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Cal Hills 2011-2012 Yearbook (Copy)

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Cal Hills 2011-2012 Yearbook (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Cal Hills Yearbook 2011-2012

FC: Cal Hills High School | 2011-2012

1: Calaveras Hills High School Mission Statement | Calaveras Hills High School's mission is to develop the "total student." We do this by committing to provide our students with a learning environment of personal growth, social and interpersonal skills, and academic excellence.

2: David Ladre Administrative Assistant | Cauletta Marriner | Alecia Myers Principal | Tyler Beatie | Donna Prestano | Administration | Counseling | Secretaries | Jayne McGowan

3: David Ladre | Roger Mupas | Edward Tico | Katie Martinez | Sumeyye Cardakli | Michele Christensen | David Jenkins | Dan Atwell | David Boostani | Tiberius Nyantika | Tanya Salazar | Kathy Tessimond | Teachers | Roberto Martinez | Betty Won

4: Seniors | Aaron Aguirre | Efrain Aguilar | Luis Ahumada | Armando Benavidez | Armani Boutte | Christina Bruce | Michael Carnero | Jared Casuga | Alvin Chen | Jennifer Coronado | Angelica Cunanan | Tanya De La Cruz | Michael Cowart | Jesus Barrios | Audrey Cook | Michael Cromwell | Roseanna Cruz | Class of

5: Christopher Del Cielo | Shian Dilworth | Alexys Dunham | Tuan Duong | Kyle Evangelista | Kadie Freeman | Raymond Fuentes | Kariness Deyto | Eduardo Diaz | Matthew Earl | Bobby Fernandez | Myles Dillahunty | Leorenzo Gervacio | Jesus Godinez | Juneil Gonzales | Michael Gonzalez | Zachary Gonzalez | Justin Griffin | Shanika Hampton | Rosa Huffton

6: Bridget Jacobs | Calvin Latimore | Mike Le | Jose Lucatero | Josselyn Magana | Shaquilla McCoy | Zabiullah Naeemi | Jonathan Medina | Shatavia McCoy | Lisa Michell | Damian Pavlis | Dashawn Martin | Roberto Payne | Walter Perez | Zoie Prater | Tiffany Quinonez | Ricky Reese | Jeremy Resendez | Thomas Roberts | Guadalupe Robledo

7: Deysi Romero | Casey Ruplinger | Krista Sammons | James Sarantopulos | Jemmielyn Simmons | Juan Solorio | Roman Tapia | Gabriela Torres | Salome Torres | Earl Vanta | Anna Villa | Nathan Vasquez | Natasha Williams | Jesus Zamora | Mario Zuniga | Not Pictured: Peomi Anderson, Tony Banh, Cinthya Valenzuela

8: Voted Senior Awards | School Spirit | Angelica Cunanan Leo Gervacio | Kadie Freeman A.J. Boutte | Nathan Vasquez Shaquilla McCoy | Zoie Prater Juan Soloria | Shatavia McCoy Robert Payne | Audrey Cook Zach Gonzalez | Class clOWNS | bEST dRESSED | mOST aRTISTIC | bEST Dancer | Most Unique

9: Lupe Robledo Matt Earl | Best Hair | bEST sMILE | bEST cAR | iNVENT iT | mOST aTHLETIC | tO fAME or Stay | Tanya De La Cruz Christian Paronable | Roman Tapia Lisa Michell | Mike Le | Myles Dillahunty Sally Torres (Not Pictured) | Peomi Anderson Roseanna Cruz | Procrastinators put off the picture until it was too late to take it | Mario Zuniga and Deysi Romero | Dashawn Martin was too busy working towards fame to show up on time | Armando Benavidez valued his comfortable home and bed over photo time

10: Final thoughts | "Don't waste time lazying your way though high school. Manage your time fashionably and you will succeed in life. So all I got to say for future students get what you need done when it is put before you." - DaShawn Martin | "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson (Karen Deyto) | "When one door closes, another one opens." -Christian Paronable | "Don't follow your dreams lead them!" - Lil Crazed (Leo Gervacio) | "Procrastination is the assassination of life." -Mischael Gonzalez | "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -Dr Seuss (Angelica Kristen V. Cunanan) | "Get good grades, make money, and respect all. That will get you far in life." -Jeremy Resendez | "When in doubt throw it out!" -Salome (Sally) Torres | "I had a great time here at Cal Hills. Met new people, made new friends, had a lot of memories. I will never forget this experience! xD" -Jered Casuga (He Went To Jereds) | "I didn't get to sleep in today." -Michael Cromwell

