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Cold War

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S: cold war concepts

FC: cold war

1: Table of Contents Post WWII...........................2 Containment Policy..............4 Korean War...........................6 Vietnam War........................8 Collapse of Communism......10

2: post wwii warsaw pact: a defensive alliance of communist countries including USSR NATO:a defensive alliance of western countries against communism including US Cold War:a state of hostility not involving combat

3: After the war, USSR was in a very bad state and fell to communism. To avoid another terrible defeat, they created the Warsaw pact to help support their countries. | Once WWII was over, the spread of communism was the problem US was focused on. Europe was beginning to split and US was not fighting against Nazis but Communists. A cold war was beginning. | In response to the growing spread of communism, western countries formed NATO, an alliance that was against communism and worked together to contain it.

4: containment policy | marshall plan: plan for US to donate money and supplies to rebuild struggling European economies truman doctrine: established to help countries defend themselves from a communist ruling containment policy: a policy to prevent communism from spreading to new countries | George Kennan proposed that the US and other western countries should have a containment policy toward the Soviet Union. He was the Secretary of state and set up the US embassy in Moscow. He lead the forces to provide economic aid to countries falling to communism

5: George Marshall proposed the Marshall Plan which was going to provide aid to struggling economies. He was willing to help USSR and other Soviet countries with resisting communism but they denied any possibility of involvement. | General Eisenhower soon became President and continued to carry through the plans and policies that his predecessors put in place for him. As he was President he still fought against communist rule. | The Marshall Plan carried through and was able to help rebuild economies in Western Europe.

6: korean war | 38th parallel dividing latitude separating North communist Korea and south non communist Korea Inchon city in Korea where a major battle took place, where MacArthur successfully landed two armies Seoul city in Korea that changed from non comm. hands 4 times. | China and the US were soon getting involved in a conflict as a result of the Korean War. MacArthur was a powerful general in Korea and made some decisions without full permission from Truman. MacArthur was fired once he bombed Manchuria when he was not supposed to, with Truman thinking that this would involve the USSR in the war. | leaders.

7: In the Korean War, the 38th parallel was the dividing line between communist and non communist peoples. The capital of Korea, Seoul, was located in the center, close to the parallel. In the midst of the war, Seoul traded hands between communist and non communist. Some civilians of the city probably took refuge in other areas to avoid the unrest in their hometown. | The 38th parallel was the dividing line between North and South Korea, separating the communists from the non communists. This dividing line became the basis of the war, or conflict. The US soon found a way to be involved to prevent the spread of communism and continue the effort to contain.

8: 17th Parallel: Vietnam line dividing communist and non communist regions Ho Chi Minh trail: trail of pathways and tunnels through N.Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and S. Vietnam to support the Viet Cong Viet Minh: Vietnamese group that had a goal of winning independence from foreign rule | vietnam war | The US became involved in the Vietnam War by the Gulf of Tonkin incident, where it was claimed that there was an enemy ship attacking a US ship, causing the US to fire and become involved in the fight against communism in Vietnam. This is thought by many to be a conspiracy and was said just to have US involvement in the war.

9: The My Lai Massacre was where US troops massacred My Lai civilians who were thought to be enemies but ended to be innocent natives. The sad act was lead by William Cally who was despised by protesters back home. | The Vietnam War was put the US on the map for protesters and the violent reactions to stop them. This was one of the first wars that was clearly communicated the the public, so many pacifists of the time were strictly against any involvement, speaking against it and resulting in events like the Kent State shooting. | Ho Chi Minh: Communist Vietnamese leader who promised Vietnamese independence. Richard Nixon: President who promised peace and an end to the war in Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem: south Vietnamese non communist leader who fought with US to contain communism

10: collapse of communism | Berlin Wall: a dividing line in Germany separating E. Europe with the West Detente: ending of the cold war, or permanent cooling down Democracy: government that gives power to the people | JFK:US president during crises that lead to Star Wars Gorbachev: Soviet Union leader who allowed communism to end and democracy to start Reagan:US pres. during the fall of communism | Gorbachev was the USSR leader who started out by wanting to reform communism but ended up destroying it completely. He allowed the collapse of the Berlin Wall and lead E Europe to turn to democracy quickly.

11: Star Wars was a treaty made between the United States and Soviet Union to limit the number of atomic weaponry used. It was a step toward ending the war and ending the competition between the rivaling nations. | Once Gorbachev became leader, communism was collapsing very quickly. He wanted to reform the Soviet Union and allowed countries to gain their independence and freely rule themselves. He did not suspect that this would cause the USSR to diminish rather quickly and give a helping hand to countries waiting to go to democracy. His efforts to reform ended up causing the cold war to end, this now known as detente. Countries were reunited and others celebrated independence, as the collapse of communism soon entered the world.

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