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Classic Mixbook

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BC: The End


1: My Life by Mortaza M. Akbar

2: Copyright (c) 2011 Mortaza's publication company No parts of this book can be used or copied.

3: I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on April 5, 1994. At age one, I migrated to Moscow Russia. After living 7 long years in Moscow, I moved to United States. I am currently a sophomore in Freedom High School

4: Knowing my brother Mortaza all my life, I know a lot about him. To me, he is a caring brother that always wants the best for his family. He has amazing characteristics, habits, and talents. I am proud to call my self his sister | Elder sister, Tahnaz Mohamad Akbar

5: This book is dedicated to all my loved ones including my family, friends and those who helped me out in life. So far i enjoyed my life and i am great full for everything. I hope my life carries on like this and I can be successful in life.

6: Table of content | The day I was born - 10 My life - 12 Word Search - 14 I lost myself - 16 Wordle - 18 Letters to President Obama - 20 Bully - 22 My Voyage - 24 Crossword - 26 My Nightmare - 28 GOAL - 30 Mistakes of My Life - 32 Top Ten Soccer Players - 34 Health Issues in Afghanistan - 36 Collage - 38 My Future - 40

8: ME!

10: It was April 1994 in Kabul, Afghanistan while the government and the Talibans were fighting over control of the nation. The war was getting worst by each hour. The entire nation was in a horrible situation and constant battles were going on in Kabul. The people were trapped in their houses and couldn’t leave because too many battles were going on in the city. People were also too scared to leave their houses because the Taliban would kill anyone and on top of that, bombs were blowing through out the city at any unpredictable minute. It was difficult not only for women, but for men also to go out and find food for their families. However, on April 5, a massive battle between the government and the Talibans ignited. It was one of the most brutal battles that took place that year in Kabul. Hundreds of civilians died along with Afghan soldiers and few Talibans. The Talibans were gaining more control of the city and the government was becoming weak day after day. Most of the people knew that soon the Talibans were going to take over but were just waiting for that horrible day to come. My mom, Hasiba, was pregnant with me since the past 9 months. My mom was sure that today I would be delivered. My dad, Akbar had to take my mom to the doctor as soon as possible, but did not know how to transfer her from the house to the hospital. Due to the battle, my dad was not sure if the hospital was open. However, he had no choice but to takke my dad was not sure if the hospital was open. However, he had no choice but to take my mom to the hospital with his friend’s car. Unfortunately, the hospital was on the other side of the town, but the roads were empty of traffic so my dad could drive faster. my mom to the hospital with his friend’s car. Unfortunately, the hospital was on the other side of the town, but the roads were empty of traffic so my dad could drive faster. | The Day I was Born

11: My dad rushed through the streets of Kabul, trying to get to the main hospital of Kabul city. On his way to the hospital, he saw a red Toyota pickup truck occupied by Talibans. Luckily the Talibans had a mission to accomplish thus they spared my dad. My dad reached the hospital at around 4 in the afternoon and quickly rushed my mom to the main receptions. There was no one working at the receptions, therefore my dad quickly took my mom to the emergency room. The emergency rooms were filled with wounded people, and there were hardly any rooms for new patients. Fortunately, my dad’s friend was a doctor and as a result he found my mom an empty room. My mom had to wait more than thirty minutes for a nurse to come. As my dad was sitting outside the room, he was worried for my mom’s health and me. Thirty minutes later, the nurses arrived at my mom’s room and began the operation. After 15 minutes, the nurse came back smiling at my dad telling him “it’s a boy”. My dad claims that it was the happiest moment of his life when the nurse said that. Unfortunately, it was not safe to keep a baby in the hospital due to diseases, so my parents brought me home. April 5, 1994 was the first time my parents brought me home. Everyone was happy to see me, and they all hugged me and kissed me.

