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Commonplace Book

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S: Commonplace Book

BC: Indi Cowie | THE END

FC: Commonplace Book By: Indi Cowie

1: COMMONPLACE BOOK Indi Cowie English 3

2: “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” -Thomas Jefferson "The American Dream" | LUCK

3: To me, this quote is very powerful. It makes me feel like all my hard work throughout my life will definately make me lucky and successful. It also makes me feel very grateful because I am able to achieve my goals and work hard due to the opportunities that I get in America. I have been very "lucky" in my life and I believe that it is due to the fact that I work hard towards my goals. I was very "lucky" to have an arcticle in the "New York Times" this week.

4: Role Model | “For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us. ” John Winthrop- “ A Model of Christian Charity” -Colonial Literature

5: I agree with the concept of this quote. I think that it is very powerful and encouraging. I believe this because when people know that they are being evaluated they tend to perform at a higher standard. I can relate to this statement because I am a older sibling. My younger sister is always watching what I do and I feel obliged to be a good role model.

6: Bravery | "Let you fear nothing." -Rebecca Nurse "The Crucible"

7: I love the power that this quote instills. It gives me the courage to push forward in everything that I do. If I can look at everything with bravery and courage then I will be able to achieve so much more in life. This statement by Good Nurse reminds me of how much the role bravery has played in Scotland's independence. William Wallace's bravery inspired the nation because he feared nothing !

8: IRONY | "What terrifies one generation is likely to bring only a puzzled smile to the next" -Arthur Miller "Why I wrote the Crucible"

9: This Arthur Miller statement reminds of how simple todays technology is to use for my generation but how complex it appears to my grandparent's generation. It makes me think how the world will progress in the future and what may puzzle me. It is a reflection of how the universe is constantly evolving. It makes me realize that we should have hope in the future for the challenges we have in the world today. Perhaps we will not need to fear earthquakes in the future.

10: Generosity | "A man being sometimes more generous when he has but little money than when he has plenty, perhaps through fear of being thought to have but little." - Benjamin Franklin "The Autobiography"

11: I completely agree with this quote and I find the meaning quite sad. I think that it is unfortunate that all of the celebrities have so much money but they do not help others. I want to remember this quote so that I will always be generous throughout my life. My parents have always told me that it is better to give than receive. I believe that the world could be a much better place if people were more generous and less greedy.

12: Life Goes On... | "The Tide rises, the tide falls." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "The Tide Rise, The Tide Falls"

13: I find the meaning of this quote quite depressing. I can relate to this quote because my best friends mum passed away due to cancer. I struggled to get over the fact that everyone's life carried on with out her in the scene. It taught me that life goes on even when people pass away. It was an extremely difficult concept to get and I will never forget her.

14: -Longfellow "Cross of Snow" | "Such is the cross that i wear upon my breast." | GRIEF

15: I find this quote very depressing. It lets us understand the eternal impact that death has on the human soul. Even as time goes on the magnitude of the loss does not fully subside. This statement reminds me how fragile life is. It also makes me think about how much I value my family.

16: "Go Forth, under the open sky , and list to nature's teachings." - William Cullen Bryant "Thanatopsis" | Peace In Nature

17: I agree with this quote because i find nature peaceful. Whenever I am under a lot of stress I go outside and work out. This always clears my head and allows me to relax and reduces my stress. I believe that nature has the power to relieve stress and negative emotions. The tranquil noises of nature calm me down and allow me to feel at peace.

18: Desire | "Closer to everything I desire because I Don't listen to doubt, doubt is a liar." -Tinie Tempah "Obession"

19: I completely agree with this quote because when you doubt yourself you tend to back out of commitments. I love this quote because if I am ever doubting my abilities I can just think of this quote and I know that any negative thoughts are "lies". Throughout my life I have been told that I wont be successful, I have disregarded those negative words and erased all doubt that I had. If you are more positive then you will get closer to your dreams and achieve what you want in life. People will always try to bring you down with their words, but you have to remember that your fate is in your own hands, not theirs.

20: "Celtic Jerseys are not for second best, they don't shrink to fit inferior players" -Jock Stein | The Best

21: The honor that I feel from this statement is incomparable. I love this quote because it embodies Celtic Football Club. It shows how only the best players can play for Celtic. It is a privilege and honor that I was able to wear the Celtic jersey. I wake up looking at a Celtic jersey on my wall every morning.

22: "You'll never walk alone" -Rodgers and Hammerstein (then adopted by Celtic Football Club) | Comraderie

23: This quote gives me the strength that i need whenever I play soccer. I know that no matter what happens all of my family, friends, and teammates will always be there to support me. It also brings back all of the memories of when I played for Celtic football Club. When all of the Celtic fans chant this in the stadium it is the most powerful feeling in the world. I have this quote on a wall banger in my room that i can look at every day to remind me that I WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.

24: "The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when nobody else is watching."\ -Anson Dorrance | Champion

25: I agree with this quote because it takes a dedicated person, who will do extra work on their own time to become successful. I love this quote because I can relate to the meaning. I spend hours upon hours training in order to become the best that I can be. I train to be the best, not because someone will see me and reward me for what I do. I expect nothing from the world but I expect everything from myself.

26: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." -Nelson Mandela | Fear

27: I agree with this statement because after reading this quote, I felt as if I were able to achieve anything. This quote has such a deep meaning and it gives me the strength that I need, when I am struggling. This quote pushes me to be better than I believe that I can be. This is so powerful that many of my friends use this as an introduction to their freestyle videos. I have this quote posted on my bedroom door so that it inspires me to be powerful everyday.

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