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Cati Georgescu Memoir

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FC: School: The many settings and events By: Cati Georgescu “Fun and genuine – Anca ”

2: My Credo: I believe education is necessary because it opens your mind to different ideas. Without education illnesses would not be identified and mankind would not be able to evolve. Education should be mandatory but sometimes people insist too much on details. Also we should have even time between school and free time because school time starts to run into your free time. I believe education is important and if it took up the same time as free time then it would be very enjoyable.

3: School for me was a totally new experience in a totally new environment. For the first few weeks of school crying was a daily activity but soon I got used to everything. School has since then been a constant in my life, but with some ever changing aspects. Friends, schools, teachers, all came and left and these created many funny memories. Soon you will meet these people in my stories and hopefully understand why I liked them or hated them.

5: Chapter K: Grade K Setting: Room 2, German Kindergarten, Timisoara, Romania. Plot: I truly believed that my parents were going to leave me at kindergarten; I could have sworn they wanted to leave me there with those weird snotty little children. My experiences: I don't exactly remember my first day of Kindergarten but I remember the conversation I had with my dad everyday for the first three months of school. It went like this: “So Cati did you cry?” “Yes” “Did anyone else cry?” “Yes, we all cried” This was a daily conversation that my father (Black) and I (Red) had every day after Kindergarten.

6: At Kindergarten: My kindergarten program started at 8 and ended at 12 noon. At 8 every day I would go to school with my babysitter Aura, but when we got there I would make sure she would stay outside on the bench for the whole four hours. I liked Kindergarten but I felt that I was left there alone no one would come and pick me up after it finished. Every 5 minutes or so I would look out the door to make sure that Aura was still there sitting nicely on the bench. One day due to bad timing I looked out when she had went on a bathroom break and I didn’t see her sitting in her usual spot. I started to cry and yell for her. My teacher (I don’t remember her name), kept trying to explain to me that she went to the bathroom, but I just wouldn’t believe her. I had a wild imagination and I imagined that she had been kidnapped or that she decided to leave me at kindergarten. Soon she came back and I realized she had just been to the bathroom. After a while, (Christmas break) I got used to kindergarten and the teacher stopped trying to convince my parents that I should be kept home another year.

7: Chinese Day n my second year of kindergarten we had to do this Chinese day. We all brought our father’s shirts; they were like Kimono’s on us. We each painted them, and, us girls got to make fans. Our fans were drying when this little kid got sick and threw-up on half the fans. I remember I was happy, but at the same time really mad. I was happy because the vomit didn’t get to my fan, but I was extremely mad because back then I thought he purposely threw-up over the fans. I thought that he wanted to ruin our freshly painted fans. Thankfully, we got to redo our fans if we wanted to. Finally, on Chinese day, the teachers gave us Chinese eyes with eyeliner, and we had the most fun ever. This was my first authorized make-up experience.

8: End of year Celebration t the end of each year we had a celebration. One year we learned a song that taught us how to count. The song began “One little finger”and the class of twenty, four-year-olds put their little thumbs up and began to wave them from side to side. Then the song went “the second little finger” and we put our pointer fingers up and waved them around. Next 20 little innocent children put up their middle finger and waved it around at a crowd of parents. We, the kids, singing and showing our fingers were extremely proud of ourselves. My parents later told me that all the parents were very proud and happy that their little kids learned to count, but that they were doing their best not to laugh. They said that the sight of twenty little unsuspecting children pointing the finger at them was hilarious. I now agree with them but at that time I was proud of being able to perform the song.

9: Chapter 1: Grade 1 Plot: At the beginning I thought that the people around me were CRAZY and extremely discriminating. Setting: American School of Warsaw, Poland I had just moved away from Romania and arrived in Poland. I didn’t speak neither English nor Polish and for the first three months of school I felt really lost and I HATED school. My first day of school, I was wearing a blue dress with a white shirt. They took me and my mom up some weird steps and around some walls until I felt totally lost. Then I started to cry because I thought my mom was lost. The weird ESL teacher tried to explain things to me. I felt so frustrated because I didn’t understand and the weird woman didn’t understand me. We were in this tiny classroom with an even smaller window. I hated that teacher, I couldn’t wait to pass her class and get out of there. She thought I was retarded, talking slowly and thinking I didn’t understand a word she says.

