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Carter and Ellie's Adventures in History

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Carter and Ellie's Adventures in History - Page Text Content

S: Possibilities Through History

BC: The End

FC: By: Vanessa Robles & Harrison Knop | Possibilities Through History

1: Table of Contents | Ancient River Valley Civilizations...............Pg.1 Classical Greece/Rome.................................Pg.3 Post-Classical Asia/Africa............................Pg.5 Post-Classical (Medieval) Europe................Pg.7 Renaissance/Reformation...........................Pg.9 Enlightenment/Revolutions.....................Pg.11 World War 1...............................................Pg.13 World War 2...............................................Pg.15 Cold War.....................................................Pg.17

2: The Ancient River Valley Civilizations started around 3500 BC. They were groups of hunters and farmers who lived on mountains and other ranges. Some were more powerful than others, these were called empires, an example of one of these would be the Babylonian. They worshiped Gods of nature and believed that sacrifices got them their essentials. Most of the civilizations were polytheistic. Many civilizations feared decaying of dead bodies or rulers, to prevent this mummification was practiced. Much of the information we have about these civilizations was found in hieroglyphics. | Ancient River Valley Civilization

3: Carter and Ellie were only 4 years old when they got to have a chance to go back in time and see history in its making. They first got to head back all the way to 3500 BC when the Ancient River Valley Civilizations had begun. They saw kids in fields working on growing food and crops. They stopped the children from their learning so they could come and play with them, little did they know that those kids were going to be the first kids to learn what farming is now today. This mishap caused hunting and gathering the only source of food. But when humans hunted too many animals, there was not enough to spread around to the others, causing many people to not be able to live on. There was no cotton for clothing or no corn for food, because of Carter and Ellie, the earth lasted half of what it could.

4: Around 2000 BC Greece had become home to many world powers, it was not united in anyway other than in land formation. These powers fought to hold the top spots. While military and sports played huge roles, Classical Art began rising up as well. This takes place as many things but it was mainly seen as sculptures. It even helped play a role in a battle, In the Trojan War. Greek used a wooden sculpture of a Trojan Horse as a gift for the Trojans. Little did the Trojans know, the Greeks were hiding inside. Many believe that the war was only a Myth, but it would explain much of Greek history. Many years later however, after the wars. Countries and cultures began to blend with one another. This created an era known as the Hellenistic Era. | Classical Greece/ Rome

5: Ellie and Carter were soon told that their mistakes had no true effect on the future, it was all reset to the way it was supposed to be at the end of the day. With that they were able to go back in time again, but before they left, they were told to find out what would happen if the mighty Roman Empire did not fall. As they entered 2000 BC Carter got a surge of excitement, for he had always wanted to see the Trojan War in real life. But as they arrived Ellie remembered her mission, find out what would happen if the great empire was not to fall. So that meant she had to find Constantine XI and ensure he lived on, so she brought him Advil and he did as she intended, with this Constantine stopped the capture of Constantinople. As the day was ending Ellie and Carter expected to be burst back into the future just as yesterday had, but little did they know they were to stay and see more. They were kept in the past for a whole 5 years, in this time the Roman Empire had expanded all over Asia and completely consumed all of Europe. This caused no new government ideas to spark, leading to America not being created at all.

6: Post Classical Asia/Africa | As time went on there were needs for different types of government. Leaders had fallen short by themselves so empires became more common. It was this in which a ruler would create an army or group so vast that few stand in their way. An example of this would be the Mongolian Empire. It was one of the largest empires in history. Leader of the Empire was Ghenghis Khan. Him and his empire ruled for many years, during their rule a road made for international trade had developed, stretching across Asia. This route was known as the Silk Road and was one of the most traveled upon routes in the World. Because many people traveled on it however, it was very dangerous for travelers to go on without proper protection. This all changed when the Mongols Opened up the road to allow travelers to travel more efficiently and safely. This became an economic boom for many countries or empires in the area of south Asia.

