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Chelsea's Mixbook

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FC: Mixbook for English 106

1: The tale of the three little pigs is about a big bad wolf who does not like the three little pigs. He huffs and puffs and blows down their homes!

2: Phenomenal Woman Is about a woman who overcomes the stereotypes of beauty and encourages other woman to embrace what they are and love themselves for who they are not what others want them to be to be labeled "attractive"

3: Still I Rise I think this poem is about someone who is being abused mentally, verbally, or physically, by someone. They finally stand up for themselves and overcome the abuse by rising above the negativity and becoming their own person.

4: The Lady of Shalott is about a woman who is by herself on an island, away from Camelot. To others she is only a fairy tale. She hears there may be a curse on her but she ignores what they say and keeps to herself. One night, she looks out and the curse is put upon her like they had said and she goes down the river in a boat and sings a mournful song that can be heard throughout Camelot as she floats along she eventually dies on her quest to Camelot.

5: Marrying The Hangman I think this is about a woman who is in prison for stealing and a man who is also in prison. The talk but only through the walls and have never seen eachother's faces. The only way the woman can save her life is to marry this man and he could save his life by being the hangman.

6: How Do I Love Thee This poem is about a woman who expresses her true feelings about the one she is in love with. | The way she describes it is very sincere and you can feel her emotions right in the poem. I personally think this is a very beautiful poem.

7: She Walks In Beauty It is about the writer talking about his admiration for a women of his interest. Comparing her beauty to the heavens and sky.

8: La Belle Dame Sans Merci A man is living in a cold and lonely life when he envisions a woman who he meets and he gives her flowers and she takes care of him. He then has a dream about warriors who were dying, only to find that that he wakes up to just that and the woman he met was the dream.

9: When I Have Fears When I Cease To Be I think this poem reflects the writer's intentions to take chances and do things he normally wouldn't do. I feel like he looks back on things that could be different and he doesn't want to do them again and feel the regret.

10: The Raven This is about a man who is missing his deceased loved one one night. When he is napping in his chair he hears a tapping on his door and window. It is a raven who sits on his windowsill and the only thing it quotes is the word "Nevermore"

11: He is a mariner and him and his crew set sail on their ship and go through many obstacles to finally get back to his native land. He is the only one to survive and tell the tale | The Rime of the Ancient Mariner This is a poem about a man who lives to tell a tale of an adventurous trip he has endured.

12: To My Dear and Loving Husband This poem expresses the writer's blatent feelings for her husband. She compares her love to heaven and gold and feels lucky to be in love and with someone she cares for.

13: The Rape of the Lock The writer describes in this story that he is at a party and is determined to get a lock of a girl's tresses. After he finally gets a lock of her tress, the young lady is furious and demands that she get her lock back. She does not recover the lock but the writer jokes and comments that her lock of hair will now become dust and be amidst the stars in the sky.

14: Songs of Innocence and Experience I think this group of poems links opposite points of views. Those of children where they view everything in a naive and innocent fashion, where adults have learned and change their way of thinking.

15: If You Forget Me I believe this poem describes the situation that a man is in with his lover. Everything around him reminds him of her. But he warns that if she stops loving him, he will stop loving her. If she breaks up with him, he will move on too to someone else. | But he says that if she believes she belongs with him, he will take her back because he will always love her.

16: If he is wrong then he is not a writer, and that no man has ever loved before. I think this poem is a true statement and a simple confirmation of something that is hardly ever questioned for its existance. | Sonnet 16 I think that Shakespeare is trying to say that love is all around us and that someone at one point or another will be in love and that will never change. It is a constant fact that cannot be altered and he comments that

17: Song of Myself by Walt Whitman This poem represents the writer's different experiences in life. It collaborates a lot of thoughts about issues and insight that the writer has and he combines them into a collection all his own.

18: The Canterbury Tales is a about a group of 27 individuals that all set off on a pilgrimage to visit the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket. On the way, each person is to tell one or two stories about anything and The Host decides who is the better storyteller.

