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Coach Wrightson Book

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S: Hilton Head Island Cross Country 2010 Thanks Coach Wrightson

FC: The legacy continues... | Hilton Head Island Seahawk Cross Country 2010

1: I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am for your coaching.We all need you in order to run the way we are running now. If it wasn’t for you guys I would still be running a seven and a half minute mile and a twenty-four minute 5K. You guys have helped me and pushed me all the way to where I am right now, which is pretty far compared to last summer. Thanks for organizing, coaching, instructing, traveling with us, always being there for us, and supporting us. I could never tell you how appreciative I am of you coaches.I can’t wait for this great cross country year coming up for all of us.I am looking forward for a great track season and having a great indoor 800m race in Florida. -Noa

2: Thank you for being such a great coach. You are encouraging, understanding, and a fun coach to be around. Car rides to practice were so much fun, even if me and Ciara were a little bit weird. Anyways this season was great. I had so many PR's because of you. It was great to finish a race and see you with my PR pop. I'm so thankful that I got a chance to be on the state team. You helped me get on that team because you always encouraged me by reading me the bible stories and just telling me stories about other runners. It helped to have you always cheering me on in my races. Your an awesome coach and I am thankful you are my coach. -Frankie

3: Thanks for the awesome year! I really enjoyed running as a Seahawk. Every practice made me better for the next one. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I was proud to run a race thanks to you. I can't wait for the next season to come! Weston

4: Thank you for helping me keep up with Sam. Jack

5: I am so glad to have a coach like you. All the advice you give is very helpful, and you motivate me. Thank you sooo much for spending your time training the Seahawk cross country team. Carley

6: I wanted to thank you so much for helping me go the extra mile in starting my cross country career. Every practice and meet was a joy to me and it made me smile after you helped me accomplish each one. I wanted to thank you for all the fun I have had this season and I'm looking forward to next season. Chase

7: Thanks for believing in me when maybe I didn't believe in myself. Sam

8: Thank you for being my coach, you rock! Ciara

9: Thanks for always encouraging me to do my best and letting me know when I don't and could do better. Looking forward to the next three years. Chandler

10: Coach, Thanks so much for never giving up on me. -Colton

11: Thank you so much for everything you have done! Without you both the girls and guys team would not be the great runners they are today. You bring the teams together and strengthen them through your leadership. Thank you so much! Avery

12: Thank you for being such a great coach. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Sean

13: We have had three very different seasons for cross country. In 2008, we won our very first state championships and were the dream team; we all got along very well, we pushed each other at practice, and we all loved each other like a family. Season two, was also a very successful one. Not only were we more comfortable with each other, but we were figuring out what we could do to further pursue our running careers, we were pushing ourselves to our limits and we were just trying to beat our best selves. This resulted in our second state championship. This past season was also a very good one. Even though we didn’t get to claim the state title again this year, we got to experience life and the obstacles we had to over come. Although i was taken out early in the season due to an injury at camp, i still managed to put my heart into the team, trying to recover as fast as i could so i didn’t have to feel like i was letting down my teammates and my coaches. During that recovery time, i failed to stay with the team. I fell behind and almost gave up and put it in my head that i would never be a good runner ever again. After talking to you and coach Max, i realized that running was something i wanted to do. I called and offered to put everything i had out on the line but when it came to times i just didn’t match up to the other athletes, but i was ok with that because i did what you told me. | You always tell our team to beat our best selves and don’t worry about anyone else who’s running next to you. Before the meets, you would sometimes hand out papers that had inspiring quotes on them and when it was your turn to talk at the table during our team meetings, you always managed to say something that pumped me up and gave me confidence in myself. My most favorite quote by you is “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right” by Henry Ford. You said this at our team meeting during the 2009 state championships and it gave me a burning desire to run my heart out and put it all out on the line. The next morning i ran almost 2 minutes faster than i had the following weekend. I hope you know that you’re a true inspiration in my life and i can’t wait for the upcoming seasons in cross country! Nikki

14: Thank you for these past years with the team. Thank you for encouraging us before all the meets. All the quotes you gave to us before the meets always inspired me. I will never forget these past three years and how I have grown as a person and as a runner. -Faith-

15: Over these past years, you have been great coaches to me. Thank you for volunteering your time and extending your patience for our cross country team. You're really funny guys and you mean a lot to me and the team. I know I don't put forth the effort that I should, but you gentleman sure do. Thanks for letting me stay on the team. - Ross

16: Running to Heaven In a time so long ago, at the dawn of my thirteenth year in this world, You showed me a path, the runner’s path. It was like a stairway to heaven, A mountain with a summit of the truest nirvana. The light above was so promising, yet every step it toward it would be uphill. A path of dirt and stone and sweat: Dirt from the runners coming up; Stones called “achievements”, made by the running world; Sweat from the struggle of each step to each stone, Feeling each speck of dirt, joining many in the struggle for greatness. For several months, I looked to the peak, Climbed, slipped, crawled, climbed again, “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” With patience of a saint, You offered a hand to help me up, A shoulder to always rest upon. You know how a runner loves hills. In every race, The road curves up, And the stairway to heaven Seems the tunnel to hell. But one time, a few months ago, Lining to a race, facing that hill, I felt I was running not to the finish, Not to the summit, But to the sky itself; | And I realized, Runners do love hills. The heaven is not in the achievement; It is in the achieving. The heaven does not sit above it all: It climbs with you, Helps you when you fall. It is the surge of feeling the dirt, The power of reaching each stone. Time spent on cutting time, 17:00 to 16:30 to 16:00. It was then that I became a runner, When I reached the peak By living the peak. Your guidance has taught me That while his practices may end, The runner never stops. A runner lives his life a runner. Every week, day, hour, I feel strength From climbing each step of the runner’s hill. Thank you, Coach Wrightson, Thank you for helping me become a runner. T.J.

