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College Life

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College Life - Page Text Content

S: Benedictine College Years 2008-2012

FC: class of

1: My Dearest Daughter Arianne Christine: I have had the best time doing this book for you. I was given a "birds eye view" of your life away from home at college as I put these pages together.. I felt as though I was able to share in your experiences much more than if you had told me about them. I am so grateful that your time spent at Benedictine College was a truly memorable experience for you. Thank you for allowing me to go crazy with your friends facebook pages, without which much of this book would have not been possible. Your tireless dedication, your times of joy, and the tears you shed on occasion have made you into the exceptional young woman you are today. It is not often these days when young women and men hold their values and their characters close to their hearts. You have even though it has been challenging. I am so very proud of who you are, and I am equally proud of your hard earned accomplishments. I love you with all my heart. "XO XO" Your Madre'

2: "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed." ~Richard Brinsley Sheridan | So happy to be here at my beautiful school Benedictine College August, 2008

3: Oh no . . . . well maybe . . . . oh yes !

4: My 1st roommate Casey Barnett | I was top bunk, comfy and cozy. | Freshman Year August, 2008 - May, 2009 St. Martin's Memorial Hall Room 208

5: Adam would come over and we'd just crash out! | My 2nd roommate Kristine Loch | Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil!

6: Benedictine Historic Beanies | We had to wear this one for the first week of school and upperclassmen would make us do stupid things!

7: Some of my classmates are seen here wearing theirs.... I was conspicuously absent for this picture! | "No I didn't put mine on for this picture either"

8: The cafeteria | I studied all the time, all 4 years!

9: Our mascot the Raven | The Raven Flag and Banner!

10: Freshman Homecoming Parade

11: Hang'in around in the dark on the cold grass, but having fun!

13: Reflection

14: "Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. " ~Plautus | Sophmore Year August, 2009 - May, 2010 McDonald Hall #R-1B | Roommates: Kristine Loch, Jessica Ast, Tabitha Knight, Jessica McGinty, Alexa Pralle, Holly Stec, & Kaitlyn Guldan

16: Junior Year August, 2010 - May, 2011 Wolff Hall Campus Apartments #42 | My Roommates: Jessica McGinty Tabitha Knight Jessica Ast

17: Just one of our many silly, silly, days! | The only picture of our apartment.

18: Senior Year August, 2011 - May 12, 2012 Kremmeter Hall Campus Apartments #6 (We have our own rooms!)

19: Jess McGinty | Tina Schik | Rosie Perkins | My roommates

20: Just having fun and being silly! | Our Christmas cookies tried to frost us!

21: "Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly." | Look what we made, all by ourselves . . . . our Mothers would be so proud!

22: Best Friends for Life | Social Events

23: Memories

25: "

26: Pitcher Adam Pink (Sr., Albuquerque, NM) earned the win in relief of starter Michael Rowland ((Sr. Kansas City, MO) Pink threw the final four innings, holding Baker scoreless while scattering four hits and striking out four! | Starting pitcher Adam Pink (Sr., Albuquerque, NM) threw his second complete game of the year, this time earning the win. Pink gave up one run off three hits while striking out two in a game that took just one hour and 15 minutes to complete! | The Circuit "Extra, Extra, Read All About It"

27: Arianne . . . the other love of Adam's life!

28: Spring Break Road Trip to Nebraska & Minnesota 2009

34: Spring Break Road Trip to Dallas and Albuquerque 2010

35: Kristine writes down her number to show to good looking guys in a passing car.

39: Our rooms At the Hotel Indigo in Dallas, Texas.

40: All of us playing for the camera. "We're simply gorgeous Darling!"

41: Back from an evening out on the town in Dallas. We had a blast!

42: Almost home ladies!

43: We are at finally at my house in Rio Rancho. Just getting beautiful! | My Mom got each of us a matching towel set & above them were our names!

44: At my Dad's

46: All dressed up for my Mom's 50th Birthday party (She was born in December but we celebrated in March!

47: Them we headed back "home" to Benedictine College.

