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Cold War

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Cold War - Page Text Content

FC: by Peyton Kranz | Cold War

1: Containment Policy | Key People President Harry Truman - Came up with Truman Doctrine and idea of containment. Lyndon Johnson - President from 1963-1969 and entered the US into the Vietnam War to practice containment. Dwight D. Eisenhower - strong believer of containment policy and felt that Communism was a big threat. | Key Terms Truman Doctrine- stated that the U.S. would support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid to prevent their falling into the Soviet sphere.[ Communism-form of government that aims for a classless and stateless society Containment- preventing communism from spreading to any new countries

2: Containment | The containment policy that followed the end of WWII was practiced by many presidents of the US succeeding Truman in order to prevent Communism to spread across the globe. There was a constant fight for power between the Soviet Union and the US> | The Containment Policy caused the US to enter many unpopular wars to prevent weak countries from giving in to Communism, also known as the Domino Effect (one country falls to Communism, then so will the rest). | Concepts

3: Policy | President Harry S. Truman first put the idea of Containment into action by coming up with the Truman Doctrine. By doing so he was able to put the realization of Communism's potential danger into the country's eyes while helping Turkey and Greece.

4: Korean | Key People Kim Il-sung - The Communist leader of North Korea who wanted the South to fall under his control. President Truman - 33rd president of the US during the war and fired General MacArthur. Syngman Rhee - South Korean leader during the war and was very pro-american.

5: War | Key Terms 38th Parallel- dividing latitude between North and South Korea before and after the war. Seoul- South Korean capital. Pusan- one of Korea's greatest ports. After the initial North Korean invasion in 1950, ROK forces were pushed back to Pusan.

6: Korean | The Korean War was not a very popular war back at home in the US. When the war ended exactly where it had began at the 38th parallel, people in the US felt their view of the war being unnecessary was justified. | Communism was not abolished in the North, but the South did not succumb to it either.

7: War | The Korean War was a war fought by the US in order to prevent South Korea from falling to the strong and powerful, Communist North Korea. South Korea was pushed all the way down to its southern tip (Pusan) of land by the North before the US entered the fight. With our help, the South pushed the North back past the 38th parallel and all the way to the northern tip of Korea. | Concepts

8: Vietnam | Key People William Calley - killed several hundred unarmed Vietnamese civilians in the 1968 My Lai Massacre. Ho Chi Minh - The primary Vietnamese nationalist and Communist leader and president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, serving as the primary North Vietnamese leader throughout much of the Vietnam War. Lyndon B. Johnson - The 36th U.S. president who escalated the war drastically after the U.S. Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1964.

9: War | Key Terms 17th Parallel - dividing line between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution - the resolution empowered Johnson to initiate Operation Rolling Thunder and allowed a process of escalation that would eventually see more than 500,000 U.S. soldiers committed to the war in Vietnam. My Lai Massacre - raid on the tiny village of My Lai by an American unit in South Vietnam. The soldiers killed up to 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians

10: Vietnam | In the US (and other places in the world), protesting the Vietnam War was an occuring action. One of the most famous protests was at Kent State where innocent bystanders were killed by armed soldiers. This war caused major chaos and turmoil within the US> | This war was a very unsuccessful war in the way that it did not prevent Communism in Vietnam and at a long and brutal price. | Concepts

11: War | The Vietnam War, much like the Korean War, was a very unpopular war that the US fought in order to practice the Containment Policy. This was a very brutal war that cost many soldiers and civilians their lives.

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