12: My life Life, you never know where it will take you One day your at home with you family The next day you are on a long journey Is it the mistake we make that ruin our life? Or is it our destiny? Is life fair and full of happiness? Or is it a world of inequality and sadness Will tomorrow be the happiest day for your life? Or will it be the worst day of your life? Good or bad, the day will pass But the choice of making it a good day or bad is yours Your choice will affect you And your loved once

13: I chose to do a poem for one of my multi-genre for my autobiography project. The poem that I have written is about life. It is mostly referring to my life. I never know where life takes because of past experience. All I know is that I have the choice of making it a good day or a bad day. I try to make the most of my day because I never know if I’ll have this day tomorrow. I wrote this poem to express how I feel about life. I’ve always wanted to write a poem about life and I am glad that I finally got the chance of writing one.

14: I chose to create a word search for one of my multi-genre. I chose a word search for many reasons. One of the most important reason is that a word search can include the words that are related to me. The words describe me and show my hobbies. Also a word search is fun to make and solve. I enjoyed creating this multi-genre.

16: I Lost Myself I was in the middle of an amusement park when I realized I lost my parents. I was only six at that time and I was frightened. At first I didn’t think I got lost but quickly realized that I was lost. Tears raced down my eyes as I began yelling “mom, dad”. It was the first time that I got lost and I had no idea of what to do. I closed my eyes and began praying. I remained calm in the spot that I found myself lost for a while. But then I decided to search the park for my parents. I saw a security guy at the visitor center but was too afraid to ask him for help. I began tracing back to all the places we been. I stopped as I reached the pony ride. I remembered that a couple minutes earlier my mom was riding it with me. More tears started to drain from my eyes. For the first time ever I realized how much my family meant to me. I remembered everything my family used to tell me. At that moment I wanted my back more than anything else in this world. I wanted to go back in time and change all the problems I caused my family. I start running to the parking lot and tried looking for my dad’s car. Finally I saw a big green van parked in the corner of the big parking lot. I got really excited and happy as I ran towards the van. When I approached my dad’s van, I felt a relief in my body. I looked at the van and said “I missed you”. I knew I was safe near the van. My parents must come back after the van later on the day. All I had to do is wait for them to come to me.

17: The bright sun was hurting my eyes as I was waiting for my family to come. Each moment was going by slow. I was so dehydrated, that I could feel my dry throat rubbing against each other. I decided to sit down next on the van’s hood because my legs could no longer support the weight of my body. I could feel the hot heat of the hood rising through my body. Sweats came down my head as I was falling asleep. I was getting a headache and slowly was falling asleep. Finally I decided to stop waiting and take action. I decided to go back into the park in search of my parents. However, every time I looked at the parks gates, the fear inside me grew larger. I looked back at my dad’s van and realized that it is not my dad’s car. All the sudden a fright inside me grew larger. I realized that I was waiting for my family next to a wrong car. I knew that my dad parked his van in this parking lot, so I began searching for it. I began strolling through every aisle of cars in the parking lot in search for the van. Finally I saw my dad’s van in the other corner of the parking lot. However this time, I looked inside the van to make sure it was my dad’s van. To my surprise, I find my mom and sisters setting the car. A loud panic sparked as my mom yelled my name. I closed my eyes and gave my mom an endless hug. After moments of talking and hugging, my mom explained to me that my dad is in park security center looking for me. I called my dad from my mom’s cell phone and told him I am with my mom. I got into the van and relaxed in the driver’s seat. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath knowing that I am finally safe.

18: I decided to make a colorful wordle to describe me. I chose wordle because my life is colorful and a colorful wordle would best describe my life. The words in the wordle describe my personality and my physical conditions. | WORDLE

20: Letter to President Obama Dear President Obama, In today’s society a good education is important. For the past few years the education rate in United States has declined gradually. However, education in other counties such as China and Japan are inclining gradually. Even though large government grants are given to the public schools, the education is not taken serious as it should be. It is important for United States to keep its education rate high in order to be successful in near future. The main reason for education decline is that students are getting sluggish. Students get distracted from their studies by social networking. Students often get carried away by networking on networks such as Facebook or texting. Students spend hours each day wasting their time on social networking. Parents usually think that their child is doing homework on computer while they might be networking. This is a big issue for the students as well as the parents. If there are some rules against social networking, the education rate can increase once again. As you being the President of United States, you can encourage teens to continue on with their studies. Enjoyable after school programs can be held in order to encourage students to get back with their studies. Tougher punishments can also be placed for those students who are not trying their hardest with their education. I am requesting you, the President of United States, to focus additional attention on education. Thank you Sincerely: Mortaza M. Akbar