11: "Seriously try your best being here at Cal Hills, but most importantly be nice to Mr. Jenkins. :)" -Shian Dilworth | from the seniors | "My mind is vacant. Cal Hills taught me what vacant means." -Damian Pavlis | "I was terrified my first day at Cal Hills. I thought I wasn't going to make any friends and I was going to hate it. The this school became a home to me. My teachers and friends became my family and I wouldn't be the same person if I never came here. So even though I'm graduating, I will never forget how Cal Hills made my life so much better." - Christina Bruce | "Cal Hills will be memorable and I'll miss this school! I would like to thank one person who made a major impact on me. Thank you Miss Christensen for everything!" -Leo Gervacio | "Crossword puzzles are like 'life lessons' the first word is always hard but once you get passed the difficulty, you're glad you finished it." -Rosa Hufton | "Chicken Pot Pie, my three favorite words" -Zachary Bonzalez | "Be easy." -Calvin Latimore | "If you're going to cut a class make sure that Mr. Atwell is teacing a class!!" -Ray Fuentes

12: Nibardo Barba | Sean Darilay | Shane Decaro | Cynthia Deharo | Karen Escal | Aaron Espe | Anthony Fanua | Miranda Florez | DJ Alojipan | Oscar Alvarado | Janelle Balmonte | Juniors | Chanell Acio | Cristian Cervantes | Travis Clayton | Jonathon Cortez | Marcus Del Cielo | Briana Dhaliwal | Natrell Estioco | Class of

13: Valencia Gil Montoya | Joselyn Gonzalez | Maira Guerrero | Joshua Guzman | Raymond Frazier | Israel Garcia | Martyna Garcia | Brian Garlit | Ashley Gonzalez | Ruben Gonzales | Phoenix Hale | Anthony Hayes | Gianna Hernandez | Anothny Hufton | Kerri Knapp | Jurrel Ladringan | Forrest Lanser | Tressa Lawlor | Anthony Lawrence | Minhvi Le

14: Steven Padaong | Joshua Pascua | Daniel Plascencia | Shanil Parsad | Evelyn Provencher | Jonathan Riding | Rebeca Ramirez | Brandon Legaspi | Andrea Lopez | Jayla Marsden | Gabriel Melero | Nathan Mercado | Matthew Miley | Christian Paronable | Anthony Perry | Benito Robledo | Quan Le | Elizabeth Mendoza | Santiago Moreno | Muhammad Quereshi

15: Ashley Schneider | Elizabeth Serrano | Kayla Taa | Michael Shin | AJ Somera | Cyrus Sepehri | Sonja Smith | Jeremy Tadeo | Victor Vasquez | Armando Villarreal | Jomel Vinluan | Wingreg Ware | Cheyanne Wilson | Ryan Zavala | Djeremy Zuleta | Not Pictured: Christopher Bernal, Andrew Bracamonte, Bronson Cascayan, Angeles Castro, Moises Cortes, Kelly Dunham, Steve Hernandez, Guadalupe Moreno, Jorgina Orozco, Jesus Ortiz, Jose Rios, Alejandro Sanchez

16: Sophomores | Jinno Bandilla | Jefrey Francisco | Adrianna Herena | Diamond Loudermilk | Christopher Sammons | Corinthian Sereno | Jonathan Gonzalez | Clara Villa | Not Pictured: Jakob Barkes, Kenith Cardenas. Isaiah Hubbard, Kiante Johnson, Samantha Trujillo | Class of

17: Calaveras Hills High School is unique. Opportunities abound. Earning credits and graduating on time are part of the Cal Hills challenge. Interacting with dynamic, knowledgeable, and caring staff starts the process. Make wise choices. Work hard. Be consistent in your efforts. Fulfill your dreams.