48: We do crazy, silly things to keep everyone amused! We wait, we wait, we wait for Lighthouse!

50: Spring Break Mission Trip March 10-20, 2011 Pignon, Haiti

51: Our mission team

52: On the road to Pignon. We are tired people crammed into a van. | In the planes from Kansas to Florida, and Florida to Port Au Prince.

53: Traveling to Pignon we encountered bumpy roads, water, & cliffs . . . oh my !

54: The surroundings

56: The devastation from the earthquake

57: Make shift homes built with whatever people could find in an effort to provide shelter. This area became known as the "Tent City" No running water or sanitation was available.

58: After a very long rough road, we made it to our home away from home.

59: On the roof

64: Whats for dinner? Goat of some kind - tasty but our bodies had to get use to this.

67: The tennis ball given to a child last year, remains one of his prize possessions.

72: The children at school

88: Individual sports in Pignon

92: The resort where we re-acclimated to our American way of life.

94: Catcina

95: On March 11, 2011, I found myself in Pignon, Haiti, holding the hand of a 4 year old little girl named Catcina. Catcina was shy, she had not eaten in a few days and her home consisted of broken down wooden boards. I could give you a long, detailed description of what I did in Haiti, but the truth is, my whole mission trip can be summarized with this moment. Holding Catcina's hand changed my life, it woke me up from a 20 year long slumber of not realizing how great my responsibility in the world was. When I looked into her eyes all I thought about was how I could help her, how I could love her. Instead, she helped me, she loved me. And that was Haiti. ~Arianne C. Esquibel

96: It was a party to remember !

98: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Arianne, happy birthday to you!"

100: Suprize ! | Suprize ! | Suprize ! | "Oh my gosh" | "Kristine!" | "I can't believe you're here"

101: Laughter and tears

102: "I'll tell you a secret. I've known about this since February, and when we talked, you never had a clue!" | "It was hard to keep on telling you that I wasn't going to be able to come, but all the while my airline ticket from your parents was in my hands. Seriously!"

103: "I still just can't believe you're here" | "I can't believe I'm here either!"

104: "Did everyone know about this ?"

105: Everyone knew but YOU! For months, and months, and months!

106: "Well everyone sure did fool me! So now, please meet my best friend Kristine Loch from Minnesota"

107: The cake is a replica of the cake on my invitations. It was created by Kyodys Custom Cakes.

108: My 1st alcoholic beverage was my signature drink the "Pink Dewdrop". It was made with pink lemonade, and vodka | My Mom made my martini glass !

109: I'm having fun!

111: It wasn't easy figuring out how to cut this cake!

116: Kisses ! ! !

117: David's waiting to squirt Ryan. | Ryan | Just chill'in out! | We ate under umbrella tables on our deck.

118: Everyone wrote wishes for me in the beautiful book my Granny Ann made for me . . . it's so beautiful!

119: Kristine writing her special message to me in my wonderful book.

121: Cheers!

123: Mom and I made the favor boxes. Each one was filled with hot pink and pale pink personalized M & M's ! | The sticker for the side of the favor boxes.

124: My week with Kristine.

125: Going out on the town | Before our gorgeousness! | Our beautiful selves!

126: At my Granny Ann's for lunch. | Sue was able to come too!

127: Enjoying my Grandparents at their house. (Gram & Pop)

128: My goodness what beauties! Going out to my first drink at a bar with Kristine. | Drink menu in hand. | What to have ? What to have? | The strawberry pepper martini was TERRIBLE! The 2nd drink was Mmm. . . . good, but I don't remember what it was!

129: After two drinks and several hours spent enjoying the city view we are ready to go home. | Kristine being older than me, and having had experience with consuming alcohol drives us home. I am giddy upon arrival!

130: A birthday gift from the Pink family. | Adam had to take me home early because I got really sick.

131: At the Albuquerque International Airport, Kristine is going back home . . . . she's had a great time but can't wait to see her boyfriend Miles! | My Dad and Kristine say their goodbyes.