21: I decides to write a letter to President Obama discussing the problem in education we are facing today. I wrote it because I wanted to expresss myself. I enjoyed writing this letter because it has positive ideas. In future, it this will remind me the problem in education we have today.

22: BULLY I slammed hard on my locker after getting pushed. At first I thought it was an accident, but quickly realized I was wrong. I shockingly turned around to see what had just happened. Unsurprisingly I saw Andrew’s face with a big grin. Andrew was my next door neighbor who was in eighth grade. It was his last year in middle school while it was my first year. Therefore, Andrew began making fun of me by bullying me. Being a six grader in high school is tough. Unfortunately, my next door neighbor was bullying me to make himself look cool in front of his friends. He always would come up with his friends calling me name and pushing me against the wall. Andrew was fourteen years old while I was only twelve. Andrew was taller than me and had many large friends. However, I was not the only person Andrew was bullying. He was also bullying my friend Billy who also was a sixth grader. We both were getting pushed and bullied by him in front of everyone. The bullying continued day after day as my life was getting harder. I began to dislike school and tried to stay home. I started to create excuses for me to stay home, but my parents made sure I went to school. For some reasons, I could not tell my parents about Andrew so I dealt with it on my own. I tried to avoid getting close to Andrew, in other words I was hiding from him.

23: Once on a Saturday morning, I saw Andrew frighten on a sidewalk outside the deli store on the corner of the street. For some reason, I asked him what was wrong in a kind manner. He looked at me and did not reply. I stayed there looking at him for a moment, then he said “nothing”. As I turned around to walk away he called my name. Surprisingly he asked for my help. It felt weird seeing someone like Andrew being sad. I did not know how I could help Andrew, but agreed to help him. He told me that his friends found out about his interest in yoga and left him. At first I did not understand what’s wrong with liking yoga but later I realized yoga is not cool. I did not understand why his friends would leave him for such a thing. I told him that he could make new friends since he was popular in school but his answered shocked me. He told me that his friends will make fun of him for liking yoga. At first I wanted to make fun of him and get a payback, but quickly I felt sorry for him. I told him that I would go through this everyday as a shame arose on his face. He told me he finally realized how it feels to be made fun of. He apologized for everything that he did to me and promised he will not bully anyone in future. We both got up from the sidewalk and shook each other’s hand. Andrew told me that he will look for true friends in the future. The next week the school was surprised witnessing Andrew and me sitting in the same lunch table with my friends. We enjoyed our lunch cracking jokes and having fun. Most people couldn’t believe what was happening while others were jealous. Andrew ignored his old friends and did not care much for them. He told me that I am his new best friend and thanked me for forgiving him.

24: My Voyage to United States It is a dream for most people around the world to visit United States, but to live in it would be an honor. On September 10th 2004, my dad came home with exciting news. He had a smile on his face as he came toward me and my sister. He yelled “pack your bags because we are going to United States”. At first I thought he was joking but later found out that he was serious. I knew that our voyage to United States would be exciting and fun. I wasn’t old enough to pack my own bags; instead my mom packed it for me. I was only ten years old therefore I couldn’t help my family with much to get ready for this voyage. All I did was marking down the calendar for our big voyage to begin. The winter was getting close and it already snowed in Moscow a few times. Moscow was cold during the winter, and I was at home most of the time. My dad had told me that we are leaving on November 23, so I was counting the days. Time passed fast as November approached. I couldn’t wait for that day to come when I would wake up and head to the airport. The night before our voyage, I could barely sleep because I was thinking about United States a lot. My dad made me go to sleep that night earlier since we had to wake up six in the morning. I was awake till 3 in the morning thinking about the next two days of my life. I was a little nervous and scared, but happy at the same time.