10: Another event where the people around me thought I was “stupid”. It was recess and we were going to go down the slide. It was a small yellow slide that went all the way around like a swirl. There was this little girl I was friends with, called Rozlyn. She wanted to go down the slide with me. From 1st grade to fourth grade I was the smallest of the grade. Rozlyn started to explain that we were to go down the slide together, so she took me in her lap and slid with me down the slide. I was so frustrated because I could go down the slide by myself and I wasn’t going to fall down if I went by myself. Rozlyn wouldn’t understand so I left her there and went to play somewhere else. I think I held a grudge for most of the year.

11: Counting uring the first few months of school I found it easier to add and subtract talking in Romanian. One day I was nicely learning my simple addition adding in Romanian, when this boy, Drew, came to give me something from the teacher and heard me using Romanian. He started to tell me off and threaten to go tell the teacher, so I told him to go. The teacher said it was OK for now but that I had to learn to count in English. Since then I count quietly in my head and I always did my math in the farthest corner of the room so Drew couldn’t hear me counting to myself in Romanian. This all happened in our first grade classroom. The room had three rows of desks with a carpet in the front center. Above the carpet there was a blackboard. In one corner there was a pillow corner where some people went to sleep. In the other corner there was the computer corner, and in the front was the door.

12: Chapter 2: Grade 2 Plot: Well, there is no one plot. Setting: Same old ASW. We were living in Warsaw, Poland and I had this class called Polish culture. Every Valentine’s Day we had weird activities that the teacher made us do. The only activity I remember was when the teacher (I don’t remember her name) made us poke a needle through a pink heart. On one side were the names of the girls and on the other side were the names of all the boys. We would then line up next to the person we ended up with. NO ONE got each other until my needle hit the name of this boy called Joshua and his needle poked my name. It was very weird because the whole class thought that we were going to get married because of that. I thought it was impossible because he was a friend of mine and the thought was very odd. Back then we didn’t ever believe that this was ever going to happen because marriage was so far away. The next day, before school Joshua, his friend and I were talking. Joshua was one of the tallest of the grade. We were talking and Joshua said “If I want to kiss her I would reach over her head.” So the friend recommends he sits down and Joshua answers “That’s a good idea.” I felt very awkward so I quickly left the conversation, soon though we all got over it.

13: The 2B Bee was in Mrs. Bielenia’s class and we wrote the 2B Bee, a monthly newspaper. For one of the units I had to work with Henry Fern, I don’t know if I can spell his last name right. I couldn’t spell his last name then either. He was called to his reading group and I was left to finish our article. At the end I wrote “By: Cati Georgescu and” leaving his name for him to write. Our teacher collected the articles and printed them, a week later Henry realized that he didn’t write his name but it was too late, everyone had a copy that didn’t have his name on it. I was so proud to prove to him that it was better if he let me write his name because then at least he would have his name written on the newspaper. During our next article that we (Henry and I) had to work on together, Emily, the girl he had a crush a on, was left without a partner, so Henry wanted to help her. I got really mad because he was going to ditch our class work to help Emily. Thankfully, our teacher didn’t let him help her I was very pleased.

14: At the beginning of the 2nd grade our teacher assigned us a book called “It’s mine”. We wrote a whole essay (1 page) on the book. When we were getting the reports back, the teacher asked me what my report was on, I said “It’s mine.” The teacher answers “I know it is yours, what book did you do your report on?” I answered again “It’s mine” so the teacher said “I know, what is your book?” we continued having this conversation for a long time until I said, the book is called “It’s mine”.

15: UN DAY very year in ASW we celebrated United Nation’s Day. I was the only Romanian in the whole school and the oldest person from every country had to carry their countries flag in a school wide parade. I was so proud of myself because I was the only one picked to do this event. That was the first time I ever wore a miniskirt because I didn’t fit in a full Romanian outfit so I only wore the shirt. I felt so odd because it was very short, but I was proud to be there, walking in front of the whole school.