19: Spoon River Anthology By: Edgar Lee Masters Various Stories Selected

20: Hod Putt This story is about a man who lived in poverty and was evious of the wealthy people around him. Although one man, Old Bill Piersol attained his wealth by first declaring bankruptcy, Hod Putt decided to rob others ofdeclaring bankruptcy, Hod Putt decided to rob others of their wealth and in the meantime commiting murder

21: Ser Serepta Mason In the poem, it expresses the experience one gains as years pass and how the young are naive and innocent that do not "know the ways of the wind"

22: Chase Henry Chase Henry The town's drunkard, the priest of his church denied to bury him inthe graveyard. Ironically, the lot of land is sold to the Protestant's who bury Chase here next to a banker and his wife who were very pious in life and discreet in life.

23: Judge Somers The town Judge who many would think and believe to get a respectable recognition on his gravestone for his active role in the community did not. Despite this fact that he has been influential, Chase Henry is buried | with a much better gravestone and urn than Judge Somers.

24: Nellie Clark Nellie was a young 8 year old girl when she was raped by a fifteen year old. Frightened, she told her mother and when her father found out he wanted to kill the boy | that did this to her. She lived with this story for the rest of her life until she met a widower who was new to town didn't know of the situation. Two years passed before he found out and when he finally did he declared that he felt cheated on and left her. She then died the following winter.

25: Dora Williams When Dora's boyfriend ran away and left her alone, she moved to Springfield. There she met a drunk who's deceased father left him with a fortune. She stayed with him until he died a year later where she then became rich. She moved to many places, being with many men until she moved to Paris. Her apartment became an establishment for poets, writers, artists. She married Count Navigato when she believed he had poisoned her in Rome.

26: Francis Turner A young boy that could not run or play like a young boy should. A man who could not | drink, but only sip from a cup. Due to scarlet fever, he was held back in life. He fell in love with a girl named Mary and they shared a secret garden together until his death.

27: Penniwit the Artist Is an artist in town who was behind the lens of the camera trying to capture the soul of each person. His best photo is of Judge Somers.

28: Homer Clapp A man who wanted to prove to a girl that he loved her by achieving status to win her love, only to lose it all and have nothing. She moved on and liked another man and Homer was left feeling alone and like a fool.

29: Elsa Wertman A German girl who had an affair with a man that she worked with. The store owner told | Elsa she would say the baby was hers and that she would adopt the baby from them.

30: Linden Hills By Gloria Naylor December 23rd Laurel's Suicide and December 24th Luther Nedeed's House Fire

31: Laurel Commits Suicide Following Laurel's isolation from the world including from her family, friends, work and her husband, Laurel locks herself in her music room. Her Grandmother is the only person allowed to come in the room to be with her. They don't talk, just listen to the music. Every day her grandmother is there with | her. One day, they finally talk and Laurel seems to "come out" of her depression and wants to make it a nice Christmas. So she cleans the house, cooks a nice dinner, decorates for the holiday and actually feels good about everything. After getting news that her husband moved out, wanted a divorce and that Luther Nedeed wanted the house back because it wasn't hers, Laurel's life spins out of control again. The way Laurel copes with this is through suicide. She dives into her pool imagining her perfect decent into her empty, snow covered cement pool floor.

32: in the living room after the tree has been trimmed, the basement door has been accidently opened and his wife comes up to clean. She approaches Nedeed and they get into a fight. The boys leave the house and as they leave they can see the house starting to burn. The tree had been | Nedeed's Home Lester and Willie are over at Nedeed's house on Christmas eve helping him decorate his tree. No one knows about Nedeed keeping his wife locked in the basement. As the boys are talking | knocked over and the lit candles adorned had been burning everything in its path. Willie and Lester run around the neighborhood trying to get neighbors attention by yelling and banging on the doors. Finally the fire dept arrives to relieve the burning house

33: Apology to my Unborn One of the Def Jam poets I chose describes her fears and wishes for her unborn child. She discusses the traits she wants in her child and some that she does not. These thoughts I'm sure are shared by a lot of woman who want the best for their children in the future.

