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Computer Class-Along The Way

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S: DCS123

BC: Fun day in the sun! | 7.14.09

1: My DCS Class | DCS stands for Digital Communication System. It is basically just a computer class. It teaches you the basic fundamentals of keyboarding, the computer system, and the importance of a computer.

2: Input Devices | Input Devices are the things used to transfer data into the computer. Some of these devices are the mouse, keyboard, and microphone.

3: Output Devices | Output Devices are the things used to transfer data out of the computer. Some of these devices are the printer, monitor, and speakers.

4: Processor (CPU) | Without the processor, the computer wouldn't work at all. The processor is basically what it is called. It takes all the information and processes it and allows the computer to function.

5: Storage Device | A storage device is what allows you to save and reuse just about anything. The four kinds of memory, or storage , is cache, RAM, ROM, and USB.

6: Software | There is four different types of software. There is Commercial Software, Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain Software.

7: Commercial Software | Commercial Software is disabled after a certain amount of usage and you must have a code to use it at all. Only a few certain types of computers allow the usage of Commercial Software.

8: SHAREWARE | Shareware is free to download and free to try before you buy it. And normally you should delete it when you are finished with it.

9: FreeWare | You are not allowed to alter, share, or copy FreeWare without the owners permission.

10: Public Domain Software | Public Domain Software is owned by the public, and it is not copyrighted. It also allows you to copy, sell, alter, etc., without being punished.

11: Virus | A virus is anything that is intended hurt your computer. There are several types of viruses. They are BOMB, WORM, PHAGE, TROJAN HORSE, HOAX. Hacker is another thing that isn't so great The best thing you can do to try to get rid of them, or even stop them before they happen is to get Anti-Virus protection.

12: BOMB | Bomb is a type of virus that is intended to go off at a certain time, so it can get as many people as it can at once

13: WORM | Worm is a virus that is hard to track,or find, and is intended to go through your files and do damage but only a little bit of harm at a time

14: Phage | Phage is a virus that attacks PDA's, databases, and operating systems.

15: Trojan Horse | Trojan Horse is a virus that is made to look nice, but it is really just a nasty trap

16: Hoax | Hoax is a rumor that has gotten around about a virus when there really wasn't a virus

17: Hacker | Hacker is not necessarily a virus, but it is just as bad for your computer. It is someone who hacks into your computer and/or files and can plant a virus or just destroy your computer right then.

18: Anti-Virus | Anti-Virus is a program software that is intended to find and eliminate a viral software or program

19: Speech Recognition | Speech recognition is a software that enables you to be hands-free when creating a document. It sounds easy, but first you have to train your voice profile to be able to recognize your voice at all.

20: Voice Profile | Your voice profile is what learns your voice patterns, or accent, and makes accuracy better. And if someone else uses your voice profile, the accuracy will decrease drastically.

21: Alternate Input Devices | Alternate input devices are very important. some are more important than others, while others aren't important at all.

22: Controllers | Controllers are very useful for many different reasons. The mouse is a controller. Most video games need a controller to function properly. Some controllers are different than one another. For instance, the mouse is completely different than a Joystick.

23: Digital Cameras | A digital camera is a device that records and stores photographic images in digital form. They focus light onto a semiconductor to create a digital image.A megapixel is equal to one million pixels. Megapixels make up the digital images. The more megapixels, the higher the image resolution.

24: USB Flash Drives | USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.This is because it can be transported anywhere. It is a small, portable memory card that plugs into your computers USB port.It weighs less than an ounce. And it can store anywhere from 64MB to 256GB.

25: Tablets | It was first meant for handwriting recognition, which used a series of wired grids to locate the stylus, which put out a magnetic signal. Later they were found useful for drawing and graphics.

26: Environmental Control Units (ECU's) | Environmental Control Units (ECUs) enable people to manipulate and interact with their surroundings through a variety of easy to use interfaces such as the touch of a button, flip of a switch, or even the sound of a voice. It Environmental Control Units (ECUs) enable people to manipulate and interact with their surroundings through a variety of easy to use interfaces such as the touch of a button, flip of a switch, or even the sound of a voice.

27: Touch Screens | A touch screen is a computer display screen that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen. A touch screen sensor is a clear glass panel that responds to touch. The touch sensor is placed over the display screen so that it covers the viewable area of the video screen. Different touch technologies use different methods to detect touch input. Most touch sensors have an electrical current or signal going through it and by touching the screen it causes a voltage or signal change. This change is used to determine where the screen is being touched.

28: Input Devices for Handicap | Input devices for handicap are special computer devices that allow information to be put into the computer with special ways. Ergonomically and universally designed, Footime foot mouse and programmable pedal can help physically-challenged people navigate the computer by foot. It serves its purpose as a mouse letting you navigate and click things on the computer easily. “Trust in your feet”

29: Vocabulary | Accent-Way of speaking that is characteristic of a geographic region. Acoustic Model-Set of mathematical formulas that analyzes human voice patterns and evaluates the probability of spoken words matching words in the speech recognition vocabulary. Automatic Speech Recognizer (ASR)-Speech recognition software, sometimes called a speech engine, which listens to human speech and converts the spoken words to text. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-Painful, inflammatory condition that affects the carpal or wrist portion of the median nerve.

30: Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR)-Speech recognition system that enables users to speak normally, pausing only to give commands and insert punctuation marks. Dictation Mode-Enables users to dictate text into a computer application. Discrete Speech-Speech recognition system that requires the user to pause momentarily between each word. Dragon-Company, also known as Dragon Systems, that released the first continuous speech recognition (CSR) product in 1997 with over 30,000 words in its speech dictionary. The product was called Naturally Speaking. | Vocab. (cont.)

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