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Communism in Russia

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Communism in Russia - Page Text Content

FC: Communism in Russia: Lenin and Stalin | By: Cristian Quinteros

1: The Constituent Assembly | To a friend, Recently, I had the privilege to attend the Cons-titutional Assembly that took place earlier this month. It did not end well because Lenin would not accept that the Bolsheviks did not hold the majority. His grip on his position caused him, with the aid of the Red Guards, to close the Assembly by using violent methods. I managed to escape, but it is unfortunate that dozens of demonstrators were killed and many more were victims of injury. I am unsure of what is to come, but it does not look so well. Take care, -Nikolai

2: Communist Victory | Decisive Important Quite Important Not Important | Communist propaganda- this helped to change public opinion to be mostly pro-communist and anti-White the Communist control of communications- this helped the Party run more efficiently | Trotsky's leadership- this caused the Communist Party to remain united throughout the civil war lack of one leader of the Whites- disunity was caused a a result of a lack of leadership | the Cruelty of the Whites- this contributed into changing the public opinion. The whites lost support as a result of their cruelty. | the influence of foreign intervention- this was of little importance, as the foreign powers were already withdrawing their support during the Civil War

3: Letter to Lenin | To Lenin, It has come to my attention that the it was indeed the implementation of war Communism that brought such a great disaster to my village. Nearly half the people have starved to death because the government keeps taking all the food we produce to feed its army. It should not be that the government takes away all the hard work that our neighbors do to support their families. Your administration has made the poor even poorer, and the majority of the people I speak do not even wish to support the army. I am the only one of us bold enough to speak my mind, and I ask that this system be changed for the good of the entire nation. Maybe the system will not go away so easily, but at least let the villagers be able to earn the profit that they deserve.If the government wishes us to produce food for them, then it is best to consult with each farmer in order to agree on a set percentage instead of taking food that goes into feeding families.This is the least you can do to help us. Sincerely, Nikolai

4: Interview of a Communist against NEP Me: Why would you go against the ideals of your party leader? Politburo Member: I believe that it is Lenin who is going against the ideals of Communism as a whole. If Lenin wanted to improve the economy, he should at least do it through Communist principles. Me: Why do you say that Lenin's plan is anti-Communist? Politburo Member: By encouraging enterprise, Lenin is taking a capitalistic approach to solve our problem. I believe that we must never approach the evil system of Capitalism, for it takes power away from the government and not to mention the other negatives that capitalism brings. Me: What do you plan to do about it? Politburo Member: I will ensure that Lenin reverts to the old system. | Petrograd

5: Interview of a nepman Me: How has the NEP benefited you? Nepman: It fells like many new opportunities have opened up for me. I have never seen production be at a higher level before. There is no more famine, and we have once again the right to get paid in exchange for our hard work. Me: What do you think of Lenin after the NEP? Nepman: When Lenin became the leader of Russia, I did not think that his ideals would benefit anyone other than the government,but now Lenin is making the right decision that will hopefully benefit the entire country instead of just the Communist Party. Me: Some people may call this a move toward the anti-Communist principle of capitalism. How do you feel about that? Nepman: I believe that this is the route that Russia needs to take lest it wants to go through another economic disaster. | Times

6: Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924 | Although he was an authoritarian, Vladimir Lenin only ruled Russia for seven years. If one were to to characterize Lenin in one word, it would probably be determined because Lenin did not let any obstacles come in his way. During the first few years of his rule of Russia, we saw many of the Communist principles put into place that went against the typical British system. Lenin, as harsh as he was, was able to see that Russia was not going in the right direction. he made the right decision by implementing the New Economic Policy, which brought capitalist values that greatly improved the condition that Russia was in. He was a man who cared about his nation, and he deservedly won the support of the Russian people. However, it was not enough to make up for the harm and disaster that Lenin brought to Russia, and he will unfortunately be remembered be for the famine and death that he brought to Russia.

7: Curriculum Vitae (Stalin, Joseph) | Qualifications: - General Secretary of the Communist Party - Member of the Bolshevik Party for over 20 years - Former editor of the Bolshevik newspaper 'Pravda' - Former Commissar of Nationalities under Lenin's government - Popular with the Politburo and the Communist Party - One of Lenin's close followers - Promotes the idea of 'Socialism in One Country', which helps to avoid war by keeping Communism within Russia.

8: Curriculum Vitae (Trotsky, Leon) | Qualifications: - Handpicked by Lenin himself to lead Russia - Intelligent and overall strong personality that is more than capable of leading Russia - Outstanding leader of the Red Army during the Civil War - An important figure who led the Communist Party to victory. - Responsible enough to handle the power that is given to him - Extensive experience of being a leader in a high rank - Well known amongst the army and other government officials

9: Impact of Collectivisation a Peasant Interview | Me: How was your life before collectivisation? Peasant: Things weren't perfect, but at least we made just enough to keep our stomachs full with enough leftover to make a profit. Me: What changes have you experienced over the last few years? Peasant: It's been horrible. The government wants us to make more, but somehow we ended up making less. many people that I've known personally have died as a result of famine. we don't even make as much money as we used to because the government decides what to pay us. Me: How do your neighbors feel about this? Peasant: The ones that are still alive all agree that things were much better before Stalin came into power. Me: What about the rich people in your village? Peasants: They're gone. They were exiled to Siberia; at least that's what I heard. I feel pity for them because they are despised by Stalin, and they can be at a worse situation than we are.

10: Be a Hero Like Stakhanov Today!!! | - Be rewarded for your hard work - Help the Five Year Plan become a reality

11: Help Russia Become the Greatest Nation in the World

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