132: Spring Break Mission Trip March 10-20, 2012 Pignon, Haiti

133: Our Mission Team

134: Our van arrives at the Port Au Prince airport. We are taken to the Matthew 25 House for an overnight stay. The next morning we return to the Port Au Prince airport. and wait for our "puddle jumper" plane. It will take us to Pignon!

135: Sure is easier getting to Pignon this time! In just a little while we will be there!

136: The tent cities of Port Au Prince are all gone! In just two years people now live in proper home structures.

137: We remember the tent city of the past year.

138: I'm here in Pignon at last!

139: Catcina is unaware that I am here again in Pignon. | So excited to see each other again! | Heartfelt joy as Catcina and I are reunited!

141: I'm so happy to be here again!

142: Playing a game of hot potato hands with Catcina.

144: Handing out bouncy balls to the children.

150: The market

154: Wisdom

156: Friendship | Laundry is done in the river.

157: Joyful children dancing to the music.

163: Pure joy at the orphanage.

164: The children's sleeping areas.

165: The kitchen where 3 meals a day are prepared for the children.

166: Such concentration while learning to play with a game from the USA.

169: The blond child is called "Devils Hair Child" by Haitian people.

172: Our colorful bus!

176: Building the radio station.

178: Sifting sand, sifting sand, sifting sand for hours, and hours, and hours! I kept finding sea shells in the sand It was hard to believe that they were in the sand here in Pignon. A young boy saw my excitement so he dug through the sand and gave me what he found. . . he wanted to make me happy.

179: The young boy and the seashells holding the shells he gave to me.

188: We re-acclimated at the same beautiful resort as last year.

189: I'll be back soon!

190: We might feed their bodies, but they feed our souls. ~Arianne C. Esquibel

191: And that was Haiti . . . again.

192: Five Years of

193: Adam brought me beautiful flowers, and I put them in the vase I made in my ceramics class. (One of my only elective courses!)

194: American Chemistry Society Conference San Diego, California March 24-27, 2012

196: The Research Team Arianne Esquibel Abigail Knaebel Joey Pulizzzi Rachel Morphew | I designed and created the poster display in the background.

197: The team with Dr. Beard | The team with Dr. Steinbach

198: Introduction Ketenes, via their [2+2] cycloadditions, serve as potential synthons for a variety of biologically active compounds, including a-lactams and cyclobutanones. a-lactams comprise the core structure of some of the most widely prescribed antibiotics such as penicillin and cephalosporins, and cyclobutanones serve as precursors for pharmaceutical prostaglandins. Addition of the sulfone groups offers stability to the ketene, which allows for better control of the Staudinger reaction. Furthermore, the presence of the sulfone in the a-lactam products may increase effectiveness of the penicillin class of antibiotics.

199: Abstract The synthetic utility of ketenes in [2+2] cycloaddition reactions is well-known. These reactions give rise to cyclobutanone and beta-lactam products. The reactivity of most ketenes, however, makes their reactions difficult to control, which often limits yields. The presence of a sulfone group on the ketene increases its stability. In addition, the sulfone is easily converted into other functional groups, which increases its synthetic usefulness. Additionally, the presence of a sulfone group on the beta-lactam shows promise in combating bacteria resistance. We have been investigating the synthetic usefulness of sulfone-substituted ketenes. The p-toluenesulfonylketene is prepared by reacting p-toluenesulfonyl acetic acid with thionyl chloride. The resulting acid chloride is treated with triethylamine to produce the sulfone ketene. The sulfone ketene is then trapped with an imine, alkene or alkyne. The results of these investigations will be presented.

205: "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." ~Harriet Tubman

206: the graduating class of 2012

207: The "Raven Walk" to our Baccalaureate Mass begins! we walk up the stairway through our professors to mary's grotto where we light our candle and ask for blessings.

209: walking to st. benedict's abbey church

212: The abbey attendants await our arrival

213: entering the abbey, our professors follow | Me

214: The banners carried by attendants

215: Archbishop of Kansas

222: "Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." ~Pamela Vaull Starr

223: I love you with all my heart! "XO XO" Your Madre'

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