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CLASS OF 2011 - Page Text Content

S: WHWS Class of 2011

FC: Through the Years | WHWS Class of 2011

1: Grades 1-8 2003-2011

2: Dante | Susannah & Helena | Sarabeth

3: GRADE 1 | Colin | Alden | 2003 | 2004

4: Wagon Race | Gathering Hazelnuts | Spencer&Brandon | "When I first met Mike I had my doubts. I thought he was a young, wet-nosed kid right out of school (and a Yankee fan on top of that!) Boy, was I wrong. The leadership and friendship he has shown the kids is something special. He'll be missed!" -Garry

5: May Faire | Lake Padden | Sarabeth

6: Alden Roberts

7: Brandon Sieber

8: GRADE 2 | 2 0 0 4 | Helena and Susannah

9: Michealmas' Dragon Bread, Hovander, Knitting Animals, Class Parties, May Faire, Mallards, | 2 0 0 5

10: Field trips, ice-skating, Holiday Faire, Class Play

11: "My favorite thing about Mr. Haley is his passion for work. He always seems thoroughly interested in what he's teaching us (except math sometimes...)" -Sarabeth

14: Colin Bigelow

15: K o p l o w i t z - | D a n t e | F l e m i n g

16: THIRD GRADE | Mt Baker Snow Day | Building a Snow Cave | Talia and Mallory

17: 2005/2006 | "I am so grateful that you are a warm, genuine, imaginative, playful male role model for Colin. He trusts you and admires you so much and wants to be 'as easy going as Mr. Haley'." -Robin

18: Play-ground Project

19: Working Hard

20: Helena Hewitt

21: Mallory Langen

22: POTLATCH Whidbey Island, Washington | "My favorite thing about Mr. Haley is that he's fun to be around." -Spencer | 2 0 0 6

23: GRADE 4 | 2 0 0 7 | "Thank you for all your years of love and devotion to this class. I know it hasn’t always been easy, and I really appreciate that you stuck with us all (children and parents). I am so grateful that Colin had you for his teacher. I think he found a kindred spirit in you. You will be missed by both of us." -Robin

24: "My message to Mr. Haley is that he is an awesome teacher and that I am really lucky ro have had him as my teacher. I will miss him and wish him luck with his future adventures.". -Spencer | "If I could tell Mr. Haley one thing before he leaves, it'd be to stay a teacher, 'cause I think he's amazing." -Colin

25: "Our class is as close to a family as 14 non-relatives can get. I trust each and every one of them. And I enjoy spend-ing time with 'em! " -Dante | GRADE 5 2007- 2008

26: "Having the same kids in class every year, made it feel like a family." -Ranen | "My favorite thing about Mr. Haley is his sense of humor, he can turn any subject, incident, or problem into a very funny joke. He knows when to joke, and how to. This has been one of my favorite parts of going to school every morning for the past 8 years." -Dante

27: Olympiad Adventures | "We aren't a class, we're a family and we love and take care of each other. Also we have the best "dad" in the world - Mike Haley!" -Sarabeth | Quinn

29: "Mike's patience and sense of humor are qualities I admire greatly, and think those helped Mallory become a confident learner. His love of music and skill with the banjo, guitar, drums enriched the kids and I think inspired some to try their own hands at music them- selves.." -Mary | "My favorite memory of Mr. Haley is when it was just me and him walking on the backpacking trip because he felt like my dad." -Quinn

30: "This class is an amazing bunch of kids that have all found their own extravagant foliage, and then allowed to bloom. A class of all alpha's who love and support each other waaay more than I have ever seen in a group of kids this age. A rare tribal thing. Wholehearted acceptance of each other's beauties and flaws both. Smart, talented, social, articulate, literate, artistic, bold, willing, pretty brilliant on a scale. Must have reunions!" -Trina

31: "I most admire Mike's playful nature. It is a gift that makes you smile, laugh and look at the lighter side. Mike's thoughtful observations and appreciation of the natural world seem to feed his funny bone. Between his humorous outlook and quick musicianship, Mike is always fun to be around! Thank you, Mike for sharing your spontaneity, intelligence and good cheer. It is as good for us grown ups as it has been for this class! We wish you and your family grand explorations...but sure hope you come back to Bellingham!" -Sue

