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character diary

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S: The Crucible Abigail Williams

BC: The Crucible Character Diary: Abigail Williams Amanda Raymond H. English III 2nd period

FC: Daily Devotions Abigail Williams

1: Abigail William's Character Diary

2: Descriptive Writing writing that strongly portrays a person, place, or thing in a way that creates sensory images in a reader's mind

3: Dear Diary, We almost got caught last night. Betty, Mary, Mercy, some of the other girls, and I were dancing in the forest and Uncle Parris caught us. I am pretty sure he saw Mercy naked, but he did not see me do anything, thank the Lord. I did not get in trouble though. I blamed Tituba, like I always do. She is so easy to blame! She would never dare say a word against me. Who would believe her? She is just a slave. Mary seemed a little jittery and I was afraid she might have said something, but I scared her straight. Neither she nor any of the other girls will say anything because they adore and follow me like worker bees to the queen. I am not worried about that at all. Because of my reputation, I have this town wrapped around my little finger, so no one would believe them anyway. I wonder if that charm will work. I want that Goody Proctor dead so badly I am tempted to just do it myself. She does not deserve him. He does not love her. He loves me, only me, and has always loved only me. He tries to deny it but I see him blush when he passes me at church. He cannot hide his love for me, not even in front of his wife. With dark, brown eyes that penetrate my soul accompanied with glistening brown hair, strong hands and muscles that have seen a day's work, and a tall, demanding stature that makes me melt, John Proctor is the simple farmer who stole my heart. He has a voice as smooth as butter that can tame the mighty lion. Though his hands are callused and rough, when they pass softly over my skin I cannot help but get goose-bumps and shudder from excitement. When absorbed in his deep gaze, I cannot help but stammer anything but truth to him. His lips, red and supple, await my arrival. When he and I were alone in Betty's room, I could see the indubitable avidity in his eyes. I told him I would still and always wait for him. If it was not for that wretched Goody Proctor, I could have already married my love. She has him under her evil spell, and I am afraid he will never break free on his own. Though he could never say aloud, I know his heart, and I know he would never cease to repay me for getting rid of that sniveling Goody Proctor for him, so this shall be my only goal.

5: Dear Diary, I need a plan. My desire for John is unbearable, and I must have him as soon as possible. I know he is dying inside without me. He cannot bear to be without me any longer. I can see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch. How can I get rid of Goody Proctor? She is the only one who stands in my path of happiness. I wish I could somehow get through to John and make him admit his true feelings for me. I wish he would realize them and help me to be rid of her. He himself cannot see that his pitiful excuse for a wife has poisoned his mind with false feelings of what she calls love. She has blinded him. I must remove that blind fold, and that blind fold is Elizabeth. She must be removed from his life permanently. She is a sore on his heart that will not heal. I can heal him. I can be his medicine. I can take away the pain and appease the swelling of hurt. I can be everything he needs. Can he really not see that? Goody Proctor must be disposed of. Quickly she must be stopped before she consumes him completely like a fire does a beautiful rain drop. She is drying him up. She is slowly but surely killing him. No woman can satisfy him like I can. The sooner she is gone, the sooner he will understand that.

6: Persuasive Writing: writing that convinces a reader to believe the author's beliefs

7: Dear Diary, I have finally done it. I have gotten Goody Proctor arrested. I am so overcome with joy that I do not know what to do with myself. Let me tell you what happened. Earlier, I sat in court, listening in on the accusations and, of course, giving some of my own. Sitting in on the sessions was so fun. The other girls and I fainted, screamed, and became “possessed” with spirits. It was amusing sneaking a peak at the others in the courtroom. Their faces looked terrified. It is so easy to make people believe in this stuff. I was sitting next to Mary, and she was upset because I made her come against the wishes of the precious Goody Proctor, but my plan had to begin as soon as possible. The plan was for Mary to make a doll to give to Goody Proctor. She would leave one of her needles in the stomach of the doll. Later on, I would stick a needle in my own stomach to make everyone think it was Goody Proctor who sent a spirit out on me. My plan was executed without a flaw. At dinner time, I fell down in the middle of conversation and started screaming as loud as I could. Uncle Parris quickly found the needle I lodged into my belly earlier. He asked me how it got there and I weakly said it was Goody Proctor's spirit. He believed me without question. It was so easy! Later on that night word gets to me that Goody Proctor has been arrested. This has been the best day of my life, but there is much still to be done. I have to be there during her hearing to make sure she is sentenced to death. Then finally my love and I can reunite. He may be angry now, but I just know he will thank me later. He cannot see it now, but what I do, I do for him. Since I left the Proctor house, Elizabeth has somehow lulled him back to a hypnotic state. She has got him believing he loves her, but I know the truth. He knows it too, deep in his heart, and it is my job to again reveal it to him. From what I saw when I was working for the Proctors, John and Elizabeth's marriage was done for long before I got there. Their lives consisted of silent dinners, cold shoulders, and short conversations. They barely looked at each other. Then I got there and John's eyes lit up with excitement every time I passed. His mouth watered when he caught a whiff of my hair. He could not deny his love for me. He never reacts to Elizabeth in that way, only me. He never looked at Elizabeth the way he looks at me. He never talked to Elizabeth the way he talked to me. He never had a passionate night with Elizabeth like he had with me. He could never love Elizabeth the way he loves me. Everyone sees it, and all of the other girls agree with me. John has a strong, undeniable love for me and for that love to flourish, Elizabeth has to go.

