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Celine's diary

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S: Hope For The Future

BC: The End.

FC: Celine's Diary

1: 29/04/2011 | This term i am learning the topic "Hope for the future." This can mean alot of things such as justice, patience, loyalty, dreams, love and much more. We could also ask questions like "Do we make it happen?" or "Is it even possible to change ourselves for the future?" Even if we sometimes prepare for the future it is still unpredictable. But is the younger generation or advanced technology the hope for our future? We can also ask if the hope of the future will make a difference such as world peace, happiness, better education or even change to learn from the past. We await for what lies ahead and expectations to move forward.

2: 02/05/2011 | Who should survive? Today in english, we had a class discussion about a question where there were 12 survivors from a nuclear bombing, There was a bomb protected shelter where there was enough food and water for only 7 people. The discussion was who would we save and who would we leave to die. This discussion was very fun and had us thinking about who deserved to live. I knew all the children should survive but had trouble sorting the adults.

3: 05/05/2011 | If i was a World Leader If i was a world leader, i would try and do many things to ensure peace is in the world. I would try and make deals with other leaders such as if the other country stops bringing war, my country could even join up with them to make a big project such as building more buildings and exotic places.. I would do anything to keep my country a safer place.

4: 09/05/2011 | Yr8, Bethlehem College camp!!! Here we were at school at 8:00am, waiting for the bus. Everyone were excited to go on their first camping trip with their friends. 2hrs later we were here at Stanwell Tops gathered at the Waratah room where we were allocated to our cabins. After we settled with our cabins, we went into activity1, the giant swing! This was extremely fun and i got to see the beautiful scenery. The next activity was called High ropes. This activity was scary but also fun. The weather was also VERY windy and cold. At 6:00pm, everyone met to have dinner. We had chicken schnitzel and for dessert we had a slice of pavlova

5: 09/05/2011(continue) | After dinner we had Bethlehem idol where Catherine, Montana and I performed a song called You and I (By chance) by JRA. Everyone loved our performance and we loved it as well. After this finished, we had a game of trivia and watched Step up 3. But before we watched the movie, we had supper. A slice of cake and chocolate milk! At 9:30pm everyone went to sleep to get ready for another busy day.

6: 10/05/2011 | At 7:00am we woke up ready for breakfast. It was the last day of camp and we packed our things. Everyone met at 8:00am for breakfast. We had bacon, eggs and sausages and also a cup of orange juice. Then we got ready for our last activity which was called Survivor, Survivor is a series of activities where it can help us if we were stuck in the forest or jungle. It was then time to go back to school. I had an amazing time at camp and can't wait for the yr10 camp!

7: 14/05/2011 | I have been reading a book called "Z for Zachariah" and its a very good book. I am now up to chapter 7 and the book is getting better and better each chapter. In chapter 7 Ann is doing everything she can for Mr Loomis to recover but his fever is about 99.5 degrees in the morning, 101 degrees in the afternoon and 99.5 degrees in the evening. Ann is the only person that is not sick which means she has to do all the housework like cooking meals, cleaning the house but she also has to do outside work like taking care of the farm and finding food. Mr Loomis is now getting better each day such as he can now get out of bed by himself but Ann is scared he might fall and hurt himself. This shows Mr Loomis is now independent.

8: 17/05/2011 | It's the 4th of June and Mr Loomis' fever has gone very high!!. It has reached 106 degrees and beyond but the thermometer doesn't show. Ann rubbed alcohol onto his back to reduce the fever which did help him a little but the problem was that he was still getting bad nightmares about Edward. Mr Loomis is scared Edward will come and steal the radioactive suit and also maybe kill him as well! At night Mr Loomis' feet and hands were very cold so Ann made a fire to warm him up. After Ann had gone to church to pray for Mr Loomis to recover.

9: 19/05/2011 | While i was reading "Z for Zachariah" i have read that Ann Burden's dream is to find a classroom full of children so she would be able to become a teacher. I was also thinking what my dream was and what i want to be when I'm older. Last year i decided i wanted to be a famous fashion designer because i had a passion for fashion! I love drawing as well and using different colours to create something new!

10: 19/05/2011 (continue) | But even though my dream was to become a fashion designer, i have know decided i want to be something else. I have chosen to not become a designer because during life i found new things that i enjoy more and would like to do. Now i do not know what i would like to be when I'm older but i will soon know!

11: 20/05/2011 | Today in English class, we had a discussion about Ann Burden and Mr Loomis. We were discussing who was the best to survive. I believe Ann should survive for many reasons like she is a very domesticated person who can look after herself. She is a forward thinker and an optimist who thinks very positive for the future. Ann, even though is a sensitive person and a dreamer who dreams on having a family with Mr Loomis, she is also a persisted and courageous girl.

12: 21/05/2011 | Bombs BANG, BOOM, BLANG!! Everyone is in danger and hurt. Where can i seek my bestfriend Kurt? WHAM, WHOOM, WHOOSH!! This isn't a joke, it isn't funny I can't even see a sign of a bunny! CLAM, CLASH, CLOOSH!! I search for my family, and other survivors too But how can I, when I'm even feeling so blue? SLAM, SMASH, SHOOT!! Today was a tragedy, where many lives have gone.... But until the sun comes out, the smiles will have shone.

13: 21/05/2011 (continue) | My poem is about how it might be like for the victims who have experienced being attacked by bombs. I tried to be the person who was in the attack and needed a way to find his family. I also used the sounds bombs make during an attack to help the reader feel like they are in this situation. I wrote this poem not only for my diary but also a competition that is being held. Everyone in my class is to write a poem and submit it to the competition. I not only enjoyed my poem but everyone else's. I thought theirs had a really good meaning in it.

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