32: Quinn Iddins

33: Ranen Johnson | Ranen Johnson

34: Grade 6 | 2008 | 2 0 0 9 | Ranen

35: "My most enduring memory of Mike is as Huckle (or was it Muckle?) in the Shepherd's Play, swaddled in sheepskin from head to toe, slipping on the "ice" and performing the most spectacular pratfall, flat onto his back to the delight of all. Talk about sacrificing your body to the cause!" -Rodd

36: "So many qualities to admire, but foremost would be his kindness, beyond all reasonable measure. That amazing capacity melted a young heart that had been frozen by a terrible time before we came here. I have watched her regain her childhood, steep in the wonder of it, and then begin to grow past it on a strong foundation. That kindness is reflected in the kids way with each other and in how they see the world." -Trina

37: Backpacking Ross Lake | "My favorite memory of Mr. Haley is jumping off of the cliffs at Ross Lake with him, very fun." -Dante

38: L o e f f e l m a n n - | Z a h e d i | Samia

39: Sarabeth | P e m b l e

40: Grade 7 | "I'm amazed and impressed by Mike's successful ability to blend his childlike 'joie de vivre' with the skills necessary for educating a class of children,. Year after year, Mike has been able to keep Dante, and the rest of his class, interested and excited about school from ages 6 through 14 years. How many teachers can pull-off that? I am so thankful he stuck with it all 8 years!" -Maria

41: Party at the Beach Mazama Our last Michael-mas Oliver Twist Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde Renais-sance Faire | 2009 | 2010

46: "My favorite thing about Mr. Haley, is his ability to make a joke about something that is VERY boring." -Brandon | "I would like to tell Mike to keep smiling and to know that we parents, along with our children, cherish him and the eight years of teaching he devoted to our kids. We will miss him so much!" -Mary

47: "There are too many favorite memories. The little things that he does in class each day though are my favorites." -Colin | "Mike, DON'T QUIT TEACHING and CONTINUE YOUR MUSIC! " -Janie

48: M a r s h a l l- | Spencer | R o d e n b e r g

49: G u d m u n d s o n | Susannah

50: Bonds of FRIENDSHIP | "The kids in this wonderful class are warm, kind, loved children, and they have this incredible, rare innocence that rarely seems to survive to 8th grade these days. I think that much of it has to do with the parents of these kids. I can tell the effect of the lack of media in their young lives, and from the fact that they all come from a home where they have been cherished, valued, and where time and effort have been put into helping them develop into fine human beings. It has been a privilege to watch them develop and grow and I will always treasure this experience. I know that it will positively affect Sarabeth for the rest of her life." -Janie

51: "I think the most special thing about our class is our sense of humor." -Brandon

54: Talia Johnson

55: "I would tell Mike to keep smiling and to know that we parents, along with our children, cherish him and the eight years of teaching he devoted to our kids. We will miss him so much!!" -Mary | "Mr. Haley, you have been one of the most influential people that I have ever met in my life. You have thought me many life lessons that I will keep forever, SAFETY 3RD!" -Dante | Mr. Mike Haley | "I HOPE I SEE HIM AGAIN. HE IS A GREAT TEACHER AND I AM VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM AS A TEACHER AND IT MAKES ME SO SAD THAT I HAVE TO LEAVE HIS CLASS AFTER 5 YEARS. I HOPE HE HAS A GREAT LIFE." -Ranen

57: "My favorite memory of the class was and continues to be every time they are together, the way they all relate to each other....when they were younger I was struck by the absence of the need for gadgets..they played with their imaginations, their feet, hands and faces. Spontaneous songs, stories and games would, and still do spring from their own internal wealth." -Trina

58: Grade 8

59: "Our class is so special because of the awesome people in it." -Spencer | 2010 | 2011

