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BC: Colin's Pay it Forward Project

FC: Pay it Forward Pay it Forward | By: Colin Ware

1: Prologue This whole project started one day when my teacher began reading the novel Pay it Forward. We have been having problems with social skills in my class and she wanted to teach us how to handle our problems in a peaceful manner. She told us we had power to make this a better world. Our teacher asked this one simple question," Who are you going to be in the situation? The hero or the person who helps make the situation worse. As we began reading deeper in the story, we relized how much power a child can really have in changing the world.

2: The Story Trevor McKinney was a thirteen year old boy, who was challenged by his social skills teacher, Ruben St.Clair, to think of an idea to change the world and put it into action. The boy decides to do a good deed for three people, something they can't see for themselves and then will ask each of them to "Pay it Forward" by doing simular difficult, big favors for three others. Trevor began by helping a homeless man. he gave him lodging for the night, a chance to take a shower, and some money so the fellow can get it together and look for a job.

3: Trevor's second mission is to try to "hook up" his teacher with his mom. The only problem is both of them must deal with there personal past, fears, self doubt, and self-esteem. Trevor's third project is to help out a weak old lady in his neighborhood by making her garden beautiful again for FREE. The boy put his heart and soul in this project only to find that the homeless man lost his job and was back on the street, his teacher and mom never could work things out, and the elderly lady passed away. He didn't think any of the three could've paid it forward, but little to his knowledge, they did. Through the network people kept the movement going. A reporter went through many investigations, tracked Trevor down, and instantly made him a national celebrity and popularized the "Pay it Forward" movement we know today.

4: Service I think Trevor is extremely nice because he helped a lot of people. His teacher, Rueben, is a positive and helpful person. Trevor thought a lot about the world. The world has a lot going on. The war, diseases, bullies, and much much more. I want the world to have peace, not violence. I don't really think of stuff that happens outside of my town because I worry more about my immediate surroundings. I don't really watch the news because I go outside instead. The world expects me to make sure people recycle so we can stop cutting down trees. We need trees for oxygen to breath. I can also tell people to save electricity by using flourescent light bulbs and to turn of the lights when you're not using them.

5: Service in my family, neighborhood, and church isn't really emphasized. It never really came to mind. I don't know why, but if I was doing it, which I am now, they would be proud. One thing I could start doing is to get on my bike with a bag and pick up trash around my neighborhood. I could also go to all the homeless shelters and donate old toys and clothes. The obstacle that gets in the way of me doing these good deeds is that, I'm too busy. The biggest reason is my mom just had a baby and she can't drive.

6: Kindness I am always able to accept a good deed with grace. I think cynicism is rude and mean because if you say hi to someone and they just walk away you wouldn't want to talk to them again,but I would try to talk to them everyday to make them feel better. It's just the right thing to do!

7: Transformation Sometimes it's hard for people to change. It's even hard for me to change. If I had to rate myself on a scale of 1-10 I'd give myself a 6. I've never really made a BIG change, but I'm going to try really hard to do more random acts of kindness.

8: Love in Little Things The acts of kindness from the book that touched my heart was when Trevor ran to try to save a guy that was getting beat up and mugged. Then sadly Trevor got stabbed and passed away. The love that touched my heart was when Trevor's mom, Arlene gave a speech during the funeral for Trevor. It touched my heart because she told the whole world how she felt about everything. The forgiveness that touched my heart was when Trevor forgave Jerry, the homeless man for wasting his opportunity to have a better life. But when Jerry was released from prison he prevented someone from dying. If I had to do a "Pay it Forward" project, I would start out by planning, then draw three circles and three names inside them. Last I would write one paragraph for each person and why I would help them, then i would do it! Some acts of kindness that I already do is when people get stuck on like say a math problem I help them solve it.

9: Another acts of kindness that I do is if someone falls down and gets hurt I'll help them up or call for help. My compassion for people is on a scale of 10/10. I care about people no matter what, whether they're mean, rude, or nice I will care for them. The stuff that I do for people works out good. Not knowing about the effects of my good deeds doesn't really bother me because if it turns out terrible I wouldn't want to know.

10: Listening I think Trevor's television interview when he was talking about "Paying it Forward" was nice, interesting, and touching because it came from his heart. My opinion of Trevor's statement "You have to watch people to protect them because they can't see what they need" probably means, for example if someone trips and falls help them up. Be the hero in the situation. My reaction to "You can't fix a person" is true because you can help them choose the right path, but that person is the only one that can make it happen.

11: Live With Hope The book has given me hope because Trevor changed the way I thought. He wanted to change the world. I would like to be more like him. I think there are so many nice, helpful, giving people in the world. I would want to be one of them. I would give food to starving people, make homes for homeless people, and lots more.

12: My Good Work This story had done a lot for me. It made me a better person and I learned a lot about helping people. It taught me compassion, forgiving, hope, love, kindness, and transformation. After this story it made me a way nicer person then I was. I am starting to help a lot more people then I used to.

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