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FC: Bits n' Pieces

1: WELCOME! :) We, group 5, are here to share with you our exciting experience as we successfully hurtled over the barriers of group work, time management, and good group communication! C'mon in and turn the page...

2: Chris Peterson

3: Was the main video and image editor in the group. Earned the title "Chief Audience Analyzer" for the social networking group presentation. Created the title page in Adobe Photoshop for our Social Networking Paper as well as edited and brought together the Machinima video in Adobe Premiere CS4. My major is architecture and I've had a couple of intensive summer camps in Notre Dame University and the University of Illinois.

4: Sam Todd

5: About me: I love spending time with my horses, or doing pretty much any other activity that involves moving around outside. Unfortunately, this means I can't sit still for very long... Since I'm a pretty organized person, I was able to help our group keep things in order. I was in charge of the project overview for our Social Networking assignment/presentation, which involved researching what goes into creating a network, among other things. Overall, this summer was lots of fun, and I had a great time!

6: Hey, I'm Nicki! So, a little bit about me. I enjoy being outdoors, engaging in athletics, and hanging with my friends. I am easy going and very artistic. I love to do creative projects to add my extra flare! I was able to bring my creativeness to the group and to help accomplish our goals. In our group, I took an overall moderater role. I helped keep on track and encouraged ideas from all members. For this I was in charge of the Executive Overview of the Social Networking Problem. Also, I was responsible for creating the scrapbook account and layout :)

7: Individual. Use any layout, backround, and picture you want | Nicki Yankoski ;)

8: Offered good ideas to the group for project ideas and during the problem solving in-class assignment Finalized the projects such as the Social Networking Paper and the Social Networking Power Point Set up the gmail group so group could communicate Earned title "Department Head of Security and Risk Analysis About me: Enrolled in the Penn State College of Engineering with a Computer Science major. Always loved math and always loved desinging so a major that combindes both was my choice Some interests include: Video Games, sports, high adventure and having a good time!

9: Jeremiah McClure

10: COnflict Ch. 12; page 357 | The expressed struggle that occurs when interdependent parties perceive incompatible goals of scarce resources and interference in achieving their goals

11: Yelling members, are never positive members! :( Chris and Jeremiah display a huge group no, no. The shouting and pointing reveal a tense and arguementative conflict.

12: Grouphate--the feeling of hostility that many people have towards working in groups--undermines what a group can accomplish. Nicki demonstrates grouphate with her back turned on the other members. The inefficiency that results from this behavior can be what causes grouphate in the first place.

13: Grouphate Ch. 1; Page 6

14: Compromise Ch. 12; Page 377

15: Compromise, in which all parties must give up something to get something in return, is one way to manage conflict in a small group. Jeremiah and Chris have come up with a plan they can both accept by compromising. Both of them are satisfied with the solution, even if it's not exactly what they wanted.

16: Decision Making Ch. 10; Page 285

17: Decision making, or choosing a solution from a list of alternatives, is a crucial step in problem solving. Our group has agreed on the solution Nicki is pointing to. Now that we have made a decision, we can move onto the next step.

18: Listening Ch. 2; Page 35

19: Listening is receiving and interpreting oral and other signals from another person or source. Our group practices listening as Chris presents an idea to the group. In order to understand is idea it is important for all of us to listen, interpret, and clarify understanding.

20: Brainwriting is a variation on brainstorming which encourages members to think of as many alternatives as possible before evalutating options. First, we write down our ideas during the alotted brainwriting time. When we're finished, we can then propose them to the group and complete that step.

21: Brainwriting Ch. 10; Page 300

22: Noise Ch. 2; Page 30

23: Noise is the interference in the communication process. It can occur at any step in hte process, from the sender's original encoding of the messsage to the receiver's decoding of it. As I try to communicate with Sam, I stuggle to get the message through to Sam because of the external noise casued by the headphones.

24: Ad Hominem Attack Ch. 10; Page 307

25: An ad hominem attack attempts to invalidate an argument by attacking the individual. In this photo, Nicki directs her attack at Chris. Rather than merely establishing his credibility, her onslaught focuses on attributes irrelevant to the discussion and doesn't help the evaluation process.

