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Chloe- Youth Services

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FC: YOUTH SERVICES chloe kastelic

1: Pictures in Mrs. Knoener's classroom! | I had my sister in my class! | A student working hard. | Locker break! | My supervisor and I! | Working on homework!

2: Week #1 sept. 12-14 | Sept. 12- | Today i introduced myself to the class and met some students. I talked with my teacher a lot and she told me what id be doing for the time I'm there. | Sept. 13- | Today I helped a girl with some science homework. I also hung up the kids "all about" posters. | Sept. 14- | Today i sat in her science class. I also hung up the rest of the posters until i had to leave.

3: QUESTIONS | How did you interact with your supervisor? | What is your supervisor's contact info? | Me and my supervisor interacted well. I had her as a past teacher so we knew another. She is very nice and i think working in her class is going to be a great experience! | Phone number: 893-4353 x2314 Place: Riverview Middle School Email Address:

4: WEEK #2 Sept. 17-21 | Sept. 17- | Today I helped a student with some math homework. It was on multiplication. | Sept. 18- | Today I helped hang up the rest of the posters in the hallway. | Sept. 19- Early release. | Sept. 20- | Today I was helping kinds with their book report powerpoints. | Sept. 21- | Today I helped a student finish his science lab.

5: QUESTIONS | How do you feel you showed responsibility at your site? | I think I showed good responsibility at my site this week. I got there on time everyday and didn't disrupt the class. When my supervisor asked me to do something, I did it right away. I would help students who needed help with their work and made sure they understood their material. My supervisor and I get along very well. I like helping out in her class.

6: WEEK #3 Sept. 24-27 | Sept. 24- | Today I helped a student with some math homework. They were working with factors and multiplication. | Sept. 25- | Today I helped hang up world map posters. | Sept. 26- | Today I helped some girls with their power points. I also cut up some paper for a math game. | Sept. 27- | Today I helped a student with social studies homework. I also hung up more maps.

7: QUESTIONS | Explain a least three ways you displayed a positive attitude during the past week. | This week i was very busy. I enjoyed it very much. My positive attitude showed when i walked into the classroom and said hello to my teacher. I asked her how she was and how her day was going. I listened to my supervisor and when she told me to help her with something I didn't complain, I got right to it. When a student was getting frustrated with their homework, I gave them positive support and told them they could do it. I really like this class and I get along with them really well.

8: WEEK #4 Oct. 1-5 | Oct 1- | Today I sat and listened to her science class. Then I hung up some window stickers. | Oct 2- | Absent. (tennis) | Oct 3- | Today I helped two students with their spelling crossword puzzles. | Oct 4- | Absent. (tennis) | Oct 5- | Today I helped a student with math homework. We were working on mixed fractions.

9: QUESTIONS | In what ways have you worked to reach your full potential at your site? How can you do more in the future? | At my site this week I think I did a very good at reaching my full potential, even though I wasn't there the whole week. The second I walk into the room, I look for way I can help out. When I'm at my site I like to do anything I can to make my supervisors day a little earlier. In the future I'd like to help out more students. I want them to come up to me and ask for my help.

10: WEEK #5 Oct. 8-12 | Oct 8- | Today I helped a girl type up her book report. I also helped some girls with their math video. | Oct 9- | Today I helped a boy with math fractions. | Oct 10- | Today I helped study social studies with some boys. | Oct 11- | Today I helped students study for a spelling test.

11: QUESTIONS | If you were to put yourself in your supervisor's shoes and evaluate your current performance, what would you say and why? | I think I would rate myself pretty good. I always dress appropriately and never interrupt the class. I think my supervisor is happy with my performance. She always has a smile on her face when I walk in and I ask her how her day is going. I always tell her when I am going to be absent. She always thanks me and appreciates it.

12: Week #6 Oct. 15-19 | Oct 15- | Today my class was at Rachel's Challenge. | Oct 16- | Today I helped a student with his math quiz. I read off the questions for him so he could understand better. | Oct 17- | Early release. | Oct 18- | Oct 19- | Today I helped some kids with a crossword puzzle. | Today I helped a boy finish his math quiz.

13: Questions | Tell me about one problem/ challenge that you had on your site during the past week and how you solved it. | I usually don't have any problems with my class. But sometimes the kids get really loud and antsy. They would stop paying attention. I would then walk around and tell the students to pay attention and listen to the teacher. It usually works and they calm down.

