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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End

FC: Josh Lopez | MY TREE | :The Catalpa Speciosa

1: Day #1 Jan 30th 4:23 p.m. -8.33333333 degrees Celsius Dew point: -1 5 d Hum: 65% Wind speed:14.81km | I created a rubric to find the perfect tree. My criteria was: a) Easy access b) Close to home c) Secluded in enough nature as to where its natural environment would be not be disturbed. d) Has interesting qualities e) Fairly tall | Tree trunk measured from base is: 105cm in circumference Tree has 5 main arterial branches that spread from the trunk. The front two are: 27cm and 48cm in circumference The back two are 47cm and 57.5cm in circumference The largest branch in the very front is 77cm in circumference The tree has 14 branches total that are larger than 15cm in circumference

2: The tree I found is located on IPFW campus and is out by the river behind the art building. While walking the campus in search of a tree, I came across this one and immediate became interested in it. I liked how it had a nice clearing around it, but was not the only tree in the vicinity. After further evaluation, I found that this tree and the spot it is in is actually a campus landmark; the spot has a plate on ground dedicating it to a deceased grounds keeper. Being a student at IPFW, I know these spots are rarely visited by students today. The tree fit my criteria so I chose it for my MOP.

3: Day#2: Feb 11th 5:16 p.m. -4 degrees Celsius Dew point:-8 Celsius Hum:74% Wind speed: 18.51km | Someone has been near my tree, there are foot prints in the snow. I wonder who was out this far during this time of weather? | I have not been able to figure out what type of tree this is yet. I will have to wait till the spring before I can make a accurate assessment. | There is too much snow to do much observations. I see no wildlife yet and the scenery has not changed.

4: I found a nest in my tree! I wonder what kind of nest it is? Is it a squirrel nest or a bird nest? | I WONDER? | Squirrels build nests in trees called "Dreys" or dry beds, made of twigs, leaves and fur. They also build nests in hollow tree cavity's called "Dens" - www.squirrels.org | Fact:

5: Day #3 Feb 19th 3:22 p.m. Temp: 2.22 Cel Dew point: -5 Cel Hum: 59% Wind 16.74 km | Land Ho!

6: It's starting to look a lot unlike Christmas | Day #4 Feb 25th 4:48 p.m. -2.22 Cel Dew Point:-5.88 Cel Hum: 74% Wind: 29.61km

7: The weather wasn't too bad today and I think it's done snowing for the year. The squirrel or bird who was living in the nest has moved on, I know this because the nest is missing! I looked at the branches today to see if it is beginning to spout leaves. Not yet, but there are a few places where there are buds on the twigs and there starting to turn colors. I found some leaves on the ground around the tree, not sure if they are from my tree or not but I'll do a leaf rubbing anyways. | Do Trees need leaves to live? | I wonder? | Answers.com says, "leaves help trees grow through photosynthesis and produce food for itself and when tree grows the metabolism increases so more leaves can be grown."

8: I wonder.. | Why do trees lose their leaves? | Trees lose their leaves to conserve energy in the winter and prevent damage to it. It th spring the tree develops new leaves and stars over again. - wisegeek.com

9: Today I looked at, what I think is left of a sadly weather beaten shrub that is next to the tree. It seems to have been fairly large at one time by the outline of the dirt around it. It looks like this area was once a place that the grounds people put work into making look nice, but after awhile they just let it go. | Day #5 Feb 28th 2:18 p.m. Temp:3.27 Cel Dew point: -1.11 Cel Hum: 73% Wind: 14.81 km | I looked at the buds on the twigs again. They are getting bigger and look like they could sprout any day now

10: Day#6 March23rd 10:15am Temp: 6.11 Cel Dew point:2.22 Cel Hum: 76% Wind: 11.10 km | Wow! see what happens when you go on spring break.

11: I went without doing a observation of my tree for a few weeks and what do you know, the whole tree leafs out! I took a good look at the tree and I noticed that there are leaves from last season that are still attached to the tree. | It's very gloomy outside and everything is slightly soggy from a light rain that just took place. | DID YOU KNOW??? | The Catalpas leaves do not change colors before falling? They normally fall off after the first freeze- wikipedia | The leaves on the tree are spread pretty thin right now, but quite a few have leafed out over only a short few weeks.

13: I did a leaf rubbing with a leaf I picked up earlier in my observations. Now that I was prepared to find the name of the tree, I wanted all the artifacts I had collected to be together. I also took new leaves from the tree and compared them. I did not know whether the old leaf was from this tree or not, but after looking over both of them, I confirmed that they are both from my tree. However, the new leaves are much smaller than the old leaf. These new leaves have just begun to grow and are only a couple inches in diameter.

