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Chinese Cinderella

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BC: Works Cited Yen, Mah Adeline. Chinese Cinderella: the True Story of an Unwanted Daughter. New York, NY: Random House, 1999. Print. | Bibliography | All About.... | Adeline Yen Mah | Thanks For Reading!! | By:Maddie Lien

FC: Adeline Yen Mah | Chinese Cinderella | http://goo.gl/3gUEi | http://goo.gl/2OyKR

1: Adeline Shy, nice, friendly and caring 5th youngest sister of seven, Lover of school, animals, and friends Who feels her parents dislike her, she doesn't have a good life, but has her aunt always by her side when she needs her, Who gives love, kindness, and a helping hand Who fears of her step-mom yelling and being mean to her, close family dying, and being left alone, Who would like to see her parents that love her, sisters and brother who love her, and feels important in her life Who would like to see people treat her with respect, Resident in England Mah

2: Who Caused Adeline's Life to Change By: Maddie Lien Adeline's mom died in the year of 1941, from getting very sick after Adeline was born. Everyone blamed Adeline for causes her mom to die. Her dad got re-married to a mean woman, who hate all of her step-children, and care for her own children. Adeline was born in the year of 1941. A couple days after her mom gave birth to her, Adeline's mom came down with a fever, and then in 3 weeks she died from a very bad fever. Adeline was heartbroken, and so was the five other children, and they blamed Adeline for there moms death. Soon after, Adeline's dad re-married to a woman named Niang, who is really mean to all of her step-kids. So a very important event that happened in Adeline's life was when her mom died, because of her step-mom abusing her, and making her life worse by being mean and treating her un-fairly.

3: Adeline’s step-mom would like her own children, and give them what ever they wanted, like tea parties just for them, letting them go to different countries, and getting them presents. While Adeline’s step-mom would hit all of her step-kids, didn’t care if they were left alone, and would abuse them, by not feeding them, hitting them and slapping them.

4: Backpack! Reading books- Adeline loved school, and loved reading books, so I would have thought that she would have had books in her backpack to read at school, and at her house. Homework- Adeline also loves doing her homework. She would come home from school and right away do her homework, and sometimes work ahead, because she really enjoys school. She even said her favorite place was school! Letters from her grandpa- She might have had a letter from her grandpa, because he grandpa would right her letters and she always kept them. Also she loves her grandpa, because he cares for her and loves her too. Letters to her family- She would have letters to some of her family members, like her aunt, grandpa, brothers, or just writing to her mom. She loves seeing her family, and when she was in Hong-Kong, she never got to see them for rover a year. So she would write to them.

5: Pencils or Pens- She would have a couple of pencils or pens in her backpack for doing her homework, or using them for writing letters to her some of her family members. Money- When Adeline was younger, her aunt would sneak her some money so she could ride the buses to school, instead of walking 2-3 miles. Then after a while her step-mom caught them, and Adeline had to walk to school, and back home. | http://goo.gl/OP2YN | http://goo.gl/NkNnd

6: Memories! | Adeline’s Moms Death Her mom died when Adeline was only a few weeks old, but she remembers it, and her brothers and sisters tell her about it. | Going to school Adeline went to school, and she remembers Making new friends, winning student of the week, and becoming class president. | Her grandma's death Adeline’s grandma died from being sick, and old. Adeline loved her grandma a lot, because her grandma actually cared for her and loved her back. | http://goo.gl/Y4VTd

7: Winning a prize Adeline won a play writing contest, and won a lot of money. Her dad found out and was really proud of her. That was one of the first times shes ever felt important in her life. | Going to Hong Kong Adeline’s step-mom brought her to Hong Kong, to just leave her there. Adeline went to a new school, all the way until she was 14. No one ever visit her, because everyone forgot about her.

8: My Diary Dear Diary, Today first started out as a good day, but in the end was terrible. First, I went to school and we voted on who would become class president. Then after our teacher counted the votes, I won! I was so excited, and so were my friends. I really didn’t think I would win, since in my speech, all I talked about was that I shouldn’t be class president, and how my friend should. But I still wanted to be president, so I’m glad I won. My class secretly made up a plan to throw me a party at my house. I didn’t know they would do that. After I got home, I heard a knock on the door, and all of a sudden, my class was in my house throwing a party for me. I was very excited, but then my parents heard the noise, and told me to kick out all my friends and to tell them to never come back. My parents are so mean to me, and I was sad I had to ask them to leave. I finally did, and then my mom took my presents. My mom is so mean to me, and I hate that. I really feel unappreciated in this world By: Adeline

9: All things Adeline thought of

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