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communism in russia

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BC: After a recent interview it was discovered that NEP was bitterly opposed by many communist. They argue that encouraging private enterprise and profit making went against communist ideas. Lenin, however, insisted that it was not a permanent retreat from communism but a temporary measure to revive the economy. | On the other side of the argument ate the Kulak or nepman who have benefited from NEP. The Kulaks can now sell any surplus for a profit and with the government trying to stop bartering and encouraging people to use money once again this will greatly benefit the Kulaks or nepman. More on the story in the next issue. | The Petrograd Times Are you For or Against NEP

FC: Communism in Russia: Stalin and Lenin

1: The Provisional Government arranged for a Constituent Assembly to set up a new democratic system. The moment we have been waiting for has finally come however it has made a turn for the worse. The socialist revolutionaries held the vast majority of seats in the assembly with 370 bur Lenin refused to hand over power to the SR majority and ordered it to close. Not only that my dear friend but he had his Red Guards kill or wound over 100 pro-assembly demonstrators. Lenin is supposed to be one for the people but in horror I watched as he killed innocent people to keep his power. One thing I do know my dear friend is that Lenin is a man for himself and not for people. Democracy may be even further from us.

2: Decisive * Lack of one leader of the whites: this made them not unified allowing the reds to pick them off one by one. * Communist control of communication: this left the whites scattered around with hundreds of miles separating the different armies. Important * Cruelty of the whites: this is what made them unpopular *Influences of foreign intervention: this left the whites with less men and supplies.

3: Quite Important * Trotsky's Leadership: he was an outstanding leader who could get his soldiers to fight. Not Important * Communist Propaganda: they were popular because of their reform they really didn't need propaganda.

4: Petition against War Communism | On behalf of my village we are opposed to War Communism. Lenin enough is enough and it is time for you to wake up and see the reality of the situation. You have taken over our factories, decided what we are to produce and killed anyone who opposes you. We are but poor peasants but you force us to give up all of our surplus produce to the government. You ration our food but manage to feed and equip an army of five million. There is a full-scale famine and several million are dying. Stop the War Communism and think more about the people. Allow us to sell for profit and give us back our factories. Start to care more about the people instead of your precious army before your have no more people to rule.

5: The Death of Lenin April 1870-January 1924 | January 1924 will forever be marked and remembered as the death of Lenin, the ruler of the Russian Soviet Republic and the leader of the Russian Revolution. | After battling massive strokes he finally surcomed to his illnesses and passed away. | Thousands mourn in the freezing weather to pay their respects. Many may remember him only for his faults and negative impacts to Russian and its people but it is only right that we recognize him for his good things. He was a | Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist and lead the best way he knew how.

6: Joseph Stalin CV | *Member of Bolshevik party *Took part in over 1000 raids to seize money for the party *Became editor of Bolshevik newspaper *Was Commissar of Nationalities *Became General Secretary of the Communist Party

7: Leon Trotsky CV | *Lenin's own choice as successor *Strong personality and intelligent *Popular with the army *Played leading part in Bolshevik Revolution and the Civil War

8: Interview with a peasant on the village and farming before collectivisation: | Q: What were some of the problems with the farming? A: Soviet peasants used old-fashioned, inefficient farming methods that were not producing enough food for workers in the city. Q: Why did the farming have to improve? A: Well even more workers would have to be fed and since peasants were needed as industrial workers fewer would be able to produce the food.

9: Q: What reasons do you think Stalin had for starting the collectivisation? A: I believe he disliked the richer peasants and was determined to get control of the peasants and the countryside. Q: Do you think the collectivisation will be successful? A: All I can say is I surely hope so. Thank you for your time and I wish you the best.

10: BBC Radio in Moscow | This is the BBC Radio coming to you live from Moscow and this is a report on the horrors of the purges. Listeners it is as if Russia has turned on itself and things are getting out of control. Neighbors are turning in other neighbors, children are turning on their parents and forced to make confessions. Because of this the BBC Radio show has lost numerous and valuable people to our broadcast. We are forced to broadcast only short amount of times daily while of course being very censored. Millions are lost everyday and we are scared just as much as you are. You are not the only ones suffering and you are not alone. Keep safe and believe that this is not the end and that there will be a better tomorrow. This is the BBC Radio from Moscow and the next broadcast is questionable.

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