18: Student Survey | What is your favorite memory from this past year at Cal Hills? | "I gave one of my friends a new hair style at school." - Steven Padaong | "Playing for the basketball team, getting to go to games and having fun" - Chris Sammons | "My first time being able to get a good G.P.A." -Shane DeCaro | "When Ms. C. hit me with a ball." - Sean Darilay | "My favorite memory this year was the Halloween celebration & prom." -Maira Guerrero | "Playing fooseball at lunch and beating everyone." -Jonathan Gonzalez | "My favorite memory this year here at Cal Hills would have to be hanging out in Couletta's room, hearing her amazing advice, She is a wonderful women & the best! :)" - Bronson Cascayan | "Being in Atwells class." - Kelly Dunham | "Going to Camp Cambell as a cabin leader for a week," - Jonathan Medina | "Playing on an amazing softball team." - Kayla Taa | "My favorite memory is when I realized how much this school has become my home and how everyone here has become my family. It gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. They let me know that I could do anything if I tried. A feeling I will never forget." - K.K. | "Finally getting along with Boostani." -Shian Dilworth | "When I learned there was no homework," -Jomel Vinluan | "My favorite memory is when I met new people, found out that we start at 8:30 and end at 1:40." -Corinthian Sereno | "All the crazy times in art and Tico's class." - Kadie Freeman | "Being in Ms. C's class." - Forrest Lanser | "Meeting new people and the teachers are hella better than at MHS!" -A.J. Somera | "Seeing how happy everyone has when the basketball team won championships." -Andrea Lopez | "Meeting my teachers, they're all supportive and I know I'm going to remember them in the long run." -Angles Castro | "When I met everyone in my 1st period during the 1st quarter. I made lots of good friends in that class and I'm pretty sure we'll keep in touch." - Roman Tapia | "My favorite memory was reading "Night", because the story was pretty interesting. Also when we had an 'ice cream party.'" - Kyle Evangelista | "Playing ping pong duh." - Daniel Plascencia | "My favorite memory would be winning the 2012 basketball championship game." - Matthew Miley | "When Mr. Jenkins showed the class "Ducks in a Hurricane..."." - Shanil Prasad | "B-Ball for the win as a team." -(JOP) Joshua Pascua | "Uhh meeting my all my teachers." - Jose Rios | "My favorite memory was playing for the Volleyball. That's so much fun!" - Rebecca Ramirez | "Playing football." -Aaron Espe

19: Teachers Survey | Please describe this year (or students) in 3words. | athletic, evolving, searching. -Mr.Mupas | Loud, Boisterous, Exuberant --Mr. Boostani | quick, creative, interesting -Mrs. Tessimond | Happy they graduated! -Mr. Ladre | Watchful, waiting, wondering -Betty Won | I like students -Miss Jayne | We are family -Mr. Jenkins | Wacky, wild, WONderful -Ms. Beatie | Dream very big! -Mr. Tico | Addicted. Excited. Cussers. -Mr. Atwell | Foxtrot off bravos -Ms. Salazar | Challenging and rewarding -Miss Christensen | Wow! Indeed Exciting -Mr. Nyantika | Continuous learning experience -Mrs. Cardakli | you're the future -Mrs. Prestano | Year- Learning is timeless Students- hopes,promises,fears -Ms. Myers

20: 2011 ANNUAL TURKEY TROT | Turkey Trout Winners! | Racing for the turkey | Getting ready to race

21: Pie eating contest | Musical Chairs Won by Christian | Rebecca and Tiffany | Mummy Wrapped | Halloween | Mr. Mupas and Ms. Christensen | Mr. Ladre and Ms. Myers

22: Back to School Night 2011 | L to R: Angelica C, Ricky R, Alvin C, Thomas R, Raymond F, Rebecca R, Casey R, Tressa L, Giomanni G, Maira G, Kerri K | Raymond Fuentes and Thomas Roberts | Ms. Myers, Mr. Boostani<& Mrs. Salazar | Mr. Boostani<& Mrs. Salazar | Alvin Chen & Mr. Atwell

23: Fire Department | Army | College & Career Day | Mission College | Brianna D., Travis C., Elizabeth S. & K.C. E.