25: The alarm rung as I excitedly jumped in the air knowing that its time for us to leave Moscow and go to a new country. My dad woke up earlier than me and had all of our baggage placed in the van. I quickly ran to the bathroom and got ready to leave, meanwhile my sisters were just waking up. My dad told us to hurry up because there is a lot of traffic in Moscow in early morning and airport was far away. We all got ready and said bye to our house in Moscow. It was hard to leave Moscow but it was worth it. Our flight was at 9:15 and we got at airport at eight. My dad was planning on getting their earlier but due to traffic jam, we couldn’t do so. As soon as we stepped into the airport, we had to go through a security checkpoint. Moscow airport was crowded as always, but we knew that we had to get to our flight immediately. Once we passed security checkpoints, we headed towards our gate. I remember it was gate 37 because we couldn’t find it at first. Once we entered the plane we went to find our seats. My seat was next to a window but the rest of my family was sitting in the middle row. Our plane took off, the captain of the plane announced in Russian and English that we would arrive at JFK in New York in 12 hours. At first I thought that it wasn’t a long flight, but later after two or three hours I got bored. Even thought I was sitting next to a window, I couldn’t see anything but the clouds beneath us. They were playing an old movie that I have seen many times before; therefore I decided to play my Game Boy. I got bored after playing the same game over and over. I just wanted the flight to be over. Finally the captain announced that we are landing in ten minutes in JFK. I was so happy that the flight is almost over and we are finally in United States. As the plane declined through the clouds, I could finally the land below us. It was United States, and we made it.

26: I decided to do a crossword puzzle for my autobiography. I chose this as a multi-genre for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it was fun and enjoyable to make. It has twenty words that describe my interest, my hobbies and my personalities. The crossword asks a question about me and the answer will be the answer will be something about me. Making the crossword puzzle was interesting and exciting.

27: ACROSS 3. My favorite food 5. My favorite sport 8. My hometown 10. My favorite brand 13. My dream job 14. My birthday month 17. My favorite soccer coach 18. My dad 19. My favorite car 20. My middle school | DOWN 1. My favorite soccer player 2. My favorite soccer club 4. My favorite soda 6. My favorite subject 7. My 10th grade English teacher 9. My oldest sister 11. My high school 12. My dream college 15. My favorite color 16. My mom

28: My Nightmare I looked up not knowing where I was. The blue skies were so bright that it hurt my eyes. I was outside in a yard next a weird house that I have seen somewhere in the past. I took a few seconds to try to figure out where I was, but couldn’t figure it out. I knew that I’ve been in this place before and that it was related to me somehow. The streets were lonely and quiet. I decided to go into the house with a hope of finding someone. As I got near the door, I noticed that it was made of old wood that was broken in many parts. When I entered the house I saw a long hallway with brown walls and long red carpets. At the end of the hallway was a room that had an old sofa with a old television across it. It felt weird realizing how bright outside was and how dark inside the house was. When I entered the room at the end of the hallway, I saw my grand-dad, who passed away several years ago sitting on a couch. I yelled “grand-pa, what are you doing?” He whispered back “Mortaza be quite your waking up everyone.” I became happy knowing that I found someone I knew in such an unfamiliar place. Somehow, it felt weird talking to my grand-pa who passed away a few years ago.

