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Cortes/Leon-Arturo S.

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S: Hernando Cortes & Juan Ponce de Leon By: Arturo Suarez

FC: Hernando Cortes & Juan Ponce de Leon | By: Arturo Suarez

1: Introduction During the 1500's, Renaissance explorers from all over Europe sail around the globe, risking their life in search of trading routs, land to conquer and riches such as gold, silver and spices. Spanish explorers were called conquistadors, this book is going to talk about two Spanish conquistadors, Juan Ponce de Leon and Hernando Cortes, both very good explorers that discovered important parts of what now is modern day America.

2: Hernando Cortes | Hernan Cortes was a smart and dedicated explorer that conquered Mexico and declared it in the name of Spain. He was born in Medellin, Spain in the year 1485 and was educated for the law at the age of 14, he was sent to the University of Salamanca. Cortez came from a good and wealthy family. In 1511 since he was Diego Velasquez (governor) secretary, Cortes participated in the expedition to Cuba from there in 1518, Velasquez trusted Cortes to go no an expedition to Yucatan but Velasquez changed his mind he didn’t think Cortes was the right man to lead the expedition but once they went to inform him it was to late .In 1519, Cortes left Cuba with 11 boats, about 600 men and 16 horses Cortes sailed to Cozumel He fought the Mayans near Tabasco where he defeated them and got a hole bunch of presents one of theme was a slave called dona Marina.(Malinche) that Cortes, later on had a son called Martin (Mestiso), she learned Spanish and was able to translate and help communication between Spanish and natives she helped Spaniards in many ways so Cortes respected her as dona Maria and not Malinche that was rather rude for her.

3: To conquer the Aztecs, Cortes teamed up with other neighbor tribes that had something against the Aztec government and Cortez with the 2 tribes and his men took the Aztecs down and than proceeded to conquering the rest of Mexico. Cortes Fought in a Spanish campaign in North Africa than Cortés returned to Spain and he died of dysentery in December of 1547.

4: Juan Ponce de Leon | Ponce de Leon was known as the first European to visit the United States, he colonized Puerto Rico and discovered Florida and the Bahama channel. He was borne in 1474 in a Spanish village called San Tervás de Campo, he came from a respected and noble family, as a young man he was a page in the court at Argon and later he joined the Spanish army went to war against the Muslims, after Spain succeeded the war de Leon heard about Columbus and accompanied him in his second voyage to the new world (1493). Some years later De Leon went on another voyage with Frey Nicolas de Ovando to the Canary Islands where the crew split up in 2 groups the 1st group got to Santo Domingo (1502). Since 1502 de Leon lived on the island and was named its captain by Ovando in 1504. Then de Leon moved to Salvaléon, he established himself there from 1505 to 1508, between that time (1506) de Leon requested to go and conquer Borinquen, Ovando approved the idea and as soon as de Leon got the news he started a settlement and renamed the island San Juan de Puerto Rico. Once the news arrived to Spain due to political reasons de Leon was demanded to leave his governorship in 1511. Straight away he asked for royal permission to settle in the island of Bimini an island near Cuba, where it was believed to exist the fountain of youth.

5: Once de Leon was allowed to sail to Bimini (March 3, 1513), he went for it, with 3 ships he arrived to Florida in March 27 but didn’t go on the island until April 8th. He then continued to sail around the coast of Florida and he found the Bahama channel. De Leon sailed back to Puerto Rico in September 21, 1513. And he sailed back to Spain in 1514 where he was rewarded for all the great things he did and all the places he found and governed.

6: Conclusion | Both conquistadors ware good leaders and good explorers, Leon never found the fountain of youth but he did become a governor of many places and was successful economically speaking, on the other side Cortes did succeed he teamed up with the neighbor cities and conquered the Aztecs so in my opinion they both succeeded in their own ways but the best explorer would be Cortes because he defeated one of the greatest empires in the “New World” and he was the one ho got what he really wanted.

7: The routs that Leon took. | The routs that Cortes took.

8: Slavery in the Caribbean | During the 16th century slaves were kidnapped and exchanged for goods (guns, copper, manufactured cloth, etc.) in Africa and transported to the Caribbean, were they ware forced to work hard for the rest of their life’s, anything produced by them (sugar, rum, cotton, tobacco, etc.) was later on transported to Europe they exchanged

9: their goods for more slaves and so on. This process was called the Triangle Trade, 10 to 30% of slaves died during the transportation. Europe wanted to expand the European empire in the New World and the most efficient way was to have workers, but in those times European colonies would obviously prefer not to pay their workers meaning slaves were the “best” alternative they ware efficient and worked for a life time. Having slaves those days meant power it was a privilege to have them specially if you had healthy and strong slaves, what made them the most expensive was their actual cost and all the food and water you must provide them, it wasn’t simple to keep slaves so they were expected to work effectively and if they didn’t they were beaten till death. Slavery ended in the 19th century.

10: Now that you have all the information its Time for a Quiz!

11: Time for a Quiz! | 1. About how many men did Cortes take with him in his expedition to Cozumel? 2. De Leon accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World. True/ False 3. Why was dona Marina so important to Cortes’s expedition? 4. The Triangle Trade was called like that because: a) Slaves ware sacrificed in a triangular table if they tried to escape from their masters. b) It was made up of three different voyages that formed a triangular slave trade pattern. c) There is no reason for the name given. 5. How did Cortes conquer the Aztecs?

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