she has been waiting to go on . And was rewarded to Amy instead because of her good behavior and attitude .

11: Is there a message or main theme emerging in the book? How is it shown? | answer : In my opinion i think the main theme in this book was " Life , Learning & Growing". Because throughout the book you see the sisters learn inch by inch their own flaws and growing to fix them . They also grow from girls to women and how they adjust to the change .

13: The Visual | This picture reminds me of the novel because the sisters were always there for each other and would lead each other through when times and situations got bad. So as seen in the picture the holding of hands symbolizes their togetherness through all.

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