26: Majority Decision Ch. 11; Page 318

27: Majority Decision is a decision made by vote, in which the option with over half of the group's votes wins. Our group demonstrates majority decision by taking a vote. Three of us constitutes a majority, so this option is the winner. Unfortunately, as Jeremiah's expression demonstrates, minority members can be dissatisfied with the decision.

28: Rules Ch. 8; Page 222

29: -formalized guidelines, usually written down A picture of our discussed and written group contract. All of us touching the document represents the agreement and understanding of the importance of establishing rules.

30: Virtual Team Ch. 3; Page 230

31: A group that meets primarily or exclusively through some combination of electronic means. In this picture, Chris and Jeremiah are playing Left4Dead with each other through the computer. Nicki and Sam (not pictured) joined the two men in a literal 4 membered virtual team. We are attempting to cooperate as a group to capture useful footage.

32: A group is three or more people with an interdependent goal who interact and influence each other The picture shows us interacting with each other and contributing to the goal.

33: Group Ch. 1; Page 8

34: Sidetracking Ch. 2; Page 38

35: Sidetracking is spinning off on a private reverie unrelated to what another group member has said, or moving the conversation in a direction copletely different from what was being discussed. Another example of sidetracking would be distracted by an object like a cell phone.

36: Status is a member's position in the group's heirarchy: Their influence, power, and prestige among other members. Here, Sam's body language conveys status. She is standing while everyone else is seated, and is commanding all attention.

37: Status Ch. 8; Page 212

38: Social Loafer Ch. 1; Page 18

39: A social loafer is someone who does the bare minimum in a group and lets everyone else take up the slack. In this photo, Jeremiah demonstrates social loafing. He's asleep while the rest of the group does the work for the project.

41: www.dlevel.com p39-41 Active Listening (ch.1;page 39) - Paraphrase what the spaker ment in your own words - Ask for confirmation or correction This comic strip does not show active listening, instead: Shows: - Misinterpretations of what people said - No clarification between recipients

42: http://1websurfer.files.wordpress.com p32-34, p30 Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) - Facial expressions and body languages may be absent - Even with video, your not actually there In this specific example, becasue its a series subject for the boyfriend (most likely), twitter and communication online also performs as Noise. External Noise - Any interruption or interference with the coding. - Not hearing everythign they said - Not listening to everything they said - Not being able to interpret what's said

45: http://www.pikistrips.com p35-39 Listening and Responding During Discussions - Listening involves: Hearing Interpreting Good listeners: 1. Pay attention to the context of what is said 2. Pay attention to the feelings of tje speaker 3. Help speakers make themselves clear by asking questions to clarify confusing behavior 4. Interpret silence carefully This comic doesn't show the above situations, instead: 1. Pseudolistening- Faking real listening 2. Silent arguing- Only listening to what you want to hear - Forming arguemetns in mind while 3. LIstening Defensively- When threatened, stop listenign and create barriers 4. Premature Replying - Mentally make a reply before the speaker is done - Jumping to conclusions

47: Created in www.stripgenerator.com Groupthink Chapter 11, page 326 Groupthink is a detrimental aspect to group communication because it includes group members not saying how they feel because they feel pressured to agree. In this cartoon, the group leader asks the members if they agree on something. The second frame depicts what the members are really thinking while the third frame shows what they actually say, which is in contrast to what they really think.

49: Created in www.stripgenerator.com Ad Hominem Attack Chapter 10; page 307 An ad hominem attack is a statement that attacks a person instead of creating a logical argument related to the task. These are generally made by competitive and agressive group members. Reacting to these calmly and accordingly can be the difference between a success or failure.

51: Group Culture (Ch8;pg. 205): the patter of values, beliefs and norms shared by group members, developed through interaction and incorporating members' shared experiences in the group, patterns of interaction, and status relationships

52: In our first group culture picture, we came together outside of the classroom to accomplish a goal. Together we found the importance of helping one another. If it weren't for the combination of all our massive muscles.. that umberella would have done us in! | Who said pizza wasn't brain food? When our group came together to pitch in a little"dough" we were able to successfully fill our hungry tommies. We were able to settle of a food that we all enjoy and pitched in to make it happen.

53: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! ;P Our group decided to take a break from the books and go out for a treat you can't beat, Berkey Creamery ice cream. Spending valued time together, outside of group work, allowed us to share experiences and relief tension from the group! Good group conhesion is of the upmost importance... even if it is just picking a flavor of ice cream!

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