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Conner Chipps *

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S: My Old Self

FC: My Old Self | BY: Conner Chipps

1: My Old Self | To my Mom and Dad, for all the time they spent with me.

2: This was when my mom was at my dad's birthday party in Hastings, Nebraska. In this room, I can smell the wood on the walls, they smell like pine. You can even see every pink and brown dot on the wall, as if its a canvas of color. I can just feel the joyful happiness in the room. I can hear the candles being blown out like a butterfly flapping it's wings. As I am served a piece of cake, I take a bite, and it tastes like clouds, and marshmallows. | -1

4: 0 | This is when I was born, in Hastings Nebraska. As I feel the blankets as if they are made of clouds, I hardly struggle to move at all. I can see my reflection in the glass as I move around. I can smell the hospital's bleach-like smell. I can taste the aroma of foods in the air, it tastes like chicken and broccoli in my tiny mouth. I can hear the hospitals nurses as they continue on their work in the hospital.

6: 1 | This is me when I was one year old in Hastings Nebraska. As I bounced and bounced and bounce in my chair, I could feel my stomach flip inside me. I could see my room going up and down as I bounced, in a blur, that is. I could hear my chair squeak like an old bike tire as my chair bounced in the air. I can smell the plastic on my chair which smells like water bottles. I can taste the cool air as I bounce around in it happily.

8: 2 | This is the day when I got my photo taken in Kansas City, Missouri. I could see the camera pointed at me with a fixing glare that made me smile. I can smell the new paper behind me that smells burnt like fire almost. I can feel my itchy sweater as I pull on it, it feels a lot like starch in a way. I could taste the quietness in the air, it tasted like loneliness a little bit. I can hear the camera snap as it takes my photo, its like the door shutting, but higher pitched than that.

10: 3 | This is when my dad took me down a slide in Independence, Missouri. I can feel my dad's warm hands on my as we slide down, like toast. I can see the bright orange of the slide like an orange itself as I slide down it. I can taste the rain that will soon be dropping on us if we don't go soon, it tastes like water. I can smell the smell the tees around me which smell like leaves in the afternoon. I can here the cicada's in the trees as we are about to go down the slide.

12: 4 | This is me licking this superman-flavored ice cream in Blue Springs, Missouri. I can feel the coldness on my lips of about one-hundred ice cubes. I can taste the sweet flavored ice-cream like cotton candy. I can hear cars roaring like thunder in the distance. It smells like blueberry yogurt a little bit asI l lick it. I can see the blueness like a blue moon on my ice-cream.

14: 5 | This is me in my snail costume for Halloween in West Lafayette, Indiana. I can feel the heaviness of my snail shell as I stood in the room. I could smell the paper mache on my shell, which smells like wet newspaper. I can see my gray suit as I walk around, looking like jeans. I can hear my grandparents chatting about how cute I look, like little songbirds. I can already taste the candy in my mouth, like milk chocolate.

16: 6 | This is a portrait of me which was taken in West Lafayette, Indiana. I could see the black camera in front of me that looked retro. I could smell heat in the air, like smoke, which was probably coming from the camera. I could feel my smile widen as I looked into the camera, which felt like pulling at my skin. I could taste my tongue as I sat watching at the camera, it tasted like a tongue, which is a unique flavor in itself. I could hear the camera click as it took my photo, like a winding key.

18: 7 | This is me on the train that left Chicago, Illinois, on the way to Nebraska. I could hear the rails on the tracks as they clunked like a rusty bolt. I could see the game going on in my DS like a mini TV. I could taste my DS pen like a little plastic bottle. I could smell the food coming from the end of the train that smelled like turkey and ham. I could also feel the seat which felt like silky velvet under my feet.

20: 8 | THis is me preparing for a snowball fight in Lake Placid, Indiana. I could taste the snow in the air like water. I could feel the ice against my face as I walked around, it felt like sheer cold. I could smell my gloves that scented of leather. I could hear snowballs hitting the ground with a satisfying sound like blowing out candles.I also saw the milky whiteness that looked like vanilla ic cream.

22: 9 | This is me with my chameleon, Blink, in Lake Placid, Indiana, in my house. I can feel his little body that feels like smooth bark. I can even smell his scent that smells like grass outside. I can taste the crickets he eats in my mind, when they taste like chicken. I can see his little green body that looks like leaves. I can hear him quietly climbing up my hair as he sounds like animals in the grass.

24: 10 | This is me in my Halloween costume in my house in Lake Placid, Indiana. I can see my colors are green like summer leaves. I can feel my claws droop like wilted flowers like a praying mantis. I can smell the paint on my clothes which smell like bleach on my costume. I can hear myself thinking that this is such a great costume in my head like bees in a swarm. I can already taste the sweet chocolate candy in my mouth as I walk down the road.

26: 11 | This is me at the Box Parade in West Lafayette, Indiana. I look through the crowd and see the boxes of millions of colors like in a rainbow. I can hear the commotion everywhere like a lot of birds in a commotion. I can feel the heaviness of my box as I lift it into the air like a barbell. I can smell food stands and restaurants along the street like a big stew of aroma. I can taste the taste of satisfaction as I look into the cameras and smile.

28: 12 | This is me in West Lafayette, Indiana, at a 4th of July party in a pool. I can hear the echoes in the water like a fish dashing through the water. I can taste the pool water as it sinks into my mouth like chlorine in water. I can feel the coolness of the water as I fall into the water like a rock. I can smell fireworks and gunpowder in the air like smoke. I can see the ocean of the pool, like a sapphire.

30: 13 | This is me on a swamp boat in Miami, Florida for summer vacation. I can feel the wind in my face like a typhoon. I can smell swamp water in the air like trees, and foliage. I can taste the mud in my mouth like hard-packed dirt. I can see the green Alligators swim along in the water like geese. I can hear them splashing around in the water like dolphins in open water.

32: 14 | THis is me in Lake Placid, Indiana at my house with a little Canadian gosling. I can feel her warm little feathers as she places her head on my lap like a chicken. She smells like a baby sleeping, with her laying on my lap. She tastes chicken food like it was goose food, but I had to teach her how to eat it. She looks so fluffy and calm, like a little chick sprawled on the ground. I can hear her loud peep noises like one hundred little chicks in a group.

34: Thanks for everything, everyone that cares for me and that has made an impact on my life. It could be a person such as my Mom, or just a random person, but thank you. Though I may not know some of them, but I still appreciate them. Treat every person like its their last day on Earth, always be kind to those in need. | Finish | Your Future Can Always Be Bright, Never Forget That!

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