24: Out to Lunch Club 2011-2012 | Tressa Lawlor Karen Brown | Paul Cauchi A.J. Boutte | Alexys Dunham Kathryn Ingram | Damian Pavlis Raul Galaviz | Gabriela Torres Loretta Langer | Cary Matsuoka Zachary Gonzalez

25: Awards Ceremony | Kerri K. | Leo G. | Maira G. | Mr. Jenkins | Jonathan M. | Mr. Jenkins | Michael C. | Justin G. | Mr. Ladre | Angelica C. | Ms. Myers | Tressa L. | Mr. Mupas | Mr. Tico | Tanya D. | Ms. Salazar | Zoie P. | Ms. Tessimond | Zach G. | Mr. Nyantika | Kyle E | Nathan M | Congrats | 2012

26: Jr. Prom | Jose Perez & Maira Guerrero | Travis Clayton & Justine Simms | Rebecca Ramirez & Jake Romero | A.J Somera & Heather Alvarez | Andy Rios & Jayla M.arsden | Ray Fuentes & Andrea Lopez | David Pham & Chanell Acio | Ruben Gonzalez & Talina Rocha | Benito Robledo & Robert Payne. | Kelsi Santiago & Cyrus Sepehri

27: Senior Ball | James Sarantopulos, Kadie Freeman, Jemmielyn Simmons, A.J. Boutte, Zoie Prater, Juan Solario, Miranda Flores, Mario Zuniga, Roseanna Cruz. | Kayla & Lauren Guzzetta | Krista Sammons | Angelica Cunanan & Rolando Vilanueva | Jonathan Gonzalez | Shian Dilworth & Aaron Aguirre | Robert Payne & Jasmine Martinez | Juneil Gonzales | Shaquilla & Shatavia McCoy | Leorenzo Guervacio & Nileen

28: 1st Annual Faculty vs. Student Basketball Game | Students won! 56-41 | Raul Galaviz & Calvin L . | Mr. Mupas, Myles, & Mr. Atwell | Jeremy R. & Miss Christensen | Raul Galaviz | Mr. Ladre | Miss Christensen | Faculty | Students

29: Cal Hills Volleyball 2011 League Champions | left to right(top row): Coach Mupas, Jonathan Riding, Jeremy Tadeo, Christian Paranable, Leo Gervacio, Ray Fuentes, Jesus Godinez, Coach Ramon Solis, Jered Casuga, Coach Christensen. Bottom row left to right: Angelica Cunanan, Rebecca Ramirez, Tiffany Quinonez, Deysi Romero, Gabi Torres | Jered, Angelica, and Leo | One of the Victories | Stretching

30: Cal Hills Basketball | Action on the court | (L to R) Top Row: Myles D., Calvin L. Robert P., Michael S., Chris S.. Bottom Row: Matthew M.,, Jinno R., Jeremy T., Joshua P. | Robert P. | Myles D. | Jeremy T. Matthew M. | Jinno R., Myles D., Michael S. | 2012

31: The Champs! | Jinno R. and family. | Jeremy T. | Coach Jenkins, Jeremy T. Robert P., Matthew M. | Jinno R. | Myles D. | Robert P. | Coach Mupas | Chris S. | Jeremy T. | Robert P. | Matthew M. | Jinno R. | Michael S. | Myles D. | Joshua P. | Coach Christensen | Coach Jenkins

32: Cal Hills Softball | The Team: Coach Jenkins and Coach Christensen. Leo G. Myles D. Andrea L. Alexys D. Ashley S. A.J. S. Sally T. Ruben G. Anna V. Ray F. Robert P. Luis A. Muhammad Q. | A.J. S | Luis A. | Ray S. | Coach Jenkins | Always Stangin' | Robert P. | Sally T. | 2012

33: Cal Hills Mustangs Ride Together Forever | "They say the mustang is the spirit of the West. Whether that west was won or lost in the end, you'll have to decide for yourself, but the story I want to tell you is true. I was there and I remember. I remember the sun, the sky, and the wind calling my name in a time when we ran free. I'll never forget the sound and the feeling of running together. The hoofs beats were many, but hearts were one. -And so I grew from a colt to a stallion, as wild and as reckless as the thunder over the land. Racing with the eagle, soaring with the wind, Flying? There were times I believed I could." | -Spirit:Stallion of The Cimarron | We Will Miss you!

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