60: "The sheer goodness and strength of these years with you will be ongoing in a very real way into the next few generations. You will always be part of the structure of Talia's character. There are teachers I remember like Talia will remember you, a jewel in her crown and essential to who she is becoming." -Trina "Mike has brought exuberance, vitality, and humor to our children. He has also managed to keep a closeness to the students that seems to have united them quite a bit the last few years." -Terry | "Thank you for giving Ranen such a positive memory of his elementary and middle school years. You took what was a very difficult time for him and made it a good one. He finally wanted to come to school and looked forward to his days there with you and the class at WHWS. Thank you!" -Tani

61: "I had the pleasure of being in the 8th grade play, "The Mouse that Roared" It was amazing watching those kids and Mike overcome so many hurdles and pull-off such a fun production. I will always be thankful to him for giving me that chance to spend time with the kids and to bond with Dante ." -Garry

62: Utah

63: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

64: "My favorite memory would have to be the balloon fight at Larrabee . After a thorough soaking, it was asked that a few of the Mom's load up a large barrel of water. While Mike was sup= posedly organizing the children on the open=aired stage for a photo, he then snuck the water up onto the stage behind the class and SOAKED all the kids. It was SO FUNNY!" -Terry | "'If you can laugh at it, you can survive it'~ Bill Cosby What I love most about Mike is his sense of humor. He has a way of being silly and goofy at just the right moment to lighten things up. The humor he has helped to cultivate in our kids will serve them well. They will have a good sense of when to take something serious and when to just let it go. They can see life for what it is: an amazing yet uncontrolled string of moments that never go the way they are planned. And with a little humor it will be okay. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to so many days." -Kerri

65: "I have always loved his playfulness and connection with the kids. His attitude always infected the kids with the same enthusiasm for the lessons and made them want to learn the subject material and to see it in different lights. He has been a true "pied piper" of the curriculum for Sarabeth and the others. I rarely, if ever, heard ANYTHING being addressed in class as being "boring," "stupid," etc., because he always found ways to engage her interest and curiosity. Her high school teachers are going to have a hard act to follow!" -Janie | "One of my favorite memories of you, Mike, was in 6th grade. It was after school, and I was talking to you in the classroom and Susannah accidentally knocked a chair off of the desk onto the floor. It made a really loud noise that would have annoyed most people. You immediately threw your arms into the air, and yelled “2 points!” Susannah laughed and put the chair back. There was no shaming or embarrassing. I think this is a great demonstration of why this class is as special as it is. They are following your lead on how to treat each other with understanding, respect, and humor!" -Robin | My favorite memory of Mr. Haley is singing 'Wild Thing' around the campfire on our Mazama trip! He was really jamming and we were all singing along and having a great time!" -Sarabeth | "The funniest thing that happened in class was when Mr. Haley dressed like a bird and jumped out the window!" -Spencer

66: "My favorite memory of Mr. Haley is when he dropped 13 encyclopedias on my desk and it broke in half!" -Spencer | "The funniest thing that ever happened is definitely last year in 7th grade when we were learning about levers and Mr. Haley demonstrated with Spencer's desk and some dictionaries and Spencer's desk broke in half! And then he suspended the desk from a pulley outside our classroom!" -Sarabeth | "When Mr. Haley snapped Spencer's desk in half is one of my favorite memories." -Dante | "The funniest thing I can remember is when Mr. Haley was demonstrating levers using eight encyclopedias and a dictionary. When Mr. Haley demonstrated a first class lever, he put all the books on the lever and the weight was so great that it snapped, Spencer's desk in half!" -Brandon

67: "After I did my 8th grade project he gave me a hand shake and said "good job", that meant the world to me." -Ranen | "What I most admire about Mike is his ability to see humor in just about everything. He provides a light and positive environment for the kids to learn in." -Tani | "One of my earliest memories of you, Mike, was near the end of first grade, when the children were coming off of the stage after an assembly, and you were kneeling on the floor with your arms wide open to them. The love between you and the children was obvious to all!" -Robin | "You have such a knack for teaching. It is very evident that you love what you do. The children know it, and we, the parents know it. My wish is that you continue teaching and make some other children as lucky as ours have been." -Maria | We love you and thank you for all you have given us. May your future be filled with light, happiness and much music! -Parents and Students of Class of 2011

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