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Cellular Park

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BC: http://www.biologycorner.com/resources/cell_membrane.jpg http://www.lvpark.org/images/fence.jpg http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01/e8/10/c0/zoo-pathway.jpg http://www.biologyjunction.com/images/roughER.gif

FC: Welcome to Cellular Park! | An Informational Brochure | Make memories with us... | Andrea Barber, Kristin White and Briannen Arey

1: Our First Stop: The Nucleus The nucleus is the power center, or the "brain", of the cell. It usually resides in the center of the cell, where it oversees the metabolic function of the cell and stores all the DNA for the cell. It also produces messages with the codes to create proteins for the rest of the cell, by manufacturing rRNA. | Our park's nucleus is the park offices. The offices are where the director of the park works and where she oversees all other employees and actions of the park. It houses the main control room for the park PA system and stores all the materials to sell to the visitors.

2: The Golgi Body or Golgi Apparatus: This organelle specializes in the transport of lipids to vital parts of the cell, delivery and the modification of proteins from the rough ER and other macromolecules. It is made up of flat membranes, called cisternae. Another of its responsibilities are to create lysosomes.

3: Our park features it's own post office, located just by the main entrance. It handles all of the park's outgoing and incoming mail, as well as all newsletters to sponsors and "zoo friends".

4: We consider the nucleolus of our park to be the power lines that reach all the way across the park and electricity that runs through them. | The Nucleolus: The nucleolus (the sun-like thing in the center of the nucleus) synthesizes ribosomes, which are the organelles that create protein. After they're produce, the ribosomes move out onto the rough ER. | NUCLEOLUS

5: The cytosol is found surrounding the organelles. It's a jelly-like fluid that helps keep all the organelles in place and is the site for most metabolism in the cell. There are also various proteins found in the fluid. The "cytosol" for our zoo is the property that contains it. It houses many exhibits and different habitats as well as various visitor attractions, like a brand new gift shop and aquarium. | Cytosol

6: The lysosome contains enzymes to break down waste materials and cellular debris. It also can digest many macromolecules and foreign bacteria, and so, is vital for the cell's digestion. Our park restaurant features many comfortable seating areas and some of the best food in the area in order to make your experience here more enjoyable. Our food is all made organically in order to be as gentle and as close to "natural" as possible. | Lysosome

7: The secretory vesicle is in charge of holding material that needs to be excreted from the cell. It may hold material that is harmful or is a waste product from a reaction. | As the people crunching the numbers each week...we realize there can be some long lines here. That's why we recently constructed a brand new "holding area". At each exhibit and by the entrances and exits, there are now benches and vending machines for those long waits. | Secretory Vesicle

8: Our generous sponsors have recently paid to redesign all the fences, including the exhibit barriers and the fence surrounding the park. The fence is made of wrought iron, with a weather-resistant metal coating. | The cell membrane encloses and protects the cell and its parts, separating the interior of the cell from the outside environment. It is composed of two layers of phospholipids, which are shown in the picture. | Cell Membrane

9: The rough endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for manufacturing membranes and secretory proteins. It is usually interconnected to the smooth ER, so the products from the rough ER can be transferred into the smooth ER, in order to be moved to different locations in the cell. | Our park is paved with several miles worth of pathways to all of your favorite exhibits. There are several forks and places in the park where the path overlaps itself and almost doubles in width, so traffic flows smoothly and quickly through our park!. | The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

11: Thank you for visiting our park!

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