16: Chapter 3: Grade 3 Plot: Thinking I am mature... we were the oldest from our group of grades. Setting: Once again ASW and my house. (BORING setting isn't it?) At the beginning of the year I decided to throw a party, of course, since it was third grade, I had to invite the whole class. It was nice until the boys kicked my soccer balls over the fence and the magicians my mom brought took over the party. For some reason I started to cry and I hated what was going on. When we got to the cake, the people helping us opened the kids Champaign, and sprayed the walls with it. At that point I got very scared because we were renting the house and I thought the landlord would kick us out. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, and the party went smoothly, my teacher came to visit and at the end of the party this boy Jared disappeared and his parents searched for him for over 10 minutes. I call the party a success.

17: UN Day N day came again, this year I had a real Romanian costume, I was prepared for school wearing my costume and bringing the food we had to bring. Unfortunately, I forgot my bag at home. This was the first I ever forgot my homework, I felt so bad when I had to write my name on the board saying that I forgot my homework. I was very embarrassed and when someone mentioned that I forgot my school work I started to cry. Thankfully, when we got to the parade I was one of the best dressed and I was proud of myself. UN day was the “funnest” day of the year.

18: Even in Elementary School we had after school activities. I went to “Fun with Fabrics.” In this class we would sew and make pillows. I learned to sew and I made two pillows. In the first one I was so proud of myself because I sewed it all by myself. On the second pillow I got very lazy and partly bored of what I was doing so I used the sewing machine to sew all the sides together. I was still very proud of my work because I was able to make many things myself and back them I wanted to be a fashion designer because I thought I could make the coolest fashion.

19: As a class we went to the zoo. The trip was without events, except when we went into the reptile section. My friend was scared of snakes, and she had read all of the Harry Potter books. When she approached one of the snake cages, the snake slid up the window and when she saw it she jumped back and screamed so loud everyone in the building heard her. The rest of the group started to laugh because she looked extremely petrified. I thought it was so funny because I knew the snake could not come out of its cage but she was sure it would fall out and bite her. That was the highlight of the trip. At the end of this year I moved from Warsaw to Athens and started 4th grade in a new school.

20: Chapter 4: Grade 4 Plot: “To eat? Or not to eat? That is the question. Setting: American Community School of Athens, Greece In fourth grade our PYP unit was products and processes. For this unit we made olives. Mrs. Papathanasiu made us crush the olives and then put them in vinegar. A few weeks after this we went to an olive oil factory. It was really fun because we got to eat fresh olive oil on bread and we left school for a whole day. When we got back we started to taste the olives. I Was the one with the honor to taste the first olive. It tasted so bitter that the moment it touched my mouth I ran to the trash can and spit it out. From that day on, I swore not to ever taste anything else for class. A few weeks later they were ready to eat and the olives were the best olives I've ever tasted.

21: Chapter 5: Grade 5 Plot: You will figure this one out. Setting: Once more ACS Athens, Greece. In 5th grade I was in the class of Mrs. Sexson. Her name was not the oddest thing about her. She was a really good teacher because I learned a lot and we had a lot of fun. We as a grade, really hated the fourth graders and, as a class, we hated the other 5th grade class. Every day, the boys would play soccer, 4th grade against fifth grade. The 5th grade girls played kickball against the 4th grade. In kickball we would always win, but in soccer it was pretty equal. The fourth graders were always sore losers and we wouldn’t make them feel any better. I thought the 4th graders were ‘stupid’ and had nothing to do with most of them. The only people I liked from the 4th grade was my neighbors, I can’t think of anyone else I got along with from the 4th grade.

22: Mrs. Kynigou and her 5th grade class Like I mentioned before, the two 5th grade classes hated each other. One day my class got extra recess and we were happy. The other class was as well, until we told them that they didn’t have extra recess. They thought we insulted them by telling them that they need to line up. They told their teacher and, at the end of our recess, their teacher, Mrs. Kynigou, came to give us a speech about how it was not nice to taunt them, because “what goes around comes around, and one day they will have extra recess and we won’t.” At that point we were all feeling really bad, but we didn’t do anything. I said that we were only happy that we had extra recess so she yells at me and says; “I don’t care who did what, stop trying to find excuses.” That made me really mad. I hated that teacher from then on. She was really annoying. Of course when we got to class we told our teacher, and, well, we sort of didn't get extra recess by ourselves for the rest of the year, but we blew off a lot of steam by telling her. The conversation we had with our teacher was pretty calm but we said things like “She thinks her students are always the little angels and we are the little devils, but they can be bigger devils than us.” Mrs. Sexson agreed with us and said things to calm us down but our whole class hated that teacher a lot, and I still sort of hold a grudge against her.

