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Castle Hassle

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S: Diary of Godivaa

BC: Diary of Godiva July 20, 1356-1393

FC: Diary of Lady Godiva | Born on July 20, 1335

1: Table of Contents | Age 8.......... pages 2 and 3 Age 9.......... pages 4 and 5 Age 10.......... pages 6 and 7 Age 11.......... pages 8 and 9 Age 12.......... pages 10 and 11 Age 13.......... pages 12 and 13 Age 25.......... pages 14 and 15 Pictures of Castle.......... pages 16-19 Bibliography.......... pages 20 and 21

2: Dear Diary, My father purchased this diary for me from someone traveling in a Crusade who comes to the castle often to sell us his goods. Father even gave it to a silversmith and had my name inscribed into its cover along with my birth date. I'm going to tell you a little about myself and my dull life in this castle. My name is Godiva. Lady Godiva. That is my official title since my father is a king. My mother and I don't speak much; she is usually being persuaded into buying things from nobles or being entertained by professional jesters, the music of minstrels, or the wondrous tales of returning travelers.

3: I have one brother, Roldan. My father selected this name for him because it means powerful and mighty. When Roldan inherits the throne, these are the qualities that father wants him to possess. I see little of Roldan as well, for much of the time he is out hunting bears, deer, and wild boar on our game reserve or training with his weapons and practicing his fighting skills, for that is the chief occupation of men. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 8

4: Dear Diary, Yesterday I turned nine years old, but I could not find time to write another entry, for I was too busy celebrating with my family as we ate the grand feast which my father had assembled. There was enough food and entertainment to last a lifetime. Also, the design of the castle is being changed to benefit those who live in it. The castle makes a secure fortress, but a bad home. There are small rooms which are lighted only by narrow windows and occasional candle light. The castle is heated by fire places, but it is very poorly ventilated. There is also little furniture, but I guess that is not much of a surprise because of the many, many rooms, balconies and other areas like the church. They have not yet completed the renovations, but when they are finished father said that there will be

5: wider windows with panes of painted glass, expensive tapestries and thick Oriental rugs brought back from the travels of the Crusades. I am positive that these changes will make the castle more comfortable to live in, as well as make it even more beautiful. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 9 | Father had this organ put in the church room.

6: Dear Diary, Life has been rather drab for the past year or so. My tenth birthday was but a few months ago, and I forgot to record the happenings of the event. My mother's birthday was just yesterday, what an exquisite celebration that was! It ended with a marvelous feast including courses and courses of the best food I had ever seen. As always, there were pranks performed by jesters, and lovely music was played by several minstrels. There were a couple of tales told to us by the returning travelers, but most of those were told after the celebration when I was sent to my room to go to sleep while father and the upper class

7: gentlemen stayed downstairs to have a drink and discuss adult things that I am not allowed to listen to. When I was up in my room, a saw a rat scampering across my bed table. I shrieked in horror and ran down to get my father. I had forgotten that I was still in my nightgown and quickly threw my silk robe on over it, for it would not be proper for a young lady to be seen in night clothing by gentlemen. Father simply sent the scullery maid up to get rid of the pest for me. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 10

8: Dear Diary, Today is my eleventh birthday. Father has requested my meeting him in the throne room at once, after I had had my breakfast and dressed myself properly. I assume he will wish me well and give me valuable metals or precious jewels. Dear Diary, Why my father wanted to see me was not to wish me well nor was it pamper me with valuables as he often does on my birthday. He talked to me about my arranged marriage that he set up long ago with King Edward lll of Windsor. He wishes me to marry his son, Sir Edward Marcus Nathaniel. He being four years older than me.

9: The wedding would occur in two years when I am thirteen years of age. Father said that we were to meet each other and have a formal dinner hosted in our castle in six months. Then the engagement would be made. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 11 | For my birthday, father gave me this fan that belonged to my grandmother when she was a child.

10: Dear Diary, The last time I spoke to you was when I found out to whom I was to be married to. Now, I have met Sir Edward Marcus Nathaniel lll and his father and I and not overjoyed about the royal engagement. Sir Edward does not care for or about me, all he and his father are interested about is obtaining greater wealth and sealing political ties, things that I have no concern with. Dear Diary,, Yesterday, father noticed my stress about the wedding and decided to let me, accompanied by servants, of course, go for a walk around the village and past the fairground where the knights were training. This is where my whole life changed. There, standing in front of me was the most marvelous knight that I had ever laid my eyes upon. We got into talking, despite the discouragement of my lady’s maids, and he is only a

11: year older than me, and is allowed to discontinue his training if a great deal of money is payed. It turns out that he does come from a very wealthy family, though much of there money and valuables were burned up in a fire last year. His father is the Duke of Lancaster, which makes him a lord. His name is Brom, his official title being Lord Brom of Lancaster. His title makes him suitable to marry me, which I suddenly realized could rid Sir Edward as suitable for the throne, if in fact Brom’s family does posses a greater wealth than than Sir Edward's. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 12 | this is Brom in his knight uniform.

12: Dear Diary, Tomorrow is my thirteenth birthday, but I feel that it is urgent for me to write to you now. We have not had the ceremony of the royal wedding with neither Brom nor Edward, for there has been no talk of such a thing since the curse has been put upon our people. They call it the Black Death. Many think this is a horrible disease, but some ,such as my father, think that this is a punishment from above. Father says we cannot stay here, though I do not know where we would flee to. It is a mad world here, more and more deaths each day. My brother, Roldan, died two weeks ago. My father was heartbroken.

13: All he could think of was who would carry on the family name? My mother could care less about that matter. She loved Roldan, more than me I think at times, for he was the son. I am just a woman of less importance, she said. He was the pride of my parents. Always with great feats conquered or great beasts killed for dinner. Now I don’t just feel alone, I am alone, for there is no one I can go to in this time of despair. Sincerely, Lady Godiva Age 13 | This is a picture of my bed chamber which is where I have spent most of my time lately.

14: Dear Diary, I have not recorded my life in many years, for the last time I wrote was the last time I saw this journal until now. Father did have us flee to the country where there was an old fortress which we made into our home. I did go on and marry Brom, my father payed the fine and Brom was admitted to resign from his knight training. We live happily together with our daughter, Beatrix who is now four years old. We have moved back to our former castle just recently, for the Black Death has left. Recently, I was looking through the room in which I slept when I lived here and I found an antique cabinet. In one of the drawers, I found the old journal in which I used to write when I was a meer child. I suppose I accidentally left it here in all the hustle and bustle of our fleeing to the country side.

15: Also, now that we are back in the castle, we are planning to have Brom’s coronation to become king. In the coronation, the pope places the crown on the king’s head. This ceremony shows that the king was chosen by God. Also, that that it is the king’s duty to protect and rule over his people. I’m sure that Brom will make a fine king and hope I will do well as his queen. Perhaps I will write again, but if I don’t, I suppose this is farewell. Sincerely, Queen Godiva Age 25 | This is the crown that I received when I became Queen.

16: This is a formal place setting for a banquet or a feast.

17: These are the thrones that were made for Brom and I when we became King(right) and Queen(left.)

18: This is a picture of our castle before we fled to the country.

19: This is a picture of the castle when we returned, as you can see it was much more weathered and dirty.

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