34: Diallo Another Def Jam poem by the same poet. This is about a true story of an innocent young man who was shot and killed by the NYPD because he fit the profile of another criminal. This poem discusses the devestation his mother and family went through in learning that the police would take these measures.

35: Dante's Inferno 9 Circles of Hell | P.S...Test To See Which Level You Reside!: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-test.mv

36: Circle One In this circle are those who are innocent and that are in Limbo. They may not have been baptized, pagans, and those who are seperate from God.

37: Circle Two The souls of the Lustful reside here. They are tossed in whirling winds because of their passion and lustful sins.

38: Circle Three The circle of gluttons where souls who have been gluttonous are treated like pigs.

39: Circle Four These souls were called Misers and Spendthrifts. They are opposites but stones are rolled to crash against eachother. These souls abused material things.

40: Circle Five The souls of the wrathful are found at the River of Hate. These souls have striken or beaten others in their lives and had hidden anger.

41: Circle Six This circle includes the souls of the Heretics. They are the ones who have their own ideas and do not follow the Church. It is said that their bodies were in burning graves.

42: Circle Seven Circle of violence. Violence of self, neighbors and against God go here. | here they are submerged in a River of Blood, tortured by Centataurs and suicides turned into trees, bleeding when a branch broke off.

43: Circle Eight This circle hosts those who have been involved in fraud. This includes flatterers who are dipped in excrement. Fortunetellers have their heads on backwards. Hypocrites wear cloaks that look gorgeous on the outside but have heavy lead lining the inside. Thieves turn into snakes and snakes into thieves.

44: Circle Nine The traitors of Cocytus are located here. Cocytus is a frozen lake and Satan is inable to move at the center. | The types of traitors include traitors of kindred, country, guests and masters

45: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas is about a town that is the image of a perfect world or a "utopia" but the only way for the town to | achieve happiness is to allow one child to live in complete despair, abandonment and neglect within a locked room. Those who learn about the child chose to stay or leave if they disagree.

46: The Tell-Tale Heart This story is about a person who eventually kills a nice old man.The reason for this is because this old man posesses an evil, vulture looking eye that is pale blue and glazed over. The very sight of the eye is the cause for this person to kill the old man. Every night for a week he peeks in on him before he kills him. The very beating of his heart underneath the floor boards where he killed him is what drives him to confess to the police.

47: The Lottery A short story about a town of 300 residents who keep an annual tradition to gather at the village's square to host a lottery. It is not your typical lottery, it is one you would hope not to win. The head of household picks a piece of paper, then whoever is picked from the box is the family. Then whoever in that family who has a black dot on their piece of paper is chosen to be the one who ultimately continues in the tradition of being stoned to death.

48: Marrying Well Fanny wants to marry a man that her aunt is not too sure of. She does not want to judge him on first impressions so Fanny's aunt takes it upon herself to meet him one last time. She goes to his shop to buy silk and meets him one more time. He does not remember her and | overcharges her. When Fanny finds this out she doesnt hear from him and cancels the wedding. She later finds out that a month later he is to be married again

49: The Necklace A story about a beautiful woman who is married to a clerk. She always dreamed of being wealthy and to live in luxury but never achieved that. She resents the fact that she is not and when an opportunity to go to a ball comes up, she decides to go looking her best. After her husband gives her money to buy a dress, she decides she also needs jewelry. She goes to her wealthy friend who lends her a diamond necklace to wear. When they arrive home from the ball the necklace is gone and they scramble to look for it, not being found they waste 10 years to afford a look alike and she loses her beauty. In the end, she finds out that the necklace from her friend was really an imitation necklace.

50: The Birthmark A scientist marrys a woman who is perfect in every sense to him except for a tiny red hand-shaped birthmark that is located on her cheek | after request of his wife to remove it, he mixes a solution for her to drink to get rid of her "unslighty" birthmark. The experiment works in making her birthmark vanish but in the process it kills her.

51: The End!!!! I Hope you enjoyed my Mixbook!

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