23: MICE Our school in Athens ACS, was a really old school, I don't remember exactly but it was something around fifty years old. In the area area we were, they were building a new subway, and what do you often find in a subway? MICE... One day, when we came into the class, the desk of one of the boys was really messy. All his stuff had been taken out of his desk and placed on top. I personally found this odd, but soon a friend admitted that the messy desk was his doing, I couldn't help but pretend I was shocked, he was proud of his doing. Truly, I felt like laughing. I knew that Alexander, the boy who messed up the desk was jealous of the other boy's grades, and possibly friends. The tale though, doesn't end here. A few days earlier the plants in our class started to lose their leaves and there were little black balls on the floor. We realized that they were all due to mice. On the particular day of the messy desk, the boy in question, Michael, had left his sweatshirt and his lunch box at school. The lunch box was on top of the mess on the desk, the plastic on the outside had been chewed through and there were mouse droppings in the lunch box. I was utterly shocked. I never thought that a mouse could chew through such hard things. Michael's sweatshirt had two holes in it, both chest level. When seeing the shirt we all felt like laughing. I found that the holes weren't the funniest part but the expression on his face when he lifted his sweatshirt and saw the wholes. I know that this story doesn't have anything to do with me, but I think it was one of the highlights of the school year beside the grade play.

24: “The Navigating nincompoops, a Tale of Terror and Treasure on the High Seas,” was the name of our fifth grade play. I played a (ironic I know) rat. I, true to my personality, was the loudest leader rat that was in charge of the rat operation. The story was about these three explorers going to the new world. They were Count da Money, Rob da Bank, and Stop da Mutiny. That, though, is off the point and diverting the attention from me. This play was more a musical than anything else, so we all had to dance. We, the rats had to do two dances, all focused on cheese of course. I loved doing the dances mostly since there was no one but the four mice on stage and it was extremely fun to shake our tails and make the padding jiggle. We were very fat mice that had incredibly big stomachs. This was the funnest unit we ever had in school and we learned a lot about the exploration of the new world. This will be one event that will be forever in my memory. To do with this play, there was one more extremely funny incident. I wasn't there but the irony and comedy of this event was pure and anyone can understand it. A mouse ran across the stage when the rats were supposed to speak.

26: Back to more serious school events. In Math class our teacher was Mrs. X, I don't know her full name. She had the most amazing way of getting us to learn and do our homework. There was already a huge competition between the girls and the boys, more exactly between me and two of the boys, Michael and Alexis. Based on this competition, we had a contest every class on who got the most right answers on their homework, the girls or the boys. The competition was fierce, we all worked very hard. I usually got the problems faster than some of the other girls so we thought we had an unfair advantage, but the boys had the same advantage. Sometimes the boys tried to ask me for help with their math homework, but I would tell them to do it themselves so we would have better chances to win (we played for candy). On the other hand I always helped the girls and as a joke my friends called me “professor Cati” in math class, I was honored. Unfortunately, we did not always win, but the next class we would get even and catch up with the boys.

27: %th grade Graduation As in all schools, the most important event of 5th grade was graduation. Our fifth grade graduation was nothing special. We had paper hats and we got diplomas, one for completing the school year and the other, “The President's Education Awards Program”. I was so proud of myself because mine was gold and was signed by George Bush. Rewinding, the main thing that I remember that day was that before the whole ceremony my friends and I were asked to go and help paint the gym. We were all already dressed in our graduation clothes and were trying to be very careful, while trying to get the job done and possibly get the others dirty. Of course, in true Cati fashion, I got pink paint on my green skirt. At first I felt scared thinking; what am I going to do, I ruined my skirt. Thankfully, soon I came up with a solution. I spun my skirt around and no one saw the difference. I was very proud that I got over the event and my parents didn't notice that I got the skirt dirty. That day, was the day I was the proudest of my accomplishments.