14: veryone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence | Week #7 Oct 22-24 | Oct 22- | Today I helped some girls decorate their classroom door. | Oct 23- | Sick. | Oct 24- | No school in the morning.

15: I like my site very much. The kids are always happy and respectful to me. When I walk in, they always say hello. The kids appreciate when I help them with their homework or read them questions. My supervisor is also very nice and I'm very glad I got her. The only thing I dislike about my site is that it is on the third floor in the back of the school. It just takes time to get there. But it cannot be changed so I make do. Overall, I love my site. | What do you like and dislike about your site?

16: Week #8 Oct/Nov- 29-2 | Oct 29- | Today I helped my supervisor find a planet song so her students would learn faster. | Oct 30- | Today I walked around and helped some students with their math homework. | Oct 31- | Today I counted out some activities for my supervisor. Then I took down fraction posters. | Nov 1- | Today I helped unravel and measure calculator strips for a future science project

17: Questions | What was your goal for the Youth Service Class? How do you think you are doing on reaching that goal? My goal for Youth Services is to be more helpful to children. I want to be more helpful. I think I am reaching this goal. Kids now come up to me for help and I really enjoy that. I want them to know I am there to help them with whatever questions they may have.

18: Week #9 Nov 5-9 | Nov 5- | Today I helped clean up a science project. Then I started to take down the All About Me Posters. | Nov 6- | Today I helped take down some more All About Me posters. | Nov 7- | Today I listened to their science class. Then I helped a girl with an English project. | Nov 8- Sophomore testing. | Nov 9- | Wisdom teeth out.

19: Questions | In what ways have you worked to reach your full potential at your site? How can you do more in the future? | I have always worked my hardest when I'm at my site. I ask what I can do to help out around the classroom or if kids need help. In the future, I'd like to come back to my site and help out even more. I think it's important to work around younger kids, sometimes they can even teach me some things.

20: Week #10 Nov 12-16 | Nov 12- | Today I made copies for my supervisor. | Nov 13- | Today I helped supervisor come up with ideas for a science project. | Nov 14- | Field trip. | Nov 15- | Today I went to make copies for my supervisor. Then I worked on math with some students.

21: Questions | Describe one time this week that you have gone out of your way to help someone other than at your site? | I like helping out at my site but I try to help out other places too. On Tuesday I was watching tv and noticed my dad out by our chicken coop. So I decided to go out by him, I helped him clean the pen and collect eggs. By helping it took him less time and I felt good that I helped him out.

22: Week #11 Nov 19&20 | Nov 19- | Nov 20- | Today I traced characters for a science project. Then I started to trace it in black. | Today I hung up science posters on the wall.

23: Questions | In 10 words or less, describe what you have personally learned from your volunteer work thus far. | Helping out students that need help, makes me feel good.

24: Week #12 Nov 26-30 | Nov 26- | Today I helped some students with a science project. I helped them understand the material better. | Nov 27- | Today I corrected papers for my supervisor. They were on the rock cycle. | Nov 28- | Today I finished correcting the papers. | Nov 29- | Today I put up Christmas decorations in the classroom. Students helped me too.

25: Fall is here! | Questions | Tell me some ways in which you can take a great activity, or an activity that you have been doing often at your site, and make it even better for yourself or for the people you are working with. | Most of the week I work with the students with their homework or sometimes projects. I think it gets them used to asking for help from someone they aren't too familiar with. They are very open and comfortable with me. It helps me learn about what the younger kids need and struggle with.

26: Week #13 Dec 3 - 7 | Dec 4- | Today I helped students with math homework. They asked me question on how to figure out some problems. | Dec 5- | Today I helped a girl draw a picture for her social studies. | Dec 3- | no school. | Dec 6- | Today my supervisor asked me to create a rock poster for her science class.

27: Questions | After playing the game Spent with Mrs. Sager, what are the first three choices you would offer to someone in that situation. Please explain why you feel these are the best choices. | If my friend was in that situation I would first offer them a place to stay. Shelter is the most important need that people need. Then I would offer them food, if they are in need. I would also offer them a job. Money is key to a good living.