7: Carter was thrown back into time but with Ellie nowhere in sight, he was told that he was too distracted by the games and horses of the past time and was now going to be sent alone to see the Mongolian Empire. As he entered the thirteenth century he was pushed into a small tribe or so he thought. As he pushed on forward to his day ahead or so, he wondered what it would be like if the road he traveled along was not safe. In this he found Ghengis Khan and convinced the all powerful Emperor and discussed not opening the road for travel for any other than inside his own empire. Being a selfish emperor as he was he willingly agreed to this. As two days past by Carter had seen no foreigners. He wondered why there was no more gossip. He finally realized that without trading routes, diffusion of ideas or even of items was near impossible leading to non blended cultures and boring meals with no different cultural tastes from other countries.

8: Post Classical (Medieval) Europe | As the Western European Empire begins to fall, many begin moving towards Europe for Social Status. While in the Roman Empire only priests or high religious leaders had power, many hoped with the money they had that social status and economic success would be easy to have access too. There was a new form of government taking place, instead of just any ruler, royalty was determined by blood. If the king had a son the eldest son would be next in line or he would be considered the heir to the thrown. While rapid migration to these areas for the new type of government excited many foreigners to come. However there was little room for new comers, forcing the even wealthy to live in filth and in unsanitary conditions. These conditions caused spread of Disease and Illness among those in Europe. One of the most infamous diseases around was the black plague it claimed more lives than almost any other disease in the world.

9: Ellie was not being punished as Carter had been but they were still curious as to whether or not Ellie could handle a job like this on her own. She was told her next stop would be more medieval than any of the others. She guessed where correctly. She entered in near a Manor and was surprised at the absolute filth of the town. Although the court yard and castle seemed nice and clean all of its surrounding were covered in filth and smelled of sleeping humans. She could tell the plague had already began to spread. She found the closest doctor who had at least a little authority over the other doctors and gave him and antidote that would cure nearly all symptoms of the plague. Within a weeks time no human in any of medieval Europe had the plague symptoms any longer. The kings royal blood was able to continue and his loyal followers kept his family and him in power for another thirty years before ending his rule.

10: Renaissance/ Reformation | The rebirth of art, learning and even religion is know as the renaissance. People during this time wanted to go back to the ways of the Greeks and Romans. Society evolved to be more secular and more and more individuals became patrons of the arts. Religion and churches even experienced dramatic changes. A new form of Christianity came about. This form strayed from the original ideas and beliefs of Catholics in the fact that they did not accept the position of a pope within the church. The Catholic Church did all they could to keep their followers, this movement was known as the Catholic Reformation.

11: Carter and Ellie | Carter and Ellie were back together once again, They both had discovered what they needed to find out on their own. On their first trip together again they were permitted to visit the Reformation of the Renaissance! The first thing they saw was a man in a baby's body. He was touching his hands full of ink to paper, He claimed to be Gutenburg and it ended up it was him after all. | Ellie and Carter, once again at work convinced him to stop his work at creating and to go explore what he already knew with them. As they traveled around looking at Churchs Gutenburg soon forgot his idea. He knew it was about creating a machine, but to do what? WIth this Carter was stuck writing letters back and forth to his family. He also learned many families formed no religion due to the lack of books written instead of printed. Many books were kept from even being published due to this fact.

12: Enlightenment Revolutions | The enlightenment thinkers spread there ideas to the western world, causing an influence on American colonies. Everyone in favor of justice and freedom used the ideas of enlightenment. The genre of music also shifted to neoclassical (classic). Our very own Declaration of Independence, which lets us have the pursuit of happiness, was influenced by the thoughts and ideas from the enlightenment thinkers! The federal system is when the power is divided between national and state government. Some people choose to boycott areas while other people people would meet and have a salon; a social gathering held at peoples homes.