28: Chapter 6: Grade 6 Plot: Not much, everything is pretty straight forward. Setting: The American International School of Bucharest, Romania, and Predeal. At the beginning of each year from 6th grade onward we have outdoor education, a team building course. This year we went to Predeal. In my room we were five, and I took the single bed. That turned out to be the most brilliant choice of the week. Everyone else had trouble sharing beds. Every night we changed beds, one night when someone sat in the single bed the bed creaked. I looked under it and I noticed that the legs were almost falling off the bed and that the bed was about to crash to the floor. Since we did not want to get in trouble we quickly tried to push the bed's legs back in place. None of us had enough force, and therefore the skinniest one of us slept in that bed for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately, that wasn't me. The next day we went trekking in the rain. On top of being wet, we, the students, got the map and we had to find our way. After losing the way over five times(I remember five, who knows how many times it really was), I went to try to figure out the way, but the boys wouldn't let me do anything. I was frustrated and wet, so in true angry child fashion, I went and asked the teacher how long until someone who knows the way shows us where to go. Unfortunately, it took awhile until the teachers decided to take control and it took us about one hour (or more I don't remember time) to reach our destination. I slept like a baby when I got to the hotel that night, and I was extremely mad at the fact that they made us walk for the whole day, and then not even reach our final destination. I vowed never to willingly do it again, but the next day we set off again.

29: Chapter 7: Grade 7 Plot: will material things live? And do they like water? Setting: AISB, Romania, and Tiphene's house. At the beginning of the year, a friend of mine, Tiphene, had a party. It was a pool party, but I didn't feel like swimming so I stayed dressed. I blamed it on my thumb. I had almost twisted it the day before after a basketball was knocked into it. My thumb had turned blue, but at the party it was fine. Near the end of the party my kind and caring friends decided to make me have more fun. They came out of the pool, grabbed me, and since they are thoughtful they took off my shoes, but then they threw me in the pool. The moment I hit the water, I was thinking 2 things: 1. I will get revenge, just you wait and see, and 2. OH NO, my phone is in my pocket. When I surfaced, I quickly took out my phone to see if it was alright. This all happened in about three seconds. When I got out of the pool I felt so cold and it took my parents a while to come and give me dry clothes. I was shivering by the time they came with my clothes. Since then, at parties, I always leave my phone in a little bag, and I walk far away from the pool. And if you were wondering, I did get revenge, but I will never forget the incident. This year was more interesting from an educational point of view, we learned a lot. There were only a small amount of semi-interesting events, and not even these are worth sharing with the world. In a few years I will probably find things that are interesting and worth telling. I seem to have clearer memories from when I was much younger.

30: Chapter 8: Grade 8 Plot: I don't know, the year is not over. Setting: AISB, Romania, and who knows where, there is still more 8th grade to come. At the beginning of the year, like at the beginning of 6th and 7th grade we had outdoor ed. This year, our school claims it didn't have enough money to send us anywhere, so we had to sleep behind the gym for a night. It was the worst night I ever spent with my friends. It was cold, wet and there were people moving around everywhere and pulling your tent. I was extremely tired the next day, but I still managed to climb 15 boxes and jump down from the top. I was very proud and happy that I was able to climb to the top and I was hoping that I could do it again, but this time climb up even higher. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible. This day was a mix of feelings because I was so tired and I felt that I was going to collapse from exhaustion. This was all the account of some of the interesting things connected to my education from my extremely long 9 years of schooling (first two years of nursery don't count as school). There probably have been more notable events throughout these years, but at this point I can't remember them. Or, the ones I remember have nothing to do with me, so they belong in someone else's memoir. I hope that in my future I will be able to reinforce my credo and add more fun events to my memoir.

31: This was all the account of some of the interesting things connected to my education from my extremely long 9 years of schooling (first two years of nursery don't count as school). There probably have been more notable events throughout these years, but at this point I can't remember them. Or, the ones I remember have nothing to do with me, so they belong in someone else's memoir. I hope that in my future I will be able to reinforce my credo and add more fun events to my memoir.

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