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FC: Cells A Mixbook by: Abby Wong & Janice Han

1: There once was a company named Plant Cellsung. They sold and produced Cell phones. Their company stood by three mottos. Also know as, the Cell Theory. | 1. All living organisms are composed of cells. They may be unicellular or multicellular. | 2. The cell is the basic unit of life. | 3. Cells arise from pre-existing cells.

2: Robert Hooke CEO: Discovered plant cells by examining the cork screw. Discovering that it looked like tiny jails, hence the name "cells". | Theodore Schwann CEO: Discovered that animal tissue is made up of cells. He first examined living cells under a microscope.

3: Matthias Schleiden CEO: The co-founder of cell theory. Discovered that plant parts are made up of cells. | Rudolph Virchow CEO: He discovered that all living cells come from only other living cells.

4: Mitochondria: The power generators, or electricity | Cell wall: The outer security gate surrounding the building. | In a way, company buildings are very similar to cells. For Example:

5: The Ribosomes: The kitchen: producing proteins. | The Cilia: The air filters of the building.

6: Chloroplat: coffee that keeps the "workers" active. | Vacuole: Water fountains

7: The Lysosomes: Toilets and garbage bins: Waste disposal. | Golgi Apparatus: Package and shipping department where products are shipped to stores.

8: The cell membrane: The security guards and locked doors. | The Nucleus: The offices of the CEO's

9: The Cell Membrane: Helps with structure and is made of a thin layer of fat and protein. It is found along the inside of the Cell wall, acting as a filter for the entire cell. Like a company building's security guards, the membrane controls what [who] can enter and what [who] to keep out.

10: Cell Homeostasis: Everything in the cell is in equilibrium and functioning properly. The cell membrane is the main part of the cell that works to maintain homeostasis. The cell membrane controls the amount of each molecule by allowing more in at times of need and keeping out the molecules that the cell already has enough of.

11: The plant cell contains the cell wall and the animal cells do not. the main difference between the two is that plant cells have chloroplasts that are used for the process of photosynthesis. They both have a cell membrane. Also a plant cell converts carbon dioxide to energy while an animal cell breaks sugar to carbon dioxide to make energy. | Plant | VS. | Animal

12: Prokaryotic | ~ Don't contain any type of nuclear membrane, cytoskeleton, or any membrane-bound organelles, such as mitochondria | ~Includes all bacteria and is always unicellular | ~Smaller than Eukaryotic cells. | ~Reproduction is always asexual

13: Eukaryotic | ~ Contain a true nucleus, cytoskeleton, and membrane-bound organelles. | ~Make up humans, plants, and animals. It is often multicellular | ~ Larger in size. | ~ Reproduction can be both asexual and sexual.

14: The End

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