14: w | When I came back to visit my tree I found that either the grounds keepers had planted some flowers or they had sprung up next to the tree. On further observation I found that many of the trees around mine had the same flowers, leading me to believe that they were planted. | None of the flowers have bloomed yet. can't wait to see what kind they are!

15: I Wonder? How tall does the Catalpa get? | Day #7 April 1st 7:46 Temp: 21.72 Cel Dew Point: 12.77 Cel Hum:57% Wind: 13.04 km | According to wikipedia, the Catalpa can grow 30 meters tall and 12 meters wide

16: All the flowers around my tree have or are getting ready to spring up. There are some beautiful blue flowers growing around the old shrub and even the old shrub looks like it might bloom something. The flowers that were recently planted are looking like they might not make it to bloom but they look like they could be daisies.

17: Day #8 April 7th 6:13 p.m. Temp: 17.22 Cel Dew point: 15.61 Cel Hum: 90% Wind: 11.10km

18: There are a few spots that interested me on the truck and on the branches. The picture on the left looks like it could have been caused from being trimmed. The second picture looks like there was once a branch there a long time ago and either it broke off before the tree matured or it was struck by lightning. | I wonder.. What is the average lifespan of this tree? | According to the Virginia Big Tree Program, a Catalpa can live for 100 years.

19: I wonder if this tree was once two trees that grew together or did it just split like that?

20: I looked around the tree to see if there were still old leaves hanging on the branches and there were none that I saw. The leaves are getting bigger too | The flowers have begun to bloom! The Tree has little flowers blooming all over it and the flowers that were planted have almost all emerged. The place looks great and its a warm sunny day outside.

21: Day: 9 April 10th 4:48 p.m. Temp: 21.72 Cel Dew point:6.11 Cel Hum: 36% Wind: 27.84 km | The leaves measured to be about 7.5 centimeters long | I Wonder.. What the pods on the twigs next to the leaf are for? | These pods are seedpods and hold the tree seeds, they grow 20-40cm long and hold many flat brown seeds. -wikipedia

22: All the flowers died from the last observation till now. The place does not look as good as before.

23: Day:10 April 16th 5:55 p.m. Temp: 17.22 Cel Dew point 6.72 Cel Hum:50% Wind: 22.21 km | I noticed a bunch of these nuts scattered around the tree. I looked them up and found they are chestnut shells. I found on the IPFW tree map that there are chestnut trees in the surrounding area. I think that squirrels have been bringing them over to the tree to eat or could even have been living in the nest I saw earlier in the winter.

24: Today Is a very ugly day. The sky is overcast and everything is damp from a little rain. I think my tree is sick. I noticed that my tree has thicker branches than some of the other trees in the area around it but when I pulled on it to see how strong it was, the branches gave way some, like they were going to break. The branches on the other trees were more springy and didn't give like my trees branches. | I Wonder.. When the leaves on my tree start to grow | The leaves on the Catalpa will grow after most other trees leaves in laster spring. -wikipedia

25: How to Measure the height of a tree: 1)use a person or thing that you can measure and have them stand next to the tree. 2)measure the length of the their shadow. 3) Now measure the length of the trees shadow 4) Multiply the length of the trees shadow by the height of the person or thing and divide by the length of the things shadow. | Day #11 Aprill 22nd 4:19 p.m. 21.11 deg Dew point:6.72 Hum: 39% Wind:18.51 km | 3.5x39.2 /3.4=40.35ft=12.29868 meters | My Tree Is:

26: There were a bunch of geese out by my tree today. i wonder what they are eating? worms maybe?

27: I found this rock underneath the old shrub and I never saw it there before. I rolled over the rock and there were many many ants running around carrying some white stuff. It looked like it might be their larva but I'm not for sure. Some were carrying white things the same size as they were. | I Wonder.. What it is they are carrying? | The white things ants carry sometimes are pupa aunts wrapped in papery sacks. They are the children and the aunts are rushing them to safety.- The Milwaukee Journal - Feb 26, 1971

28: The geese that were at my tree the last observation are back or still here, I'm really curious if these are the same ones. | I found this chunk of rock right next to my tree. I think it is limestone. I'm curious to why there would be a piece of limestone next to this tree in the middle of nowhere, I wonder how it got there. | The Spot where the ants were before are now gone. I must have compromised their home. | Day:12 April 26 5:49 p.m. 18.27 deg Dew point: 4.38 Hum: 40% Wind: 25.91km

29: It's a gorgeous day outside and the last observation. I decided to look up at the sun through the leaves because I wanted to see if I could see through the leaves. I could see light through it but nothing else, the leaves are only semi transparent. | Leaves will begin falling as soon as the temperature cools and the sunlight becomes less intense. Leaves will eventually disconnect with the tree when it cannot get enough sunlight - ArcaMax Publishing

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