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S: Bullying

FC: Bullying can be painful. It can be physical, emotional, verbal and mentally abusive to anyone who is a victim to it.

1: Social Interaction is a big part of every child's daily life. I believe that the right kind of Social Theoretical perspective would be the Symbolic Interactionism. This is when sociologist take it down to a personal micro level of studying. This is when sociologist study how each child or adult interacts with other children or another adult.

2: VERBAL ABUSE The first kind of bullying in the picture in one the next page is called verbal bullying or verbal abuse. It is when children are called hurtful names, threatened or made to feel bad about anything or in particular..themselves. | Verbal bullying is something that wasn't taken so seriously in the old days. Now that there is proof of how it can effect children for the rest of their loves, Verbal Bullying is taken much more seriously. It is said that 46.5% of the type of bullying that occurs in school is Verbal Abuse. Information on this source is found here:

3: "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Do you remember your parents telling you that as a child? I am sure several people do. What their parents didn't know is how much emotional scaring it really left behind on their innocent children. Now days, many sociologist and psychologist have teamed together to prove and show how it really effects children. It can lead to suicides of young children and even bring on behavior disorders.

4: PHYSICAL ABUSE The second form of bullying takes up 30.5% of the type of bullying in schools. It is the type of bullying that will leave actual evidence because it is a violence. It takes in forms of hitting, kicking and punching. it is something that occurs more in the earlier grades in schools and decreases throughout the elder age groups while verbal abuse increases instead. Physical violence is never something to be okay with. Thankfully it has decreased throughout the years since bullying became more of an issue to be aware of. Schools have taken strong initiatives on bringing it down. I picked this photo because it is less scary but it also shows how the little girl is being shoved into a locker. this used to be an old tactic sued in schools but now days its less likely to happen. Still, the children that are physically bullied have to deal with being made fun by others for losing at a fight. This is something every serious to a child.

6: INDIRECT/SOCIAL BULLYING Social Bullying is the third from of bullying that is like verbal bullying in the sense that it doesn't leave physical evidence but it is emotional hurtful. This is when a child is purposely left out in social events, ignored or victimized to rumors. This creates so many hurt feeling and makes the child feel left out like they are a complete outsider and that no one likes them. Earlier I stated how socialization is extremely important to children. This is when every kind of friend that the child had basically turn against them. Children are too young to understand why this is happening and all they understand is how much it hurts and what it makes them feel like. This is when teachers and relatives need to step in and make sure that the child feel loved and accepted into their own families and homes.

8: CYBER BULLYING This is a new age kind of bullying that was created in the 21st century. This is when the technology of computers completely took off and children began to use emails, instant messaging, texting and online chat rooms or virtual journals like Xanga, Myspace or Facebook. This is when the bullying took a major turn into the virtual world of technology. This kind of abuse is the kind that cannot leave any visible signs f violence because it is another kind of bullying that leaves behind emotional hurt. The very first picture with the girl in the pink jacket covering her face is one example. The computer screen is saying "I can ruin your life. No one likes you! Loser!" This leaves behind emotional scars that will take years of healing...if they ever do heal. The second picture is of physical bullying and then the child is Cyber bullied by having his fight being posted on the Internet by use of a cell phone. This not only will leave marks on his body but as well on his emotions. the child will be made fun for losing at a fight, especially since he is a boy, and he will also be known for having it brought to the Internet where everyone will watch and know about the incident.

10: I personally have dealt with bullying, probably just as much as any other child has. bullying, its sad to say, is something that happens way to often and affect way to many people. I have always felt like it was something that needed to be stood up to and taken down fast. So many schools have thankfully done this. There are many programs that bring bullying to awareness and that have organizations that help invest in their time and money to stop bullying. Throughout the years bullying has become less and less of an issue but is still something important to stay on top of. All that matters is helping kids to stop attacking each other and to help the victims heal. I still do think it is a very big problem regardless of how much it has been decreased. Schools still need to train their teachers on what to look for and how to properly handle each situation. I think that once you train the teachers and give them advice on what to look for an what to do, that it will help decrease it even more. I think that if you install cameras it will also help tremendously and making sure that each student has a lanyard with their i.d on it. The reason I bring up cameras and i.d's is for the simple reasoning of watching for bullying and being able to track down the students that do so.

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  • Title: Bullying
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