29: After a few seconds my dad walked out of the room behind me. After my dad, another man whose face looked familiar came out of the same room. After a few minutes, I remembered who the man was. It was my second grade math teacher. My second grade teacher always wanted to me to succeed. He helped me many times in making educational decision. Even after finishing second grade, he would help me with my studies. I did not know what he would be doing in the same house with my family. For a second, I thought that he was here because I was in trouble. But my dad didn’t look mad or angry; in fact he was smiling at me. I had no clue what was going on. Everything seemed so weird and wrong. I asked my dad where we are, and his reply was “home”. Everything seemed gloomy and depressing. Nothing felt normal; I just wanted my normal life back. Everyone was talking by themselves and laughing. They were ignoring me as if I were a ghost. They looked like some zombies with their brain washed. I tried to get their attention by yelling at them, but it didn’t work. I realized that they were repeating the same jokes over and over again. I started to get scared. I wanted to leave the house but somehow I couldn’t even though I wanted to. I just stood there watching everyone as they appeared to be going crazy. I felt really bad because I realized how much important my loved once are to me. I’ve never appreciated them much but they are big part of my life. My alarm rang and my dad yelled “wake up it’s time for school” I quickly jumped off the bed knowing that it was just a dream. I was really thankful of god that it was just a dream and I still have everything that I thought I lost. After that dream, I valued my loved once more than anything in this world.

30: GOAL The scoreboard said 0-0 as the referee gave us 1 minute of extra time to play. It was my first game with my new soccer club, Roanoke Stars. I was nervous playing on the best soccer club in the city. We were facing another strong soccer team from Leesburg, Leesburg knights. A large group of Roanoke Stars fans were on the bench cheering and supporting us. However on the home side of the field, the Knights fans were even larger and louder. Our teammates were under a lot of pressure since we were playing at Leesburg city. Nevertheless I was even in more pressure playing with team for my first time. I was playing a center forward position. It was harder for me to play that position since I am used to playing as a wing. Also since it was my first game, I was not familiar with the couches tactics and players movements. Earlier in the game, I gave away few opportunities and could not score the goal that I was craving for. It was my first game for the team, and scoring a goal in my first game would mean a lot to me. Even though I gave away few opportunities, still I helped my team to keep position of the ball. Our team had a strong defense which prevented our opponents from scoring. Besides our team had the best goalkeeper in the district, therefore it was hard for our opponents to score against us. When I looked at the one minute added time, I began praying to score a goal. Not many times people score in extra time, especially if the game is tied. Scoring in extra time is special since it gives little to almost no time for the opponent to score. Scoring my first goal for the team on extra time would be the best goal of my career. Our team began moving forward as I set myself in a scoring position.

31: Unfortunately when my teammate, Brandon Hall attempted to cross the ball into the box for me, it got intercepted. One of the Knights players won control of the ball and started moving attacking our team. Everyone in our team ran to our half and began defending. I thought winning was over since only thirty seconds of the game was remaining. Luckily our defenders won the ball and passed a long pass in our opponents half. I ran towards the flying ball and gained control over it. I saw only one knight’s defender left before I can go off one on one with goalkeeper. I started pacing down the field full speed towards the ball. When I approached the defender, I tipped the ball over him and got it past him. All of the sudden the knights fans reenergized and began cheering for me. I looked up as I saw everyone in the bench standing up. The pressure in me doubled as I got closer to the goal. I knew that we will win the game because I had no chance of missing this goal. As I get into the penalty area, I decide to shoot the ball into the right side of the goal. I set my right foot in the right position to strike the ball in the goal. I could smell victory just as I was about to swing my leg and smash the ball into the back of the net. As I took the shot, I closed my eyes. I rotated and turned around to see the ball in the net. Conversely I found the ball in the side of the field. I missed my target. Knights’ fans began cheering and making fun of me. I knew the game was over for us. I made a ridiculous mistake by underestimating the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper stopped me from scoring. The final whistle blew while I couldn’t raise my ashamed head up. My overconfidence cost our team the game. My couch came to me and hugged me, saying I did well.

32: Mistakes of my life I have lost many golden opportunities in my life. I’ve made some big mistakes in my life. However, I always learned something from my mistakes. I still make mistakes today, and I still learn from them day after day. My mistakes were beneficial at the end. My education is important to me; however I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my education career. In past, I considered education as a joke and did not care much for it. Until my eighth grade counselor explained how much my high school grades are going to affect my life. I realized that low grades in high school will prevent me from going to my dream college, Virginia Tech. From the mistakes of getting bad grades in middle school, I learned to work hard to get good grades in high school. My favorite sport is soccer. Soccer requires the player to have plenty of experience. The more experience a player has, the better they will play. In the summer of 2007, me and my cousin Rizhan wanted to try out for Roanoke Stars soccer club. We both knew that in order o make the team, we needed to practice hard and be fit for try outs. That summer Rizhan decided to train constantly every day, while I thought I was good enough and don’t need more training. Finally when the try out day came, Rizhan made the team while I was cut from the team. After that day I realized I always need to improve myself and not be arrogant.

