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Cell Stuff

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S: Seasons of Change

BC: STUFF | MakeBeleiveCorp. is not responsible for explosive diarrhea, vomiting, nuclear radiation sickness or gummy worm infestation. | BUY IT!!!!

FC: CELLS | By:Siddhant, Aj, and Hyder | Try this product and everyone will be impressed about how much you know about CELLS.

1: Cells are the basic unit of life. They make up all the organs and tissues in the human body. | The Cell Theory states: -All living organisms are composed of cells. They may be unicellular or multicellular. -The cell is the basic unit of life. -Cells arise from preexisting cells. | HAHHAHAHAH Get it because we're trying to "Cell" you this product.

2: Theses are four scientists who created these products. They are also known for discovering about cells and the theory of them are: Schliedan, Schwann, Hooke, Virchow. | Schliedan suggested that cells are the most basic unit of life.He helped to theorize the theory of cells. | Schwann discovered Schwann cells located in the nervous system. | Robert Hooke was the man who discovered what cells are. | He proposed in the cell theory that all cells arise from preexisting cells.

3: Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes | The "Prokaryote" product is multicellular and it doesn't have any internal structure. It doesn't have a nucleus to contain the DNA. This product is $600.00. | The "Eukaryote" product is different, because it contains many internal membrane-bound structures, or organelles. This product is $100,000,000. | What is the difference??!!?!?!?!?

4: pring is Here | The "Plant Cell" contains chloroplast, a large central vacuole, and a cell wall. This product is made autotrophs, which mean that it can make it's own food. The cell wall allows the plant to have rigid structure. This product is now at the low price of $70.00. | The "Animal cell" product is like the plant cell except it doesn't contain a cell wall, chloroplasts, and a large central vacuole. The cells live in animals which is why humans are fleshy and have vulnerable skin. This product is just $50.00. | Plant cells vs. Animal cells

5: 10 Organelles | Cell Membrane: The cell membrane protects the internal organelles from harmful outdoor chemicals. It also takes waste out of the cell. This is in both the "Animal" and "Plant cell" products. | Cell Wall: The cell wall is only available in the plant cell. It provides structure for the organism and gives the internal organelles more protection. This is only available in the "Plant cell" product. | Ribosomes: Ribosomes are little blobs that create proteins.These are found on the rough er and in the cytoplasm. They are also found in both the "Animal" and "Plant cell" product.

6: Chloroplast: This organelle is located in only the "Plant cell" product. It uses sunlight to create food for the organism. This process is called photosynthesis. | Mitochondria: This organelle is in both the the "Animal" and "Plant cell" products. It is known as the cell's own power plant. It generates the cell's main source of energy. | Vacuole: The vacuole is available in only the "Plant cell" product. It provides the cell with water and stores waste.

7: Nucleus: The nucleus is the center of a cell. It is located in both "Animal" and "Plant cell" products. It crates the cells ribosomes and holds the nucleolus. | Nucleolus: The nucleolus holds the organisms genetic information. It is located in the cell nucleus and in both "Animal" and "Plant cell" products. | Rough ER: The rough ER is located in both the "Animal" and "Plant cell" products. It is called the cell highway because it transports materials around the cell.

8: Golgi Apparatus: This organelle is located in both "Plant" and "Animal cell" products. It takes the proteins that are available and sorts, modifies, and packages them. | Let's Learn Some more

9: The Cell Membrane | The cell membrane is the outer shell of a cell. However, it is very flimsy and thin. It sends waste out of the sell using the cilia that is in it. It's main function is to protect the internal organelles. | Buy this protection unit for just another $20,000.

10: Homeostasis conditioning system | Buy this system to guarantee the survival of your system. It keeps the cell at an optimum temperature. It also helps the cell to work at its best. | AMAZING!! This part is only $17,000,000.

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