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Cortes/Leon- Cristy A.

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S: Explorers

FC: Ponce De Leon and Hernan Cortes | Cristy Amador

1: This project is based on comparing and contrasting two explorers that were born during the renaissance time that made history by sharing their passion, exploring. Although they were very different themselves, both Hernan Cortes and Ponce De Leon had one basic similarity discovering and making voyages. That is why they both are really recognized all around the world. Both of them also loved finding new goods and finding trading routes. They both wanted to make their country proud and make their country standout and be famous for their discoveries. These heroes were very courageous because they risked their lives without knowing what they were really getting into only for their country.

2: Hernan Cortes

3: Have you ever heard of an explorer who fell in love with one of his slaves? Or perhaps had a mestizo child with the same slave? Well Hernan Cortes actually fell in love with one of his slaves named Malinche. Cortes was born in Spain in the year 1485 in a Spanish City named Medellin. As a child Cortes studied law, and at the age of 14 he was sent to university but then returned two years later. His dad’s name was Martin Cortes and his mom’s name was Catalina Pizarro Altamirano. His family status or level was a middle class because they had to have moderate circumstances. Cortes was asked to be the captain of a ship to lead a voyage from Spain to Mexico where he then conquered the Aztecs and became the governor of some of the places he conquered like Tenochtitlan.

4: Cortes was basically interested in sailing to the New World because he wanted goods such as jewelry and stones and spices. He brought with him 600 men and 3 ships. In the year 1519 Hernan Cortes was welcomed by the Aztecs to Tenochtitlan because they all thought he was the white god named Quetzalcoatl. The legend said that the god would come back and teach them about agriculture and about politics. But it turns out that Cortes was no god. Cortes convinced many Aztec people to be against Montezuma. Cortes continued the conquest of many Aztecs and also burned his ships so his men were forced to stay and not escape. One day while fighting someone, no one knows, killed Montezuma by hitting him with a rock. Cortes was then asked to return to Spain because the King and Queen thought he was getting out of control. Cortes could be considered successful because even though he didn’t find the jewelry he managed to become the governor of Tenochtitlan.

6: Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon was born in the year 1460 in a city called Santervas located in the northwestern Spain. As a kid he was a messenger that delivered messages to the royal court. He later became a servant in military campaigns against the Muslims and then became a soldier himself against the Muslims. He accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas. Which was from Spain but then he was left in Dominican Republic. Ponce De Leon landed in Puerto Rico in the year 1508 and at the same time establishing a colony. Then in the year 1509, he became the governor.

7: Ponce also heard about an island called Bimini where there was said said to be a fountain that would rejuvenate all those who bathed in it. Florida is named after the holiday Easter Sunday, in Spanish that is Pascua Florida. Afterward he sailed to the east coast of Florida and established the name La Florida.

8: He then sailed around the peninsula and back to the west coast. He also discovered the Gulf Stream on his way back to Europe. He wasn’t that successful because he wanted to find gold but never really found it. Ponce de Leon is recognized because he was the first European to explore Florida and to set foot on it and because he looked for the Fountain of Youth. In the year 1521 Ponce de Leon was shot with a poisoned arrow and then eventually died.During a war someone shot him with a poisoned arrow, he was then taken to a Cuban hospital and eventually died. He is now buried in cathedral located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

10: Slavery Imagine that one day while doing your normal day activity white strangers arrive to your home land and take you away from your whole family. Wouldn’t you feel confused? Well imagine how the slaves felt. This is what European conquerors would do back in the renascence time. They were only after people with a different color or race. The term was niggers. What the conquerors would do with them is either trade them, auction them to other Europeans or use them as slaves or workers. Each slave had a different job or assignment. Some of those jobs were: cropping (planting crops), hunting, and domestic servants another term for that is maid.

11: Slaves were considered money and valuable, so the conquerors would normally trade plantations products for slaves. That brings me to the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade was a way to trade slaves among other continents. This is how it would work: North America would trade Plantation Products (crops) to Europe, Europe would trade hand manufactured goods such as cloth, iron guns and other weapons. Africa would then trade slaves; the slaves were delivered from the “Slave Coast” to other continents such as South America, North America and sometimes Europe.

12: Slaves were not at all treated well. As a matter of fact, they were treated horribly. Every bad choice had a major consequence. The most common bad choice was escaping, if a slave tried to escape but were caught, they would be put into a metal cage NAKED!!! Eventually the slave’s skin would start to burn. Another punishment was to be whipped in front of all the other slaves. This happened like that so the other slaves would see what would happen if they tried to escape.

13: The bad thing is that another punishment would be as simple as death. Slaves were used as money, the Europeans gained money by auctioning slaves. The bigger, stronger and healthier the slave was, the better. As a matter of fact two men made a bank based on the money they gained by using slaves as an economic use. I do not think it would be at all nice to be a slave. Instead I admire those slaves that actually survived that or went through that. It shows how strong they were and how they did not care about how many punishments they would get just for their freedom.

14: Quiz Time!!!

15: Question 1: In what year and city was Ponce De Leon born? Question 2: Name two things that Ponce De Leon worked as in his childhood. Question 3: What are the names of Corte’s parents? Question 4: What did the legend say about the god Quetzalcoatl? Question 5: Name one thing that Cortes did so his men would not be able to escape.

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22: Conclusion In conclusion these two explorers had the same ambitions and dreams, to conquer some country and to discover. They both turned out discovering totally different things. Ponce de Leon was the first European to explore Florida and it is said that he found the Fountain of Youth. He also discovered the Gulf Stream. He then died by a poisoned arrow. On the other hand, Cortes eventually conquered the Aztecs and also became the Governor of Tenochtitlan.

23: The reason why he wanted to conquer them was because he did not like their religion and wanted to transform them into Christians. He then escaped Tenochtitlan on June, 30 1520. Two explorers can be very similar and very different at the same time. They both had totally different background and childhood but they both enjoyed exploring and conquering and sailing.

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