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Cells: Inside and Out

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Cells: Inside and Out - Page Text Content

FC: Cells: Inside and Out

2: "Friends are born, not made." ~Henry B. Adams | Cell Theory | The cell theory is conduct of 3 things. All living organism are made of one or more cells, cells arise from existing cells, and cells are the basic units of structure and function in organisms.

3: Prokaryotic- "Prokaryotic" means "before a nucleus" so it has no nucleus. EX: Bacteria | Eukaryotic- "eukaryotic" means "possessing a true nucleus." EX: Plant and animal cell | Plant cell- has a cell wall and chloroplast, has a definite shape, and is square. | Animal cell- is round and has no cell wall or chloroplast. | Types of cells | Homeostasis: The ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.

4: Robert Hooke: An English scientist who looked at a thin slice of cork through a compound microscope and observed tiny, hollow, room like structures and called these structures 'cells' because they reminded him of the rooms that monks lived in. | Matthias Schleiden- A German botanist who viewed plant parts under a microscope and discovered that plant parts are made of cells.

5: Theodor Schwann- A German zoologist who viewed animal parts under a microscope and discovered that animal parts are also made of cells. This helped propel the idea that cells were common building blocks of normal and possibly abnormal bodies. Schwann was a master microscopist who examined animal tissue. | Rudolph Virchow- A German physician and pathologist who stated that all living cells come only from other living cells. He included this idea in his concepts of disease, even entitling the textbook of pathology he published in 1858, Cellular Pathology. His lectures set the ground work for studies of the causes of diseases and the science of cell biology.

6: Golgi Apparatus is the packing and distribution center. it is found in both animal and plant cells | chloroplast- Found in plant cells. Captures light energy produces food to store for a later time( photosynthesis). | Mitochondria- transforms energy for the cell, and is found in both the plant and animal cell | Smooth ER- Cleans the liver, It’s found in both Animal and Plant cells. | Rough ER- It makes protein. Found in Eukarotic cells. | Parts of a cell

7: Lysosome- contain cells digestive enzymes, in both the plant and animal cell | Cell membrane- boundary between the cell and its nutrients, controls what comes in and out of the cell | Cilia- Moves nutrients around, found it both the plant and animal cells | Cell wall- makes the shape of a plant cell | Vacuoles- used for temporary storage of materials like water in both the plant and animal cell | Nucleus- carries genetic information, found in animal and plant cells.

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