13: Ellie and Carter returned worn out from two constant weeks at time traveling. They were told we were learning a ton and that they were more than halfway done with it. With that, and a pat on the back into a time of thinkers. They had been walking around Russia when they were pulled into a salon meeting. In this meeting there were ideas of new types of government. These ideas were the pure rock of our government today. Carter was assigned to deliver the message to the colonies so that they could decide whether or not to fight for the rights many believe they deserve. Of course carter absent mindly forgot to deliver what he had heard. With this Himself and Ellie could do nothing but stand and watch as a communist government take full control over the world with dominance over all people.

14: World War 1 | World War 1 was triggered by the killing of the archduke of Austria. His followers were enraged and sought out for revenge on whom they believed to be responsible for the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Central Powers (Germany & Austria) were one side of the war, on the other side the Allies (Great Britain, France, and Russia). While both sides had great intelligence, this caused an atrocity through the nation.

15: Carter and Ellie come back to the present scared from what they saw, but they were told the last three visits were to be the scariest of them all. As time flew backwards, they were thrown into a crowd where they were watching Archduke Franz Ferdinand walk through the streets and wave at bystanders, Carter said he had to use the restroom and said he would be right back. A moment later Carter was back telling Ellie how he had distracted the man with the weapon planning to hurt Franz. However, since no one but Carter knew about the attempt no violence erupted. This was one of the biggest domino effects they had seen yet. The war their grandparents had talked about every time they saw them was supposed to start then and there but nothing came of it. This lead to peace among countries and even trading. The US, Germany, and France became the three world powers who made decisions as a whole and no violence broke out whatsoever.

16: World War 2 | Germany's invasion on Poland was the main trigger of World War 2. During this time period, Adolf Hitler was the leader. He led millions of men to fight and kill Jews. The mass killing of people, known as genocide, specifically during this time period became known as the holocaust. Millions of innocent people were forced into concentration camps where they were made to work in the most harsh of living conditions. D-day, the day allied forces came into France to put an end to the war. The Nuremberg Trials were held after the holocaust with the goal to charge Nazi leaders for war crimes. | Lifting the flag to show American Pride after a long fought battle.

17: Wishing that the effects of what they had just done to prevent World War I had actually stayed in effect to save lives they agreed too just see what could happen to the even more violent war. As they entered the new time they filled with tears. They felt pity for those who were suffering in the middle of this long and brutal war. They knew what they must do to prevent more lives from being lost in foreign countries. They found President Teddy Roosevelt and discussed the poor decision of dropping an Atomic Bomb on Japan, They brought up how many civilians would be hurt in the process of just a scare tactic and The President agreed not to drop it. Two weeks later the war raged on until President Roosevelt called for a peace treaty and forfeited the war. He agreed to pay just over 569 Million Dollars in damage towards all effected and agreed to let Japan have a major say in the government policies in America.

18: Cold War | The Cold War was a time of tension between the two super nations (United States and the Soviet Union). While there was not any real major battle, there was constant International Tension. Whether this be for the Space Race, or to attack one another through proxy in growing technology, non-violent war was at an all time high, It was between the years of 1947-1991 and never quite had a cooling moment. The US and the Soviets were constantly at it, head to head to prove who could advance at a quicker pace. After the Atomic Bomb the US wanted to develop something more powerful, through discussion and through the Manhattan Project scientists discussed the ability of creating the H-Bomb. This bomb was more powerful than anyone in the US or in the Soviet Union had ever seen. This bomb would push the US ahead to theoretically win the Cold War and push the country to do things no one had ever suspected,

19: Ellie and Carter were told that their last mission was not a violent one but still a scary one. They were blasted into the middle of the Cold War, they ended up in the wrong place to land and ended up in the middle of the conference of whether space was worth the effort. The representatives were now only concerned with how two kids traveled from the future into the past. They gave up the mission of space and put money towards building a machine like Ellie and Carter's. The Soviet Union arrived on the moon a week after our planned date to launch. This was seen as a loss against the soviets, other countries saw this as a tell sign that the communist was was more productive in achieving any advances so the US lost support from many countries. Although Ellie and Carters journey ended up helping a few causes, we learned that everything happens for a reason and that time is not to be tampered with. THE END.

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