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Book Report

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FC: Book Report by: My'Ocean-Ella Fuller

1: Kat got your Tongue Lee Weatherly Realistic Fiction

2: Basingstoke Hampshire

3: This novel is about a girl named Kathy who has some internal issues that is taking a hold of the other people in her life. She does not like her mom's new boyfriend and her attitude towards him begins to reflect on her friends and the new girl, Tina. Due to Kathy's jealousy she turns on Tina and does a terrible thing. After a minor accident she is no longer aware of this terrible deed and cant figure out why her so called "friends" hate her so much. Now her mission is to figure out what she did, why she did it, and get it all solved, finished and out of the way for the new Kathy.

4: The theme of this story is to always live your life the correct way, and keep the one's that matter close. You will never know who is really your friend, and who is not until the moment comes when you need them the most

5: Characters Kathy- She is the girl who hates her mum's new boyfriend, Richard. She does not get along with him and and is not willing to like him. This is her name before she gets hurt. Kat- She is the new Kathy who was hit and now has amnesia. When she woke up she didn't feel that "Kathy" fit her any more and she didn't know who any of her family members or friends are. Now she begins to have a like for Richard and more emotionally away from her mum. Beth- Kathy's mum who has a new boyfriend and is constantly trying to get her to like him. After Kat's accident she begins to annoy Kat about getting her memory back causing them to grow apart.

6: Characters Richard-He is Beth's new boyfriend. He is very good at card tricks and is always trying to amaze Kathy with them. Then when Kat likes him very much he still acts like nothing ever happened before the accident. Poppy & Jade-Kathy's best friends until they turn on her when treats the new girl mean. They also do not believe that she is suffering from amnesia, they think she is faking. These two girls have had enough of Kathy and still think this rude person is Kat now. Tina-She becomes FAB partners with Kathy when she moves to their school but her life is so similar to what hers used to be that Kathy gets jealous and starts treating her meanly. Tina then becomes Kat's FAB partner when Kat no longer knows the school or why Tina hates her so much.

7: Conflicts The internal conflicts with Kathy were that she missed her dad very much, but knew that it wasn't right to have him around. She did the type of things to Tina that her father did to her mentally and physically. Some external conflicts would be the times when Kathy smashed Tina's violin against the ground and stomped on it, or the times when Jade would bump in to Kathy in the hall way and Kathy would just have to deal with the guilt.

8: Resolutions Kathy solved these problems, for once because she was "Kat" now she had become a different person and wasn't aware of the harm she had once done. When she did find out she apologized to Tina and helped her understand that she wasn't this person any more and she was so sorry she ever did the things that she did.

9: About the Author Lee Weatherly daughter of a psychiatrist and drama teacher was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1967. Her first book "Child X" was published June 2002 and was shortlisted for the Sheffield Book Award, the Leicester Book Award and, the Red House Children's Book Award. Weatherly now works from home doing freelance editorial work.

10: Recommendation I think this novel shows how it takes a major tragedy for someone to become a better person. It also shows who your true friends are even when the going gets tough will they still be around. This book shows how selfish people need to look at the other side of the story instead of being so self-centered and hard to get along with. I would recommend this book to some one else for the simple reason that some people need to realize that they don't need to take good friends for granted they may be all you have left in the end.

11: The End

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