28: Week #14 Dec 10-15 | Dec 10- | Today I helped a student with math homework then I worked on a rock poster for the class. | Dec 11- | Today I worked on the rock poster again. | Dec 12- | Today I finished drawing things on the rock poster and answered some questions that some kids had. | Today I helped two girls on their rock power point. | Dec 13-

29: What impact do you think you have on your site? exlpain. | Questions | I think I have made an impact on my site. When I go, the kids look forward to seeing me. They always ask me fro help and they get along well with me. I also enjoy being there. Being around little kids is almost refreshing. It's fun to be around a younger age group.

30: Week #15 Dec 17- 21 | Dec 17- | Today I made paper copies for my supervisor. 8:50- 9:16 | Dec 18- | Today I made copies and helped sort blocks for my supervisor. It's for their party on Friday. 8:50- 9:16 | Dec 19- | Half day. | Dec 20- | Snow day. | Dec 21- | 2 hour delay.

31: Questions | What is the one thing that stands out in your mind as the most beneficial thing you learned from your site supervisor? | My supervisor is such a nice and caring person. She really knows how to work with kids and they all think she's a great teacher. My supervisor really makes class fun and that way the kids are more interested. She isn't so serious and makes jokes of things. Her students are always asking her for help and she always listens.

32: Week #16 December 31- January 4th | Dec 31- No school. | January 1- No school. | January 2- Today I started to make a math poster for my supervisors class. 8:32- 9:16 | January 3- | Today I worked on the poster again. 8:32- 9:16

33: Questions | Identify three ways a site supervisor would observe that a volunteer was performing below expectations. How do you think they should handle each of these areas of low performance? | If a volunteer was performing poorly, they would be disrespectful. The student wouldn't listen to the supervisor and wouldn't do what they asked. All students should be ready to work when they get to their site. The supervisor should take the student aside and ask them to stay on task and be more respetctful.

34: Week #17 January 7-11 | Jan 7- | Today i helped a girl on power point. Then i worked on the math poster. 8:47-9:17 | Jan 8- | Today i helped some students on their math homework. 8:47-9:17 | Jan 9- | Today i helped a girl look up information for her project. Then i had to start on a new science rock poster. 8:47-9:17 | Jan 10- | Today i worked on the math poster the whole time. 8:47-9:17

35: *questions* | What is the one thing at your placement that you enjoyed the most this week? What is the one volunteer activity that you are looking forward to participating in after class is over? | This week i really enjoyed working on the posters. She let's me be creative and do what i'd like. I really liked our trip to Project Angle Hugs. I think i'm going to go there sometime to volunteer and help out. It's good to volunteer and it makes me feel good.

36: Week #18 January 14th- 18 | Jan 14- | Today I took some pictures of my classroom and I finished the math poster. 8:25-9:15 | Jan 15- | Today I helped a student look up information for a rock project. 8:42-9:18 | Jan 16- | Half day. | Jan 17- | Today I had to scan some math pages for a class. 8:25- 9:15 | Jan 18-

37: QUESTIONS | If a student was asking you what all do you do in the Youth Service class. What would be your response to their question? What 3 things would you tell them about the class? | I would tell the student that's it's so much fun and it really is good experience. It looks good on resumes and it's something colleges look at. It's fun to be around younger kids and interacting with them. It's also not hard and there isn't much work you have to do. But overall it's a very good experience and more students should do it.

38: Letter to my supervisor | Dear Mrs. Knoener, I just want to thank you for letting me come in and help out in your classroom. It was such a great experience. Working and helping the kids was really fun! All the projects you had me do kept me busy and I enjoyed doing them. Hope to see you soon! Thanks again! Sincerely, Chloe Kastelic

39: Volunteering at Riverview was such a great experience. It was so much fun working with a younger age group. I always knew when I'd get there, my day would get better. It's just nice to be around different people. I've learned that kids learn at different paces and they don't always understand things right away. This class really impacted my life because they gave me a great experience and made me a better helper. My listening skills really improved because it's important to listen to what the kids are asking. I enhanced my relationships between a few kids in the class. I knew them before but now we know each other very well! I will use my new listening skills in my classes now. The weekly reflections and time sheets kept me on track and organized. This class has really impacted me and I really hope to see some of the kids out of school. I will use this class in the future. I think it will look good on college applications. It's also a class I'm glad I took. It was just a good experience and more kids should consider taking it. Overall I'm happy I took this class! :)

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