17: I really appreciate all your time and effort Coach Wrightson. Your crunching numbers and calculations are fantastic and honestly help out big time. I always come to you before a race and ask you for your opinion on how to run it. | Honestly, it comforts me so much. Once I know what my time and pace should be in YOUR opinion, I feel good to go. I value your input greatly, and I appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much. You're a great coach. Emily

18: Thank you for everything you guys have done for us. We have come such a long way from the first summer I began running and the state titles show how much it took for us to be where we are now. We definitely couldn't have done it without the dedication of our amazing coaches and we are lucky as a team to have such wonderful leadership. Thank you for being there through our complaints, injuries, camp, highs and lows, and all in between. You made our high school running experience something that none of us will ever forget for the rest of our lives and I can't thank you enough. -Abi

19: Because of you and your coaching and patience with me, I am the runner today because of you both. Never give in. Never stop coaching me. I'll never stop trying. Thank you. Jack Manesiotis (aka THE White Kenyon)

20: Thank you for everything; your time, your patience, your answers, your assistance, your coaching, your faith and your love. I don't think I'll ever again be able to complete a strenuous task without hearing you in my head, and I hope you'll never be able to hear another question without remembering me. "More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope." Romans 5:3-4 (ESV) Alex

21: I am so happy you have been my coach for the past couple of years. You are always able to motivate me to run my fastest. Your PR pops were always great encouragement to make me run faster. You have always worked with me and helped me to become the best runner I can be. Thank you for showing me that I can push myself more than I thought I could. I would not have been able to be on the state team or given the opportunity to run in college if it was not for your coaching. Thanks so much, Grace

22: Sitting on the bleachers in the summer five years ago, I never would have imagined that things would have gone the way they did. At the time, I hardly knew anything about running, and probably a lot less about life. Now, however, moving into my final track season for the Seahawks, I have had to take account of my surroundings and have realized the tremendous impact that both of you have had on my life. When I began the program in the summer of my eighth grade year, I wasn’t anywhere close to the person that I have become. Of course, I was somewhat principled. I usually tried to do the right thing. I worked hard in school. However, I lacked the element of a personality that one can attain only through the suffering, dedication, and comradery that is experienced in the process of becoming a runner. Such a trait is indescribable in its own entity, however it exudes the air of self-confidence, accomplishment, and brotherhood that is shared by all runners who have achieved what we as a team and family have been able to. | The benefit gained from participating in our program is indescribably more than the gratifying experience of winning a few state championships. It’s not that winning isn’t a welcome outcome, but the work that we have put forth has never truly been solely about that. Coach W., as you’ve always said, the reason we go out to the track in the blistering heat, or in the pouring rain, or go on runs whose mileage extends into the double-digits when even the sun has only just reluctantly risen is to “beat our best self.” The genuinely wonderful aspect of this phrase is that it is applicable to anything in life. This is, in turn, what every member of this group has taken to heart thanks to the efforts of both of you. It still strikes me every day when I see people who simply cannot understand what we have been shown about life, and it is a constant reminder of how fortunate I was to find this team. After literally thousands of miles, hundreds of pairs of shoes, several injuries, some truly frightening breakfasts on behalf of Coach Max, four grueling summer camps, and four state championships to show for them, the things I am most proud of are the family I have found and the lessons that you both have taught me. The impact that you have had on my life is far greater than can ever be put into words, much less on one 8” by 11” piece of paper, but they are tangible enough to warrant this earnest attempt. I will never forget the time I spent on this team. Thank You. Michael Brewer P.S. – I’ll give y’all a shout out when I’m in the Olympics.

23: Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the years. Words cannot describe how fortunate I have been to have an amazing, respectable, honored coache in my presence. Without you, I would not be where I am today. You taught me about life, through your sayings and quotes, and to this day, I won't ever forget my nickname"Queenie" and for the saying "BE a hog not a hen!" You made me believe in myself and you molded me to be a serious, humble athlete in all the sports that I have played. You made me give it my best and I did, for you Coach.

24: Gratitude I must now bestow upon a man who knows my woes, and does expose my highs and lows through daily trials and blistered toes. A man who chose to see me through the throes as every passing season goes to coach a girl who grows and grows into the runner you know as Rose

25: I came because I was Jack's friend...I stayed because I found something I loved. In running I have made my best friends and had some of the best times...road trips, your famous quotes, chocolate milk mile, kids run wild, XC camp, runs in HHP and the best statistic coach any runner could have. Thanks for the many hours you have put into training me to become a state champion. Your guidance has helped me to become a champion both on and off the race course. Thank you, Mackenzie

26: As I am about to graduate this year, I have the pleasure of saying thank you for six great years of running. The sport, as well as your coaching, has truly shaped the person that I have become. I have learned perseverance by dealing with physical and mental difficulty, and in these last few months, I am finally getting the hang of that patience and listening thing and it is really starting to work. Without running and your persistent style of coaching I would not be nearly as motivated or successful as I am now. I came into this program as a runner on a team who was lucky to even make it into the state championship. And now as I have reached the end of my journey with Hilton Head High Cross Country, I can look back and see how far, I as a runner as well as the team and the program have come. This program brought me into a group of friends I will have forever and has given me memories that will never be forgotten. I will truly miss running with you and everyone that is a part of this program, but I know that it was because of you that I am able to take my running to the next level. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. -Jack Felix

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