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Civilizations of the Past: Mesopotamia

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Civilizations of the Past: Mesopotamia - Page Text Content

S: Mesopotamia by J. Friesen

FC: Civilizations of the Past Mesopotamia | by J. Friesen

1: Table of Contents How it all began .....................3 Religion ................................4 Rules ...................................5 Government and law ................6 Social classes .........................7 People..................................8 Trade and travel..................9 Food................................10 Music...............................11 Homes..............................12 Clothes.............................13 Daily Lives .......................14

2: Civilizations of The Past Mesopotamia | book made in

3: You all know Iraq as a country now. But a long time ago it was Mesopotamia. The first leader was Akkad who built Sargon. The civilization began when everybody came together to farm and build. They also dug ditches in the ground for irrigation. | How it all began

4: The majority of the people are polytheist believing in many gods. They would make statues of themselves to be placed in the temple to pray for them. Some people believed in Judaism and believed in one god as the creator of everything. | Religion

5: 1. If a man commits a murder, they will kill that man. 2. If a man does not follow the rules, they will kill him. 3, If a man commits a crime to another, that man will be in prisoned and he will weigh and deliver 15 shekels of silver. 4. If the wife of a young man on her own, approaches a man and initiates relations with him, they shall kill that woman. That male will be released. | Rules

6: The first empire Sargon built was Akkad. Rules were made based off of beliefs. The government was a monarchy and a theocracy. As the laws were based off of their beliefs in the Gods. | Government

7: Below the king was the upper class. The nobles, priests, and soldiers were a part of this class. The lower class was made up of craftsmen, farmers and slaves. | Social Classes

8: People | King Nebuchadnezzar was a well known leader. He is mentioned in the Bible and is also known for building The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. He built this ziggurat for his wife who missed her home country.

9: Don't think: Look! -Ludwig Wittgenstein | There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature. -Aristotle | Mesopotamians would trade with each other including Babylonians, Summers and Assyrians. They also traded with Egypt and Persia. Items traded included grains ,vegetables, crafts, jewelry, wood, drinks, imports, wine, oil, jewelry, stones, gold, copper, and ivory. They traveled by foot, donkeys, pack goats, boats and carts. | Trade and Travel | Fun Fact: Mesopotamians invented the wheel!

10: They often ate wheat, barley wine, honey, locust bread, fish, pork, beef and goat. | Food

11: Music | The people there played music at birth and marriages. Most people for fun. some of the instrument's they played were the reed pipes, lyres, drums

12: Homes | The rich lived in large homes, and the poor lived in smaller homes, and farmers lived in huts. The kings lived in the ziggurats and the gods were believed to live on the top of the ziggurat. When people would grill for the king it was a different person each day.

13: Clothes | The Sumerian's made their clothing by using the natural resources that they were able to find anywhere. Beads were made out of clay, stones, and gems. Cloth was woven out of wool from the sheep and made out of hides of animals. They would die colors from plants and added fringe to their outfits.

14: In Mesopotamia the father was the power over the family, what he said goes. Families were close and often times lived together in same home. Women's jobs were to take care of the children, household chores, and be a wife and mother. It was a common practice for people to make statues of themselves and put them in the temple so that they may be able to go to work while their statue was praying for them. | Main Lives

16: Glossary irrigation: Transferring water from one point to another using ditches, canals, pipes, etc... Judaism: Religion with the belief of one god as creator of everything. monarchy: Rule by one leader. polytheism: The belief in many gods. theocracy: Rules are based on beliefs. ziggurat: A large building built for the Gods in Mesopotamia.

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