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Carter Durham*

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FC: My life By: Carter Durham

1: My Name My name means I am charming, and everything I'll do I'll be the best, My dad gave me my name/ he got it off a TV show, I like my name, I am charming and the best at everything i do, My name is awesome.

2: My Truck When i was 1 years old, i always liked playing with trucks. I really liked the Tonka equitment and trucks. I would take them outside and play with them in the dirt. I would load them up and go dumo them places. This always made me happy. The texture of the dirt on my cloths, body, and trucks. This was my Tonka truck.

3: Tonka Trucks This is wen I went to Disney World and saw this big Tonka truck. I have never had a bigger smile on my face like I did there when I saw it. I just didnt want to leave that part of Disney World. I think I cried when we left.

4: Disney World This was in the summer when i was 4 years old. The excitement of being there was just awesome. The feeling of the slim behind you could go off any minute now. The laughing you would get from seeing people get splashed by slime. This was Disney World a fun place for little kids like me.

5: Miami This was when I was 5 and we were on my brother's spring break. We ate at this one restruant right off the coast. It was really cool, to see all the trees and the different birds in the sky. The thing i had the funniest time at was when we went to the restraunt, you could get your picture took with these parrots. They were really cool, but the thing that everyone kept laughing at was the white parrot kept bitting and eating my mom's hair. She would get so mad at the parrot, so decided she to give it to my dad but it walked back over to her and sat on her shoulder and kept eating her hair. This was my fun time in Miami.

6: Funnest Kinder garden Year This is when I was 6 years old and graduated kinder garden. I had lots of good times in kinder garden. The rush of being outside always made me happy. We would always play basketball. The sound of the ball going through the net always made me smile. The voice of the teacher saying pass it let others shoot, but I was the only one that could make it.

7: First Grade is Boring This is me in first grade, I was 7. I didn't always like first grade. It was all boring to me, because I went to this advanced Kinder Garden class. So everything we did I already knew. So first grade was more boring then watching the news when you were little.

8: Baseball First This was my first ever time playing baseball. It was a lot of fun, all we did was have our coach's pitch to us and we would hit the ball and just run around the bases till we scored. It was really fun, because you could slide when you went into a base, so you would get all dirty and be covered in dirt. That was the most fun I had playing in my first year playing.

9: Washed Out This was when me and my friend Matt went tubing. We had a blast the rush of the water coming and hitting you in the face. The pain and achs in your hands from gripping so tight. The pain in your ribs from the vest pressing against you every time you hit a wake and bounce up off the tube and come smashing down. Tubing is a lot of fun, but when you ride by your self then thats when you can do anything like tricks and have war with another tube. Tubing can be a blast if you know how to make it fun.

10: 5 Grade 5 grade was a fun year, because we had our last year of recess. I didn't really like losing recess and i still miss it today, but it made me realize something and that was that i was going to be in middle school and i don't have to deal with all the little kids anymore. This made me really happy inside, but I also wanted my recess to stay.

11: Tired and Sick This was when I was not feeling good at all and I was so tired that all I did was want to sleep, but my dad said lets take a picture of you sitting on the bridge. So being a good son, I took the picture of me sitting on the old wooded bridge. But when I first jumped up there I didn't think it was a good idea to sit down, because of all the splinter that I would get from the old wood that was there. I was kind of scared to sit there, because I didn't want a piece of wood poking me and sticking in my butt and causing pain.

12: Japan This is when I went to Japan as a exchange student. It was way different then America. The smell of all the different food really smelt bad when it was all mixed together in the air. The house's were really small but went up 4 stories high. The sound of them talking really messed with you, because when you talked to people that speak English it was hard to under stand them. This was my trip to Japan.

13: Baseball's Best This was during winter break, we went down to Myrtle Beach and played in a Cal Ripken Tournament. It was a blast, because we had the beach really close by so we could go swimming. The fields really was the excitement of the trip. They were astro turf and they got really hot during the middle of the day. The little rubber chips would get stuck in Your shoes and pants and they got really hot and sticky. That was the best baseball tournament ever!

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