33: When I was little, I liked to make new friends. I would go and meet new people at school, stores, library, and neighborhood. One day I found out that a family is moving into our next door house. I also heard that our new neighbors have a boy that was my age. I was eager to meet our new neighbors. I finally met our new neighbor, his name was mike and he was 14 years old. Quickly we became good friends and began to hangout almost every day. One day mike told me that he smokes cigarette and that he is addicted to it. I was shocked for a while and then became sad bearing in mind that one of my best friends is harming himself by smoking cigarettes. Even though I wanted to help him, I couldn’t. The next day as we were biking around the neighborhood, he began smoking. Quickly a police car stopped behind us and flashed its lights. I knew that I was in big trouble. The cop arrested both of us and took us home. After that horrible day in my life, I learned not to become friends with any random people. I made many mistakes that had a big affect on my life, yet still I don’t regret my mistakes. I learned something important from each one of my mistake. If I did not make my mistakes, I would never learn from them and make bigger mistakes in future. A person is only a human being; they always will make mistakes in life.

34: Top Ten Soccer Players 1.Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal - Forward 2.Lionel Messi – Argentina - Forward 3.Ricardo Kaka – Brasil - Midfield 4.Ronaldinho – Brasil - Forward 5.Xavi – Spain - Midfield 6.Wayne Rooney – England - Forward 7.Fernando Torres – Spain - Forward 8.Mesut Ozil – Germany - Midfield 9.Iker Casillas – Spain – Goalkeeper

35: My favorite sport is soccer. Soccer is a big part of my life and means a lot to me. I decided to dedicate of my multi-genre to my favorite soccer players. I created a top ten list of my favorite soccer players. The soccer players that I chose are world class players that have amazing soccer skills. These people also inspired me and thought a lot to me in soccer. Each soccer player has their own unique skill that sets them apart from other players.

36: Health Issues in my country After visiting Kabul in summer 2009, I consider Kabul as one of the dirtiest cities in the world comparing to what it used to be. The beautiful mountains which used to be a part of the beautiful landscape of Kabul are now slightly visible due to deterioration of ambient air by air pollutants. Breathing fresh air is impossible for the residence of Kabul. Looking at the city's landscape from an advantage point, it looks like the city is caught on fire. In the city of Kabul many people suffer from many different types of health issues caused by poor air quality and the overcrowded environment. I have never thought one of the deadly health issues will be caused by air pollutants. Only in small country like Afghanistan more than 3,000 people die each year due to air pollution. In Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan more than 70% of the diseases people are being diagnose with are caused by the air pollution. Kabul's polluted air is not only caused by the old vehicles which run on poor quality fuels Kabul. There are several different things that are involved in damaging the air quality in Kabul. Things such as vehicle emissions, lack of electricity or gas and high costs of alternative increases the pollutants in the air every day in the city of Kabul by producing toxic pollutants, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. Most of the cars in Kabul's narrow roads are more than 10 year old. We all know that increased amount of automobiles can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Most of the residents burn wood and coal for their everyday cooking and to keep warm during the cold winter due to lack of electricity or gas and the high costs of other alternatives which causes water to form sulfuric. Among other things causing air pollutants are the brick factories, public baths facilities and lime kilns. These places burn old tires, plastics and combustible waste due to its cheap costs. The burning of scrap tires can release benzene, heavy metals and produce dioxin which can cause cancer in animals as well as being suspected human carcinogens.

