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S: A Castle Story

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FC: A Castle Story | By: Madelyn Toomey, Lauren Nixon, and Tara Casey

1: A Castle Story | By: Madelyn Toomey, Lauren Nixon, and Tara Casey

2: Casey I just came in from a hard day of work and I am absolutely tired. I had to work from dawn to dusk. I had to reap the tall crops, and start sowing the seeds. I have no food of the sort, so I shall be going to bed with a empty stomach. If only a young girl like me could live a better life, a richer life, or even a life like the princess. I shall return to my entry after a long night of sleep.

3: Cassidy Oh my gosh I can't get my prorate done today because my brother, Prince Charlie, has an important meeting. This is outrageous. I am the princess so I deserve everything. I am the best and most important, not those silly peasants. Why can't these peasants get things right?

4: As I just awoke from my sleep, a man barges in. In fact, he broke my front door, not that it was strong or stable or anything. I have heard of these men before. I think they are called ...knights? They took me away without telling me what was happening. I must go now fast. By. | Casey

5: Ahhh. I love the feeling of a nice hot bath in the morning unlike the smelly and ugly peasants who can't even afford a wooden bath lined with canvas. Ha. But who even cares about those worthless rages. | Cassidy

6: So much has happened since my last entry. Now I'm in a castle's circle like jail cell. The knight said that I am in here because they found a hand wheat mixer in my house. I don't even know how in the world it got in there. I don't even own one. But I definitely have a strong hunch that I'm being framed. | Casey

7: Cassidy | So one of the workers said that I have to deal with some loser peasant girl because the rest of my family is busy with other work. I really don't care for any peasants, so I will probably just send her back to jail for the rest of her life.

8: Cassidy | I just saw the peasant and she looks exactly like me. I think my mother forgot to tell me something. In fact she has been acting rather strange ever since she arrived to the castle. Something doesn't seem right. I must talk to my mother now. I just had a talk with my mother it is true, Casey is my own twin sister. She said they had to pick one of us to be the princess because they couldn't afford two at the time cause of money spent on the war. I feel horrible,I have been treating this peasant, my own sister, with cruelty. I need to talk with her about her becoming the true heir to the throne, I don't deserve this right this is all so unfair. Casey is kind and cares for everyone, and I bet you she knows more than me cause all I am is a little brat. She deserves a better life... a better life than me.

9: Casey These so called knights are taking me to Princess Cassidy. Why can't I just live a normal life? They give me no food what so ever.! Oh dear God please let the princess make a reasonable decision. I can only hope for the best. Wish me luck. | This is kinda what the knight looked like (and trust me there was more than one).

10: Princess Cassidy has let me go home I was thrilled,But I was not looking forward to the work I have missed. I am in bed at this moment, I have caught the Black death. the Black Death is one of the worst kinds of the black plaque someone can get I don't think i will last long. If I am to get better I will continue to write to you my dear dairy. | Casey

11: Cassidy I will most likely Let my good twin sister come to my castle so. I don't feel as bad for being picked to be the princess. After all she is still my sister and I cant bier to see her live in such a small smelly shack. But i don't know if I should because she doesn't know that i'm her sister so as long as she doesn't know I will not feel guilty about living in such a marvelous castle.

12: Casey | I was called up to the castle yesterday. Surprisingly, Princess Cassidy was the one who requested me. She to me that i was welcomed to join the castle's peasant staff. To be specific I think she said I could be a occupation or something along those lines and she gave me a rather long list of jobs. Some of which I have never heard of. She has seemed to change I think. She said that this opportunity is good for me because of the living conditions, and having lower taxes for me, along with being paid more too. But why did I have to get the Black Plague. Grrrrr. I am afraid that I have no choice but to simply say no. I hope this doesn't mean much to her, oh and here is the list of jobs she offered: | ACROBAT-An Acrobat was an entertainer ARMORER -A Armorer held an important occupation in the workforce. Armor had to be uniquely made to fit its wearer and was considered one of the specialist jobs. APOTHECARY -An Apothecary dispensed remedies made from herbs, plants and roots. Physicians were expensive and a priest often held this occupation.

13: ARTIST -An artist paints heraldic designs on early furniture and paints portraits ASTROLOGER -An astrologer studied the stars and planets but regarded as a mystical person. ATILLIATOR - Someone who was to make crossbows BAILIFF - Someone who was to manage the castle estate or farm BAKER -Good bakers who are employed by Nobles in their castles. BARBER -An occupations in relation to personal care. They cut hair but would also serve as dentists, surgeons and blood-letters. BLACKSMITH -Blacksmiths forged weapons, sharpened weapons, and repair armor. BOWER OR BOWYER -Someone who makes bows, arrows and crossbows CARPENTER -Carpenters build furniture, roofing, siege engines and more CASTELLAN - The occupation of the person who had been appointed as Custodian CLERK -A Clerk was employed to keep accounts WATCHMAN -Watchmen was an official at the castle responsible for security. Also night-watchman

14: And the list just keeps on going I read them all night long and it seemed as if the list would never end. So I thought about it and told the knight no to the jobs. I don't want to get anyone sick at all most of all the King, Queen, Prince Charile, and Princess Cassidy. Oh well I guess thats all you can expect from a peasa | Casey Continued

15: Cassidy | I just recently found out that Casey, my sister, has died 32 hours ago from the Black Plague. Someone found her in her home dead on the ground with a book and pencil in hand it had seemed to be a diary they said. I did not dare look in it for I believe that it is not mine but hers and no one's business to see the man how found her said that her last entry had consisted about the jobs I had offered her and that she never finished that last sentence before she died. I shall remember her forever in my heart. good-bye sis i shall always remember you and always keep my heart open to the memories we had even just for that little bit we had.

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