8: Narrative Writing: type of writing that tells a story, including setting, characters, time sequence, brief plot, and dialogue.

9: Dear Diary, I was almost exposed today. It has been a couple days since the officials finally arrested that nasty Goody Proctor, and the other girls and I wanted to watch the events going on in the court. Everything was going fine. Mr. Hathorne and Mr. Danforth were just about to sentence Martha Corey when her husband, Mr. Giles Corey comes bursting into the courtroom exclaiming, “I have evidence for the court!” (p. 39) Everything went downhill from there. Mr. Danforth, Uncle Parris, Mr. Hathorne, and Rev. Hale all left the courtroom, along with Mr. Giles. I went over by the door to do some eavesdropping and what do I see from the crack of the door but John and Mary! I knew for sure Elizabeth somehow convince John into making Mary tell the truth, and I could not let that happen. I went to the other girls and devised a plan. There was a lot of shouting on the other side of the door. Then Mr. Cheever came in and beckoned us into the other room. I went in along with Susanna, Mercy, and Betty. Mr. Danforth asks me questions, saying, “Your friend, Mary Warren, has given us deposition. In which she swears that she never saw familiar spirits, apparitions, nor any manifest of the DevilIs there any truth in this?” (p. 46), and of course I said, “No, sir.” (p. 46) I could tell Mr. Danforth did not believe I could ever do such a thing. Then, they started to ask Mary some questions, and she was actually telling the truth! I could not believe she would disobey like that, so I did what had to be done to quiet her. I did the old “cold chill” act and accused Mary of sending her spirit out on me. “A wind, a cold wind has come,” (p. 48) I said, and the other girls soon followed suit. Mary screamed, “Abby, don't do that!” and I could tell she would be easily turned back on my side. I decided to kick it up a notch and cried, “Oh, Heavenly Father, take away this shadow,” (p. 49) when John grabbed me and yelled, “How do you call Heaven! Whore!” (p. 49) He told of our relationship, and the other men were starting to become wise of me. Then they called in that Goody Proctor and she actually made it a little better for me. Mr. Danforth asked, “Is your husband a lecher,” (p.50) and she answered, “No, sir.” (p. 50) Finally that Elizabeth was good for something. The court was still against me, though, especially Rev. Hale. So, I had to take drastic measures. I did the “bird in the ceiling” trick. A trick the other girls, including Mary, knew well. “Oh, Mary, this is a black art to change your shapeMary, please don't hurt me” (p. 51) I did some of my best work in that court room, and the other girls did their best as well. Soon enough, Mary could not take anymore and came back on my side, like I knew she would. My plan backfired a little bit because Elizabeth still has John under her spell and made him say crazy things. They took him to jail, unfortunately. But that is okay. He will soon get out of there and come back to me. I have everything under control.

10: Reflective Writing: type of writing that describes a significant event that has changed a character's life in some way

11: Dear Diary, My reputation is ruined. I cannot believe John would reveal our special relationship in front of everyone in the courtroom, especially Mr. Danforth. You should have seen the way he looked at me. His eyes said I had lost my innocence, and I knew I was destroyed. I just cannot fathom that John would say those things. It was like I meant nothing to him. It was like our relationship meant nothing to him. Well, I do not need him anyway! He meant nothing to me either! He was just some old man who I decided to mess around with. I was just having fun messing with his mind and that wife of his. I never really loved him. I hope they both suffer in jail and hang like no one has ever before! I hope they both die and endure the fiery pits that await them. They are terrible people, and this is a terrible town. I am never going to do something like this again. Falling in love with a married man is more trouble than it is worth. It brought out an ugly side of me. I truly used to be a good girl. I never thought something like this would happen to me. I mean, I heard about women doing that as a child and they were shunned from the society. But my parents’ deaths changed me. My Christian bindings snapped, and I just did not care about anything anymore. I think I will stick to playing around with boys my age from now on. But that does not mean I will not flirt with the older guys to get them in a little trouble. It is not my fault if an older man drools at me. It is just too fun to give up. I must admit I am addicted. But, as soon as I can I have to get out of here. Everyone knows my sin here. I can feel there judging eyes on me everywhere I go. I will be on the next ship. I might need some money though.

13: Dear Diary, What is done is done. I am writing to you on a ship right now and heading to God knows where. I am ready to start a new life. I have left my old friendships and family bindings behind. To them I say good ridings! I did bring Mercy along with me. Not really because I like her. It is more because she was the most loyal and knows the routines better than the rest of the girls. She is not afraid to play the part and play it well. I am excited to think about what lies ahead for Abigail Williams, although, of course, I will not be going by Abigail Williams anymore. I am still not sure of what my new name will be. With Uncle Parris’ money, I could be the wealthiest person of any place I land. Thirty-one pound! Who knew Uncle Parris had so much! I wonder why. After all, he is just a reverend. He did not hide his strongbox in a very good place, and it was very easy to break into. I wonder if he knows I am gone. I told him I was spending a night with Mercy, and Mercy told her parents she was spending the night with me. I know the lie will not hold, but it sure did give us enough time to get away, which was all we really needed. Uncle Parris can be very daft sometimes. It makes me laugh. Well, the ship is about to dock. It is time to start a new life, with new people, and new men.

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