37: Along with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disease and birth defects that are caused by polluted air people also suffer from brain damage, headaches, fatigue, sleepiness, acid in the eyes, irritation of the nose and throat, skin disease, learning disability, brain defects in children, reduced sperm count and abnormal sperm, reduced fertility, still-birth and miscarriage. The cardiovascular system will degenerate necrosis and inflammatory reaction due to the structural changes caused by the chemicals and biological substances. Many people suffer from asthma attacks as well as respiratory diseases in Kabul. Usually children and newborns in Kabul are more sensitive to the effects of the air pollution as well as the elderly and the people suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Overall, I have realized how devastating air pollution is to Afghanistan. The fact that so many people died in all these years is absolutely terrifying. I can't overcome with the fact that more than 70% of the diseases are caused by air pollution. The main causes of air quality deterioration are the dusty roads, use of many old and smoking vehicles, burning used motor oil and tires, urban sprawl, use of leaded gasoline, use of coal and wood for heating and cooking and lack of care from the public. I believe the number one cause of the pollutants in the air is due to the old vehicle in Kabul city. It is also true the ongoing war is damaging the air, soil and water in Afghanistan. The health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and birth defects are increasing every day. More children have been diagnosed with cancer over the past few years. I hope that people can realize what horrible effect air pollution has not just on Afghanistan but countries all around the world and start to care about our environment.

38: Since soccer is a big part of my life, I decided to do a collage describing my interests in soccer. Each one of the pictures means something about my interest in soccer. First picture is a picture of me, also a future professional soccer player. Second picture is a flag of Uruguay, my favorite national team. The third picture is a logo of my favorite soccer club, Real Madrid. The fourth picture is a picture of my favorite soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Finally the last picture is a picture of Fifa Cup, the most important soccer trophy in the world. This collage shows a lot about my soccer interests.

40: My Future Every one has an ambition of achieving their dream. Some people dream too big, yet others can accomplish more than their dream. I only dream of things that I know I am capable of accomplishing. I plan how to achieve something, instead of just dreaming of it. I am planning and dreaming success in my future. I always valued education more than anything in my life. I know that in order for a person to be successful in life, they need a good education. Therefore, I take education serious. I want to become a good architect in the future. My goal is to get in to Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is one of the best architecture schools in United States. I have always dreamed of becoming a famous architect designing tall skyscrapers. I always believed that I could design some amazing skyscrapers that would be famous in the world. I have been inspired by Sears tower, Empire State building, as well as Burj Dubai. Santiago Calatrava, a famous architect, inspired me towards architecture. It is a job that I have always been interested in since my childhood. Ever since I was young, I’ve been interested in athletics. Since the dawn of my life, soccer was in my blood. Soccer was big in Europe; therefore living in Europe had a big impact on my interest for soccer. I started playing soccer when I was around six years old. When I was a kid, I thought that I would become a professional soccer player. But later, I realized that it would be hard for me to become achieve that. However, I still haven’t given up hope. I practice every day and try hard to improve my soccer skills. I love soccer because it is a game that anyone can play as long as their trying. I’ve been inspired in soccer by many people such as my friends. Also by my favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo and couch Jose Mourinho.

41: In my future I am hoping to be united with my family. I love my family more than anything in this world. They were there for me from the second I was born, until now. I can only rely on my family when I need help. My parents always wanted the best for me and helped me out through tough times. They always guided me towards success. My parents provide me with a high quality life in which I can become successful. I can never repay what my parents did for me. However, I always vision myself helping my parents out with their lives. I want to provide my parents a high quality life once they are retired. It is the only way I can repay them and show them my love towards them I also want a good quality life with myself. I want to marry someone I love and care for. I want to buy a beautiful house and luxury car. I want live a high quality life that I always wished of. I always dreamed of helping the poor people that don’t have much in their life. I want to donate large amount of money to charity and save lives of poor people. I feel good when I help someone else, and helping charity is one of the greatest things I can ever accomplish. I dream of a perfect life in my future. I do not want to be a selfish person and always want the best for myself. I want to help poor people in future. I am aiming for a good healthy family. I want to keep myself and my family happy. I want to be proud of myself and of my accomplishments.

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