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Chin-Li And The Bamboo Stalk

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S: Chin-Li and the Bamboo stalk

BC: Young Chin-Li does not quite understand the concept of telling the truth, but when he lies to three evil panda's, and learns his lesson, it will keep him good forever...

FC: Chin-Li and the Bamboo Stalk | By: Mira Greenberg, Neha Sangana, Jared Coker, and Sarah Maredia

1: Chin-Li and the Bamboo Stalk | By: Mira Greenberg, Neha Sangana, Jared Coker, and, Sarah Maredia

3: Once upon a time in China there lived a nine year-old boy named Chin-Li and his father, a sad and lonely widower. They were very poor because his father could not find a job, and they barely had any food. One day Chin-Li’s father asked Chin-Li to go out and sell their pig. At the market, Chin-Li ran into a mysterious old man. “What a fine pig you have there,” the man observed. “Would you like to trade the pig for these mung beans?” “Sorry, but I was hoping to sell, not trade, this pig,” replied Chin-Li. “Oh, but these are not normal beans. They are magic beans and will grant you two wishes if you drop them into a pond,” argued the man. Chin-Li was tempted by the old man's persuasive words and agreed to trade his pig for the beans.

5: As Chin-Li was happily walking home with the beans, he came across a pond a few miles from his home and quickly dropped in the beans. He made the wish to have wealth and a nice home. As soon as he dropped the beans in the pond, he heard a rumbling sound,and a giant green and brown bamboo stalk shot out of the ground. As the stalk soared into the air, Chin-Li backed away, ran to a tree and peeked out from behind. “Wow!”Chin-Li gasped with amazement. The giant bamboo stalk towered over the mountains around him and disappeared in the puffy white clouds above him. Chin-Li ran home to his father and told him about the magnificent bamboo stalk. “ Hahaha,” laughed his father, “that is the most creative tale I have heard in a long time!" “No, but it's true!” argued Chin-Li

7: The next day Chin-Li went to check on the bamboo stalk to see if it had all been a dream, like his dad thought, but to his surprise the bamboo stalk was still there. Chin-Li was still not sure if the stalk was real, so he went up and touched it. Then Chin-Li thought to himself: “My wish of riches and fine home did not come true at the bottom of the bamboo stalk, so maybe it is waiting for me at the top!” Then he began to climb up and up. He was about 450 feet off the ground when he noticed a giant cloud about 100 feet above him. He climbed the last 100 feet and took a step onto the huge and beautiful cloud island. It was like a giant floating bamboo forest. Chin-Li was amazed at the sight. Suddenly, he saw a three pandas. These pandas were no ordinary creatures. They were giant pandas, over 50 feet tall, so big that Chin-Li was the size of one of the panda's ears. He quickly scurried to the nearest bush and waited for the pandas to leave.

9: After the pandas left, Chin-Li followed their footprints and saw their home - a huge cottage made entirely from bamboo. Then Chin-Li saw something even better: on a windowsill with hideous curtains of strange purple dancing monkeys bouncing off giant coconuts, he saw a statue of a pig made entirely out of gold. Chin-Li knew that if he could steal that statue, he and his father would never starve again. Before Chin-Li could act, three pandas came into view. A few minutes later the three pandas all left to look for delicious bamboo for dinner, Chin-Li sneaked into the giant pandas' home in search of the pig.

11: Then he saw it: the statue of the pig. Chin-Li scurried up the ugly curtains and finally reached the pig. “This is unbelievable!” said Chin-Li. “I will be the richest man in the village.” As he reached out to touch the shimmering pig he heard, “Pee, Pie, Po, Pan, I smell the blood of a Chinese man!” Chin-Li was so startled he lost his balance and slipped off the edge of the windowsill but caught himself on the curtains before he fell to his death. Just then the eldest panda named Chang picked him up by his scrawny legs, threw him into a tiny cage, and boomed, “Good thing I left my water pack here, or we wouldn't have caught this intruder." Chin-Li was terrified and began to sob. “I will never be able to get out of here,” he cried.

13: They observed him carefully. Then Chang asked, “Did you come here to steal our treasure? If you tell the truth, we will not hurt you and will let you go, but if you lie to us, we will keep you prisoner for the rest of your life.” Chin-Li didn't believe the panda's words and thought that they would let him go if he told them he wasn't stealing. So then Chin-Li lied, “I’m not stealing. I’m just here to look around.” “Okay,” the pandas said in a stern voice, “for now we will let you go, but if we catch you stealing again, we will know that you were lying and will keep you in prison forever.”

15: Wang, Chang's younger brother, slammed open the cage and released Chin-Li. Then the horrible pandas pushed Chin-Li out the door and locked it-not realizing that Chin-Li could simply crawl under the massive bamboo door. The pandas continued their day not knowing what Chin-Li was plotting. When the pandas finally went to bed Chin-Li sneaked under the door and climbed up the ugly curtains and went to get the pig. He quickly shoved it into a sack he had brought along with him. He started to run but the heavy statue slowed him down. When he reached the bamboo stalk, he suddenly realized that he was being followed. As he swiveled around, he saw the pandas in the distance. He had to get down the bamboo stalk fast!

17: As he scrambled down the bamboo stalk he saw that the pandas, steaming with anger, were starting to climb down the bamboo stalk. So Chin-Li started to climb even faster. After miles and miles he finally reached the bottom. Lang, the most curious and dumbest of the three, was getting really hungry so he decided to take one bite out of the stalk. As he did this Chang cried, “ LANG! You're not supposed to eat it!!” Lang continued to eat the delicious bamboo. Since Wang saw Lang eating delicious bamboo, he decided to give it a try. “Yummy!” shrieked Wang,“It's better than the bamboo in our forest!” When Chin-Li looked up he saw two of the pandas eating the bamboo stalk, and then the stalk collapsing, completely covering the giant pandas as they crashed and hit the ground. After everything was silent once more, Chin-Li ran home to his father and showed him the pig. His father was so happy that they immediately went to the market and sold the golden pig for a thousand yen!


19: After Chin-Li and his father settled down in their brand new house with plenty of food, Chin-Li thought to himself,“I can't believe I lied to the pandas. Even though I got what I wanted, if I had told the truth, I wouldn't have had to go through all that trouble! That just teaches me that lying can get you into more trouble than telling the truth.” And Chin Li and his father became rich, and lived happily ever after!

20: Mira G. - Goes to Hill Country Middle School and has one younger brother named David. She helped write the book. | Sarah M. - Goes to Hill Country Middle and has one older brother, she also helped with the book. | About the

21: Neha S. - Goes to Hill Country Middle School is 11 years old she edited and helped write the story. | Jared C. - Goes to Hill Country Middle School and currently plays football and has two brothers. | Authors

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  • Title: Chin-Li And The Bamboo Stalk
  • A young boy named Chin-Li climbs a magical bamboo stalk and finds riches for him to take but when he gets caught he finds out that lying has the ability to get you into more trouble than you should be in
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